• Sadly he has a point...

    Sadly this week Stephen Hawking came out and said that the downfall of human behavior, aggression, will be the final downfall of our society. There is so much in this world that is caught up around money and fame that the hatred is increasing and the thought of the society turning more aggressive is spot on. We are headed towards a change in human life, Stephen Hawking is on the right track.

  • Yes, Stephen Hawking is correct in his assessment about human behavior.

    Yes, Stephen Hawking is correct about human behavior. He has warned that human aggression could end up destroying civilization as we know it. In order to support his idea, he points to the real threat of nuclear war and the existence of terrorism and violence around the world as examples.

  • Too smart not to be

    Hawking has made a lifetime of study, theory and application; if he feels human aggression and behavior is the undoing of us all, he probably has great reasons. The man is known for his thorough understanding and resolution of problems and questions, so we would be well advised to listen to his wisdom.

  • No, I don't belive Stephen Hawking is correct.

    There is some truth in what he says about human behavior. If unchecked, aggression can lead to uncessary violence. But humans also have good parts of their nature, and for most people these dual natures are balanced and even. People are aggressive when they need to be, and kind when they should be kind.

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