• Sometimes suicide is the only sense of control that a person has left over their own life.

    Depression and other sorts of mental illness do have the ability to make a person suffer to a day to day basis, even to the point where they feel little to no enjoyment at all anymore. It's harder for these types of people to make it than the average joe. When their mental health starts to collapse no one comes runnin with the safety net, they come runnin with threats, shut off notices, and repo's. Sad but true. Our current society doesnt just create the mentally ill like dirt, it creates the mentally ill in general. And if that isnt enough they usually make the illness fester with religion, politics and psycho-active drugs. How can a dysfunctional world dictate how a person should end their life? In any rational world or society, the very first suicide would have been a major concern. You ever notice when people kill themselves their loved ones say "I should of done something" but yet when that person was alive all they ever did was treat them like a burden. Yeah. This "life is a precious gift" BS is for the birds. I'll be a suicide some day and I by no means think it's selfish of me, I just know my limits. As for my loved ones, they know my condition and I made the risk clear to my wife when we got together. All hurt after that I sincerely apologize for and thats the sad thing. How much some of us have to endure in this world. Were all mortal and this world will be the death of each of us in one way or another. Its not how you die, its how you lived.

  • Just tired of feeling alone and being in mental agony

    Im 56 years old an only child. I still feel like a child inside always scared and anxiety ridden. In reality im 6ft 5 inches tall and way 285 pounds most people wont make eye contact with me.Just so tired of trying to find trustworthy people. My wife tries to keep any crises from me for fear i might take my own life. Dont know what to do!!!!

  • Pain is Inevitable

    Let's face it in life you're going to get hurt if you can't bear those pains suicide is a perfect way to end it. End things on your own terms if life is that hard now what do you think the future will be like? If you're hurting that much just end it.

  • It has to be a legitimate option

    If the pain of living is greater than the benefits life provides, then suicide has to be a viable option. When the choices you make are so messed up and ruin others lives, you have to think that this world would be better without you. My biggest fear is that given I cannot succeed in anything I do, if I tried to commit suicide, I would fail, and in my work I see the consequences of failed suicides....It ain't pretty. This world is a total mess, and I want out, but I have children. The closer my youngest gets to adulthood, the more I think about suicide. I no longer have a purpose, my job sucks, and my health is not the best anyway. I'm not seeing alternatives.

  • Sometimes suicide is the answer

    If something terrible happened to you but it wasn't your fault (natural disaster or death of a loved one) then I believe you should NOT do it. However, if you are like me and constantly destroying your own life in the most painful ways you can think of. If your entire life is just mistakes and self-destruction, then suicide is not a bad option. I ruin my own life everyday I live. I most likely will kill myself one day. But you should think about people who love you. If you are going to kill yourself, do it so that your body won't be discovered by a loved one. I am only here because I don't want to hurt my family and friends right now. In about 5-10 years or so when I live away from everyone I love...Then I'll do it. I think that's the best way to do it.

  • Everyone dies sooner or later. It's just a matter of when.

    Its been said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I believe that this is often the case, but not always. Sometimes it's a permanent solution to a permanent problem. I hate to hear about suicide of young people. Lost love, abuse, drugs, etc. 20 years down the road these things may be chapters in an otherwise happy life. On the other hand, those with problems that they have tried to work through for 15, 20, or more years and there is no chance for recovery, then perhaps, on a case by case basis, suicide is an option.

  • You got to go

    If you have tried everything, drugs, alcohol, staying sober for months, psychiatric help, psychological help, good job, love, medication, spirituality, research, and none of it has worked. You have to go, this society doesn't accept mentally ill people, I cant keep suffering this way, I wont live on disability, or be a burden on my family, what makes it so utterly painful is that I am aware that I am mentally off, and I cant fix it. So I have to go. Its as simple as that. Perhaps well se each other in the next lifetime, I have hope, I believe in reincarnation.

  • Yes it is

    When you know that you are looking toward just more and more suffering then death,of course skip the suffering part. I will end up in a wheelchair,with a feeding tube,blind and maybe deaf too,in a nursing home waiting for pneumonia to take me MS so I just want to go while
    I can still do the deed.

