Is studying grammar more important than practicing conversation skills?

  • Grammar is skeleton of body

    Close your eyes and think that your vocabulary is very good but you don"t know anything about grammar .Ok, how will you speak if you know only words?You don"t know structure of the sentence,you don"t know how to use words in place and etc
    Maybe your speaking is good or you have a good pronunciation, but it doesn"t means everything .If you speak or write with a lot of mistakes it means you must improve your English skills

  • Grammar is skeleton of the body

    Close your eyes and think that your vocabulary is very good,but you don"t know anything about grammar.Ok , how will you speak If you know only words..You dont know structure of sentence you dont know how to use words in place and etc .Maybe you are a good speaker ,or your accent is very nice but it doesnt mean everything.If you speak or write with a lot of mistakes it means your english need more improvement

  • Grammar skills is more important because

    There is a reason that in school grammar is taught first and convo skills later. Many magazines support the fact that grammar is important therefore they have special pages only reserved for grammar. We feel confident when we know that what we speak is correct and in proper grammatical order.

  • Studying grammar is more important than practicing conversation

    Grammar is the subject that people should learn and understand it. Grammar helps us to know the situation that what kind of grammars do they use? And it can also help people get more understanding by using correct grammar in speaking. When you have a good grammar skill then u will have a beauty conversation

  • Grammar is more important

    Even while giving a speech people will also see your grammar,the way you pronounce the words, how you form sentences and many more. So it is important to learn grammar even while giving a speech.And also while having a conversation you must also know grammar so that the person with whom you are having a conversation can understand what are you talking about.

  • Grammer better than conversation

    Conversation and grammer more important who learning another languages. Many persons things conversation better than grammer. Yes , conversation better than grammer but if you don't know grammer well it doesn't metter you know words or vocablery you can't talk each other without grammer. If you want to learn some languages in first you most to learn grammer than vocablery. It's just my opinion.

  • Studying grammar is more important than practicing conversational skills.

    Grammar is not only a n important thing to learn but it is also a way of life for me and for many. You cannot have a conversation without using correct grammar. There are many reasons for this, one being that grammar is used in everyday life all around the world. People often stress grammar and make it boring for students, this makes many people not want to go through the process of learning grammar because it is discouraging to them.

  • Grammar helps speakers understand the proper usage of language.

    Conversational language skills help users learn to communicate on a basic level. Grammar, however, defines the proper usage of a language. Since others, particularly in a business environment, often base their ideas of a person's level of intelligence on proper usage of language, grammar is a very important aspect of language study.

  • Studying grammar is more important than practicing conversation skills.

    Grammar is the most important part of a language since it explains the rules. Although conversational skills are also important, even the most talkative person needs to know the rules of a language. Also, it is easier to learn speaking skills than grammar. Students should learn the rules when they are in school.

  • Grammar is necessary, but not more important than practicing conversation skill.

    I agree that learning grammar is important but you can not say learning grammar is more important than practicing conversation skill. You have learnt grammar. You are skillful with grammatically writing, but it doesn't mean you are be able to professionally communicate face to face with others. So learning grammar doesn't make you professionally, unless you practice it.

  • Yes,totally supported this topic

    Yes it is right.Because in today world if we cannot talk face to face.Then it is worthless to survive.So we have to change the attitude and should train ourself daily,regularly to make us professional in our main stream we like to do.See it is none of our concern that what else other is doing. See ourself and decide our management....

  • Knowing grammar doesn't mean that u will also speak properly

    If u have information on a particular topic, it doesn't mean that u will be able to speak about it fluently. Mastering in conversation and speaking skills makes u ready for all the circumstances in life, where u have to prefer speaking than merely gaining bookish knowledge of grammar. For instance, a job interview is a perfect example for what I mentioned just now. The interviewer will not see your grammatical knowledge, what and how much do u know about it, wheather u are the best in it. But, how u speak, converse and interact with him, makes him think that u are absolutely perfect for the job. And let it be in any field! Let's take another example. Like if u read something about swimming, and try to swim, u will surely drown at the first attempt. But if u have only a little knowledge about it and u try practicing swimming, gradually u'll learn how to swim and that too, faster than the one with a lot of knowledge. Same goes with the case of language. If u don't know how to speak well, definitely your grammatical knowledge will be of NO use. Speaking is the base of language. And it is by speaking only, that we can communicate with each other and not by grammar.
    So, in my opinion, practicing conversation skills is more important than studying grammar.

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  • I disagree with that why, if we learn grammar without conversation skills it will be useless.

    When we learn conversation, the grammar will follow from behind for instance:
    (A) try to have conversation with (B) but, in the middle of conversation (A) had forgotten what is the formulas about Present Tense then, (A) try to look at the book about the formulas, secondlly A know about that, and she memorize it. FInally (A) use it to have a conversation again with (B)

  • U cannot learn swimming by reading on it only

    If u will read book abt swimming u would definitely sink from the first attempt but with practicing u would be a professional in it . Which is the same as speaking and learning english . Speaking is the main thing of the language , and by speaking u can communicate with others and speaking make the language more fun and easy to learn.

  • It is more important to be able to present yourself respectfully to an interviewer or an audience.

    If you can write a paper correctly it doesn't mean you can make a speech properly. I think knowing grammar is important, but being able to speak to a person face to face is necessary. Especially when a person is looking for a job, it is important that they can speak confidently to the interviewer. If you can not take an interview professionally than you might not get the job. In today's generation, face to face communication is hard to come by. People are more comfortable behind a computer screen than in talking. This is something that may become a problem later in life if no one can talk about what they believe in.

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