• It truly depends on your mindset

    The last Jedi seemed to divide the Star Wars fanDM in half. I know a lot of adults that did not like it, and that is because they grew up with episodes 4, 5, and 6. But, kids and some younger adults/teens loved it! The Last Jedi introduced many new things into the Star Wars-verse, such as more force powers, new characters, and new creatures. It can be a lot to grasp for someone who is just used to 4,5,6. And I'm not saying that all adults hate it and all adults love it, i'm saying that I think that is the general reason why people either love it or hate it. I personally thought it was an awesome movie, I love the characters and I am a huge Reylo shipper just like HayMee (the comment above). I love the plot and the development of Reys force powers, and I also liked how Kylo Ren is a complicated villain, he's not 100% bad. I loved seeing all the new things, but all in all, its is a matter of opinion if you love it or hate it.

  • Yes it is!

    The last jedi was one of my favorite movies! It had so many great moments for a reylo shipper like myself. It had a complex plot, plenty of action, a lot of suspense, and so many classic star wars things all star wars fans know and love. I understand there are those haters out there, and they need to learn that sometimes, you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie.

  • YES TLJ is a really good movie.

    There are many people who are saying the movie is bad because of plot holes , bad scripts and there are bunch of things are left unexplained in the movie that you'll need to buy books, comics to know about them. I hear these people. But Star Wars has never been movie-only franchise from the beginning, even before Disney acquired Lucasfilm. There were books to explain things and there are new books and other media to explain and put together the jigsaws in this massive story-telling. That's always been a beauty of Star Wars. The Last Jedi put together many pieces of new stories that were left unexplained from previous movies and other new stories in other media into one big picture and at the same time opens up new possibilities of story-telling beyond anything that we have known about Star Wars. As a movie, it is still a very enjoyable movie for everyone. The least enjoyable material in the movie for me is those Porgs. It feels forced. Porgs have really a small role in the story. They are just native birds on the island where Luke takes exile from it all. After watching deleted scenes i think they made some mistakes removing some of the deleted scenes from the movie though.

  • I Personally Enjoyed It

    To me, the number one question I ask when leaving a movie theater is "did I enjoy the movie?" Not "did it have any allegory?" or "was there any artistic value?" or "was the cast diverse enough". I go to the movie theater to enjoy movies, and I enjoyed the heck out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

  • A poor movie

    I was bored by this movie, I am not a huge Star Wars fab, but I was not interested in any of the new characters, there were frequent and glaring plot holes that took the audience out of the action (the OT had plenty of plot holes too but did not ruin the experience as they do here). It felt too long by around 1 hour and the humour mostly fell flat and felt out of place. I genuinely did not enjoy watching this movie, but clearly many people did. Though I regret spending money on this, the divided options/debate is very interesting. Almost like people are watching two very different movies?!

  • It was just not well done

    It wasn’t true to the legacy characters, while the development of the new characters felt rushed and superficial...They felt more like caricatures then real subjects I could relate to. Rey is the awesomest orphan with special powers without any work put into building her skills and abilities, Snoke is just a carbon copy emperor (if that), Kyle Ren is evil just because, and so on.

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