• 100% Selfish (I should know)

    As someone who lived with the desire for death for many years, it's 100% selfish. It literally revolves around how you feel about yourself in its totality. "Nobody likes me," "I'm useless," "There's no hope [for me]," etc. etc.

    It's the consuming focus on one's self and how situations affect you. I have the deepest sympathy for others who struggle with thoughts of suicide. Realize that you are believing lies, and that those who say "suicide isn't such a bad choice" don't have your best interests in mind. Life is a much better option, even if it doesn't feel like it. Keep up hope and believe in yourself enough to know you can change. Also go see a doctor, visit the ER, or call a hotline 1 (800) 273-8255.

    Stay strong, brothers and sisters. It gets better, even for you <3

  • Selfish? Not necessarily.

    If someone is contemplating suicide, it might very well be because they feel they don't matter to anyone else. If they are shown that people don't want them to go and support them through their tough times, they will realize that people care and will be less inclined to commit such acts.

  • You'd require tons of courage to kill yourself if you tought of doing it.

    The irony lies in the opposite concept some people have about suicide ("a coward act"). More paradoxically, being born is much more an egotistical act (did anyone ask for coming to life?), so, if you think about it, to commit suicide is A RIGHT THAT YOU HAVE. Nobody else owns you, no one must tell you what to do with yourself.

  • Cowardly or selfish?

    "Cowards way out"
    To most of us, death is rather scary, I would hope that most of you would agree. So, a cowards way out? I don't think so.

    Lots of people commit suicide because they receive a lack of affection from others. If they believe they do not matter to anyone else, how would killing yourself be selfish?

  • No. Of course not.

    Tell me, would you be able to kill yourself? No? Why? Oh that's right because death is scary. (I don't mean to sound insulting). You have to be pretty brave to kill yourself man.

    People who often want to kill themselves, actually want to live. They just don't want to suffer.

    As for selfish...
    Why would it be selfish? From the suicidal people I talk to, they usually think that it'll make other people's lives better if they kill themselves.

    Furthermore, no life is yours. You do not own their lives. You're selfish to think that you can control them. Not that suicide is a good thing!-But it's selfish of you to think that they shouldn't have killed themselves because you wanted them not too (for your own benfit).

    Life is precious, I know this sounds obvious but-please if you know anyone going through this, do not be rude. Do not assume they're selfish or whatever. Lend a hand. Thank you.

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