• Yes it is, but...

    Yes it is. But the need for revenge means defining your self in relation to the other, while the other might have forgotten you already completely. So revenge might sometimes be a great motivator, it might also just be a by-product of succes, but revence per definition implies "in relation to the other", a not-free-of-the-other. Obviously there was no succes in gaining that freedom.

  • Why the he'll not?

    I personally seek revenge through success. My ex-wife nearly ruined my life. She was abusive and made me feel like less than nothing. She always used to say I wasn't smart enough to achieve anything academic.
    She would infrequently hit me. Made me sleep on the floor. Lock me out of the house or scream like a child for me to leave. I would rarely respond. I defensively gave her the silent treatment, which only made it worse. I'm very certain she suffered from post-partem depression.

    We get along just fine now and I have forgiven, but I will never, ever forget! With everything I do, with all the hours I put in at work and studying; a fire burns within. Nothing Will quench my thirst for success/revenge. Nothing will extinguish that flame until I became a Nurse Practitioner or M.D.

    I might fail. But I will try, and try again, and again if I have to! I will have it. ALL of it. And she will know. She will see!

  • It is the best form of revenge.

    The argument is not whether you should achieve success for yourself or to prove others wrong; it is asking what kind of revenge is the best. I believe success is the best type of revenge because it is non-violent and does not (necessarily) inflict damage on one's adversaries. This desire to be better than one's wrongdoers is natural and is best when channeled into a resentful motivation rather than blatantly regressive retaliation. We should not be seeking revenge, it is inherently backward; but if we do desire revenge then it should be in the form of success.

  • Can't fake happy

    Some people love to kick you when you are down and life drop kicks you every now and then. I believe when you are truly successful you cannot hide your happiness, you glow from within. All those people who got the best of you now have to eat their words.

  • Yes, it is.

    No revenge is exactly a good thing because that means you are not over something traumatic that happened to you and seek to take it out on someone else. However, if you really need to get revenge, and you want to do it through success, I see nothing wrong with that. The mind set may be unhealthy but overall it will get you a successful place in life.

  • Yes, it is.

    Success is the best form of revenge. When a person becomes successful they are helping themself out, and not causing any actual harm to the person they would have liked to get revenge on. If doing your best and getting to the top the right way is how you want to get revenge, than I would say that is the healthiest way to go about that.

  • Yes, in a way.

    Success can be the best revenge, depending on what you seek revenge for. Often people will tell you through out school and high school that the nerdy kid people poke fun at will become very successful in life, looking at it in that point of view I guess you could say that is the best success.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes, I believe that success is the best revenge. Success is self-fulfilling, and it doesn't necessarily hurt the person who the successful one wants revenge on. It's up to that other person as to how they interpret that successful one's success. It could make them mad or jealous, or they may not even care at all. But it's a good feeling to succeed and show everyone how amazing you are.

  • Revenge as a motivator undermines success.

    Success with revenge at its core is always dependent upon another person for measurement; that person remains the standard of success rather than becoming irrelevant. Keeping an eye on revenge ties us to someone who has no regard for our happiness or success. Where is our success when the person we're trying overcome doesn't care or is so petty that their happiness is based in our misery?

  • Spite kills your chances at true success.

    Using success as revenge is the same as spiritual bypassing. You are replacing one obsession (revenge) with another ("success"). On your quest for success you will get burnt out doing things you don't want to do just to prove to this person you are better in spite of them hurting you. This type of "revenge is the best success" is the kind of thing that fuels unhealthy perfectionism that leads to extreme agitation maybe even to the point of insomnia. You might end up forgetting altogether why you are desperately clawing our way to success in the first place. You might sabotage your success by hyper-focusing on details that don't matter. Your failure in that case might make you re-evaluate why you even go started on the path to begin with. You learn that you only did all this and tortured yourself because of spite. Or you might end up successful and still feel extremely unsettled, agitated and unhappy. You might have felt that the success didn't count. Spite might fuel you to the top of a mountain that you never wanted to be on. If you don't notice that spite and revenge were the underlying emotions, you might end up climbing another mountain and another, running away subconsciously from these negative emotions of anger from being misrepresented in your childhood as weak, stupid, and unworthy.

  • Success shouldn't be for revenge

    Rest assured that one day everyone gets revenge what I also like to call Karma, "what goes around comes around" eventually what you do to someone is at some point going to probably going to happen to you too. Be successful because you want to. And when people treat you poorly, use your words and express how you feel, or beat them at their own game somehow. People need to stand up for themselves respectfully.

  • My success in life will not be fueled by bad people.

    If I become successful its because I want to do so. Revenge is something I like to also call karma, and let me guarantee you that everything that goes around comes around at some point in every ones life. I am not going to go become a doctor so I can use it to make other people jealous or so I can feel better about myself. If someone does something to hurt you should stand up for yourself use your words and handle it right there and then or just know that one day they will learn their lesson. But my success in life will not be associated with revenge, its way to precious to me.

  • Success is simply success.

    While some people can use success as a form of revenge, telling someone "look at me now", for example; I feel success is simply what it is: success. We all wish to be successful in life, simply because it's what we naturally believe is the best thing for us to do as people.

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