• He's the best

    He shoots good dribble the ball better than any one plays defense good does lay ups better than Michael Jordan Stephen curry's shooting % is 100 or 99 Stephen curry is just better than Michael Jordan every body knows that Stephen curry is the beast and the greatest NBA player

  • Curry is the best basketball player in history he is way better than MJ by far

    Curry is a better shooter a better dribbler and he averages more assists per game. Michael was a ball hog never passed don't get me wrong MJ was good just not the best. Also who could shoot better than curry. Who is even close to as good as curry? The answer nobody. Nobody is better than curry not even MJ

  • He is good

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  • Curry = Living Legend

    This is not a debate. Curry is the best player off all time, no one can say he isn't good, unless they just don't have a IQ over -1. Curry vs. 90's Jordan, curry would break his ankles within the 1st quarter! 💤 enough said Jordan is 💩 Compared to Steph.

  • Man is god

    First of all Stephen curry is a god on the offensive side. He will make a three pointer with his eyes closed. Michael was a good defensive player but into the game of basketball, it is a offensive game. Michael was not as quick off the jump shot as Stephen curry

  • Hes the best of the best

    Steph plays like hes not even human if hes in the left corner then he will make it 99% of the time i maybe 12 years old but i guarantee that steph will be not probably he will be the best of all time he is now and he will be in the future

  • The best of the best

    Steph plays like hes not even human if hes in the left corner then he will make it 99% of the time i maybe 12 years old but i guarantee that steph will be not probably he will be the best of all time he is now and he will be in the future

  • Stephen curry is a beast (2015 - 2016)

    Everyone knows that stephen curry is one of the best players ever!! Michael jordan is amazing too, but stephen curry is better at 3pt%, ast, and free throw percentage. Michael jordan is better at fg% and rebounds. Stephen curry is better because curry is a beast at three pointers and layups. Stephen curry is the best player in the nba!!

  • Stephen Curry is better

    Stephen Curry is better. This is so because Michael Jordan was overrated. He was a great player but he got so much publicity that he is more of a pop culture person than see as an athlete. It is nice to see new faces that are winning. Stephen Curry will have a lot of success.

  • According to My Definition

    My definition leaves out genetic imbalances in athleticism, height, speed, etc, because these are a result of random genetics and do not qualify as exclusive basketball skills. Obviously, Michael Jordan has a ridiculous advantage over Steph Curry in all these categories so there's no comparison there. However, give Jordan Steph's body and vice-versa, and look at the aspects of basketball that had to be earned through hard work and you can see where I make my case. First, we start with offensive skill. Obviously, Steph Curry is a better shooter. No argument necessary. Dribbling, Steph wins for his creativity and daringness, but its no landslide victory because Jordan was an excellent ball handler. Passing and vision goes to Steph because he sees the floor better and gets teammates involved more. Defensively, I think Jordan was more intense on D, so I'll give the nod to Jordan there, but one can't deny the vast improvement in Steph's defense this year (he lead the league in steals). Then look at basketball IQ, I'd say this one's a tie. Looking at the way the two play/played, I'd say Steph plays a more cerebral style of basketball than Michael Jordan, getting his teammates involved more and working without the ball, but because he has been known to take a few too many risks and be a little bit less reliable than Jordan at limiting turnovers, the two balance out in a tie. Finally, we look at mentality. Obviously, Jordan is one of the fiercest competitors the game has ever scene, and as the most reliable clutch performer ever he gets a slight edge. However, Steph, while his competitive fire may not be as in-your-face as Jordan, has every bit of his work ethic and determination. Just think how long it had to take to perfect his shot to the point where he can hit the kind of shots he does regularly. Thats focus, dedication, and determination if I've ever seen it. Furthermore, the style of their competitiveness differs because they are two very different personalities. Michael Jordan had this chip on his shoulder born of his (as much as I love Jordan I'll say it) arrogance and this intense obsession with being the best ever that lead to his fiery disposition and mean streak with opponents and teammates a like. Steph Curry is fueled by the same unwavering belief in his ability (just look at the shots he takes...And hits) and chip on his shoulder, but his humility makes him a quieter and more docile leader. One who doesn't talk trash, and will pick his teammates up instead of getting in their face. Depending on the teammates, one can argue whats a more effective leadership style. And finally, the clutch gene goes to Jordan...But Steph is no scrub when it comes to hitting clutch shots and by the end of his career could very well be in the conversation. Still overall, all athleticism made equal, I think Steph's the best pound for pound.

  • Jordan is the GOAT

    You could make an argument that Curry is better than Jordan because he is off to an outstanding beginning of his career, but Curry isn't as built as an all-around player as MJ was. MJ could shoot, attack the basket, score, play defense, and find open teammates. He also has won six championships and was MVP in all of them. Curry has one so far, and although his career is still young, he doesn't attack and play defense as well as Jordan. Curry is a better shooter, but all around, along with the historic moments MJ's had, MJ is definitely better as of now.