  • Hope is not infinite. It does run out.

    Old, broke and alone is no way to live.
    For ten years, I've been trying to get gainful employment to no avail. I'm stuck in a subsistence job working with people far below my educational and experience level, sinking deeper into debt. My children are embarrassed by me. My priest tells me God doesn't make junk - yet I'm worth more dead than alive. Is eternal damnation really any worse than the hell of my waking hours? The end to pain and suffering is preferable to unrealistic hope.

  • Yes suicide can be an answer

    There are many illness just not worth living for. I have a psychological disorder and there's no point in living honestly. I am one of those "psychos" and honestly you have to have it REAL bad to have suicide the answer. So I don't think it is fair for people to think suicide is selfish. It IS selfish, though, to not let someone finally have peace. Suicide is the person's choice, and you have no right to not let them kill themselves.

  • Suicide was and never is the answer

    Suicide is illegal. Something might down, but you musn't let this issue take you down with it. You should stand up and fight, and never give up. Even if you have suicidal thoughts, you have to think positive and always remember that suicide will help you end your issue, but it will end everything else as well

  • Take it from me

    I've tried to commit suicide 5 times now. And well i'm still here for a reason. I know times are hard but things will get better if you just let people in and let them help you. If suicide is the answer, what is the question? Just tell me that.

  • Thou shalt not kill. Exodus 20:13

    Suicide is just another way to deny God in unbelief. Not that it is going to help much but IT WILL quickly bring you into God's presence so you can discover the veracity of this truth.

    "...It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:12

    Suicide, don't do it. Look to Christ and live.

  • God is the author and perfecter of our faith

    Having faith means we understand that God has a plan and a purpose
    for everything. When we cut short our own lives (or the lives of others) we declare God impotent ultimately denying His existence, declare ourselves God thereby commit idolatry. Idolatry is sin. Unrepentant sin results in eternal death.
    This life's momentary struggles are nothing compared to living an eternity without God's grace, love and mercy for all who persevere and overcome.

  • No it isn't

    Suicide is never the answer. Your life is not yours to take. By taking your own life you would be cheating death and escaping your pain and suffering that is natural to human beings and other species as well. If your really feeling so depressed and hopeless as to end your life, why not just go to Tibet and decide to live in the wilderness without any laws.

  • Bias for yes

    Inevitably this website will attract those considering suicide and so the results will strongly bias the yes vote. Whilst I am battling with psychological pain of continuing to live, I take some benefit from the words of Emperor Hirohito when Japan accepted defeat in Ww2 "you need to bear the unbearable and live the unliveable" the japanese found a way. Hopefully you can too even though it seems like you maybe, like me, on a voyage of destruction, there are people that care and love and if you can learn to view things differently, suicide is not the answer

  • There is a better way,

    We all love you, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.We all love you, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.We all love you, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.We all love you, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.We all love you, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.

    We all love you

  • I see no point in life if everyone hates you.

    I have a sad life and every day as i walk to school I think about jumping in front of a car or off a building and ending it. My parents and friends think i am joking when i say this, but i am as serious as i am human.

  • Religion isn't a reason not to

    I read the "no" comments. Most are spewing religious crap. If theres a god he's not very nice. He allows us to be in awful pain and suffering. Why say that theres a god at all when according to that line of thought we should be protected from harm. But no. This god of theirs supposedly sees our struggles and agony and does nothing. Thats proof enough its all a fantasy. There are some situations where there is no answer but death. Extreme poverty is a good reason to die. Why keep living knowing you will struggle miserably until the day you die? No matter what you do you can't rise above it. Legal problems....Medical problems all impossible to handle if you're dirt poor.

  • Do it for the memes

    Memes are the basis of the human experience. Memes bring us everything this universe was created for. However one of the best memes in existance right now is the meme about suicide. By taking your own life you become meme. And there is no better way to be immortalised than becoming an actual meme. Pepe will smile upon you when you step into the doors of heaven and dank surrealist memes will fill your afterlife with an infinite about of laughs.

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