• Stealing is better than begging

    If you don't steal you won't be able to survive,get around, or help others without taking action. People who beg don't get what they want all the time neither one gets respect so do you take action or do nothing. There is a tale that i'm sure everyone should know 'robin hood' a man that stoled from the rich to give to the poor he helped others and was respected do you think he could of achieved the same thing by begging.

  • Survival is the main importance

    If we are referring in order to survive, stealing is a much better choice. You can beg all you want and majority of people are not going to help you. So, what do you do? You take it. They are also going to ridicule you and mistreat you for begging while not helping you. If it depends on your survival, regardless if it is "wrong", you have the right to survive like anyone else. No one is going to help you to survive but yourself.

    Posted by: Najs
  • No, stealing is wrong.

    Stealing is a dreadful crime even taking an apple that isn't yours is wrong, because who knows that apple could of saved there life.
    Even if you are in an edge of your life I believe stealing is incredibly wrong, as for you are taking something that isn't yours and may be precious to someone else. Though begging may not work all the time at least you are trying but not stealing at the same time even if it doesn't work. Stealing is wrong in my opinion and nobody no matter the circumstances should commit it. Unless it is for a very severe, needy reason. But not for your own personal, greed, wealth and well-being, though maybe to save someone else's life. This is my personal opinion though! :D Thank you for reading! XD

  • What's not yours, should not be yours

    Morally speaking, one should never steal, no matter the consequences. Although a family may be greatly suffering, would they know the condition the other family that they are stealing from is in? No, they don't know, and most of them probably don't care. Reality is reality, so one has got to make the most of of ones life- without causing harm to the lives of others. Most importantly, however, stealing is never right as society is not accepting of those people who are naturally selfish. Hence, begging is the better route, because it makes you live without guilt and thus, as a morally righteous person.

  • Morally, stealing is clearly worse.

    'To take what one has not a right to is contrary to righteousness.' (Mencius 13.33) Granted, begging is a face-losing situation, and mendicants generally garner no respect from those who provide charity to them. However, it is by no means as morally reprehensible as stealing as the giver of the money willingly hands it to you; whereas in stealing, you have no right to take the property that you took. Even if we consider the 'expected outcome' of stealing (and I think we should not, and instead consider from a moral perspective), stealing incurs the risk of arrest, conviction, imprisonment and, in some jurisdictions, death, while the legal implications of begging are limited to disorderly conduct or the like.

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littlemexicanwizard says2015-06-01T02:59:24.967
I would like to thank everyone that contributed to this topic I know it isn't the best topic but I did this in order to help my team for this is our next debate for our school. Thankyou all very much.