  • Oh well, lol

    I wrote a 223 word essay explaining why not but it was way to much words. Anyway Curry is no Jordan but at the end of his career he can possibly be top 5 players of all time. Jordan is 1 of all time, Curry is 1 right now.

    The End

  • Curry may be the better shooter, but is not the overall player that MJ was

    MIchael Jordan, from the very beginning put his stamp on the sports world. He hit the game-winning shot in the NCAA title game versus G-town, he was rookie of the year, went into the vaunted, historical Boston Garden in the playoffs and scored 69 points, and once he figured out how to win (or the Bulls as a whole I should say), he couldn't stop and no one could stop him either. These are 2 completely different style of players - Curry is more of a pure shooter while Michael was a mid-range player that also dominated on the defensive end. At the end of the day, 6 is better than 1, 5 MVP's is better than 1, 9 1st team all defense is better than 0, and a player that can beat you in more ways than just shooting is better. MJ impacted the game far greater, beat better teams, with overall rosters that weren't that great outside of Pippen and Rodman. Curry's roster is deeper and better.

  • Stephen Curry isn't the greatest of all time... Yet

    I support Stephen Curry a lot even though my favorite player is LBJ, I think Steph is the best in the world, but defiently not MJ. His career may of started slow with injuries, but by the end of his career he'll be top 5 players of all time (maybe even 1) but it's too soon for that

  • Um, how about no?

    Stop, please stop you Golden State band wagoners. You're a disgrace to the game. Curry shouldn't of even won MVP last year, and now you're comparing him to the GOAT? Absolutely idiotic. The man wins ONE MVP and then all of a sudden, he's the best ever. It makes me sick, Curry is not only not as good as Jordan, Curry is no where near Lebron, Kobe, of even Derrick Rose for that matter. Curry is just an overrated point guard who in 5 years will wash up along the names like Tracey McGrady. Sorry, but this argument is completely idiotic, and if you GS band wagoners can't see that, then Houston, we have a MAJOR problem.

  • Are you serious?

    This question is about as stupid as when people ask if they think Serena Williams could beat a male counterpart on tour. While curry is a freak on the court, he is not even in the top five debate for point guards just yet. I believe he could seriously be in that 5 by the of his career but to compare him to Jordan could only be stated by someone who really hasn't studied or known how good Jordan truly was. Not only did he show his individual greatest early in his career with nearly trible double averages, well above 30 points a night, a few steals and couple of blocks, while shooting well over 50% from the field, he led a team to six championships (would have been 8 championships if he hadn't gone off to play baseball). So before we get excited about Curry posting big numbers, while extremely impressive, they don't come close to some of Jordan's peak seasons and Jordan did it consistently for 15 seasons, and curry is still 5 championships behind.

  • Is this a Serious Question!!!!!

    This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!!

  • Is this a Serious Question!!!!!

    This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!! This is the Stupidest Question I think I've EVER heard of!!!!

  • Stephen Curry is better at some things.

    Ok, so can we all agree that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter to ever pick up a basketball. Yes that includes Larry, Dirk, Allen, and even Downtown Freddy Brown. I can even go as far as to say he's better offensively as Jordan. But I cannot got that far as to say he's better than Michael Jordan. When people compare two people to each other they tend to bring in rings, and in my opinion it makes absolutely no sense. For example, Karl Malone has no rings Chris Bosh has 2 but you can't say Chris Bosh is better than Karl Malone. This was just to keep people from talking about how Curry has 1 and MJ has 6. If you were to put Curry and MJ in a 1 on 1 match your telling me you think MJ would loose. Curry isn't going to have those dribble pull up moves or walking from half court and pulling up because it will be half court. And another thing HOW THE HELL IS CURRY GOING TO STOP JORDAN! Jordan can play incredibly good offence and incredibly good defence. Curry can play outstanding offence even better than Jordan but he's still an only average defender. Hell as great as a defender as Leonard is he does only has the slightest chance of guarding him. Curry Will be murdered. Another thing is Michael has this competitiveness about him to were he will bully Curry all through the game. Sorry Curry as much as people should be afraid of you their not. Shooting a three in someone's face they'll forget about that but the aerial attack that Jordan would leash upon you would crush his spirit. Then he would literally talk is defender out of the game. If they were going to play 10 games I'd give curry maybe 1. Sorry but Stephen Curry is not an overall player than Michael Jordan.

    Written by Joseph McCollum

  • Stephen Curry vs MJ I say Mj

    Compare the 87-88 mj season vs the 016 curry season points per game mj 35.0 curry 31.8 points per game steals mj 3.2 steals per game curry 2.1 steals per game blocks mj 1.6 blocks per game curry 0.1 per game ft% mj 84.1% curry 89.9% fg% mj 53.5%. Curry 52.0% 3p% mj 13.2% curry 45.3% mj 5.9 assits per game curry 6.2 assits per game mj 5.5 rebounds per game curry 5.4 rebounds per game mj wins 5-3 categories

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