• Human mind is stronger than human desire.

    Say I saw an attractive person on the street. My body started reacting and I wanted to sleep with him all of a sudden. It is definitely not the right choice to gonand rape him. Rape is immoral and the way one feels doesn't justify it; ends do *not* justify means. Murder is unethical, and feeling driven towards it is no excuse.
    One might argue that murder is two-sided, and so is theft and rape and pretty much every sin. You always hurt someone, but suicide only hurts yourself. That's actually not the case. When one murders, they leave behind not only a corpse, but also a family of weeping individuals , of angry parents, sad siblings, etc.. So even though you only intended to hurt one person, you ended up hurting a lot. Suicide might scar a little cousin of yours, cause your partner to have commitment issues, cause panic and anxiety attacks all over the family... The effect is *not* limited to you.
    Murder is immoral not only because you take someone's life when doesn't want to, but also because you hurt many people alongside him. Murdering oneself still hurts people, no matter how lonely one thinks he might be. Hence, suicide is immoral for hurting other people in one's life.

  • Murder and Suicide Are Different.

    Murder takes away the will of someone elses to live. No consent. Where as suicide is the consent to end ones life. Are we then the transgressors for denying someone their liberty or choice? Would that not be captivity. We cannot assume than every human being is identical. If we our minds can think differently, if our genetic expressions are expressed differently, is it safe to assume that we as human beings want different things in life and draw similar but specifically different.

  • Not really, but morality is complicated.

    Suicide is usually because a person is in a time of crippling depression; they don't want to live anymore because people, society or stress puts them under huge pressure. Who are you to say it's immoral for someone to do something that relieves massive amounts of their emotional pain. Morality is an opinionated subject; but how is the escape of a painful and melancholy existence wrong?

  • I once asked myself this.

    When I was young I would see people committing suicide on television and wouldn't think much of it. Little did I know that I would end up the same way when I was 12.

    I spent much of the ages 12-15 hidden behind long sleeves and pants afraid of revealing my self harm wounds. At the time I was suicidal and I had tried to commit suicide many times. At the time I felt like suicide was the only option to escape. I felt trapped...Alone...Like nobody really cared. Little did I know that around me where people that really cared about my well being. This I realized when my best friend put a stop to my reckless actions. I won't go into much detail. The basic outline was that she found out and instead of running away she hugged me tighter than anyone ever had and said "Why didn't you ever talk to me?' When she had found out that I had continued down my path of recklessness she decided that she had to put and end to my madness and threatened to go down the very same path I did. Honestly, this is what motivated me to quit my recklessness and seek immediate help. Now I understand that suicide wasn't my only option, but it also wasn't immoral. I was in deep pain and when a person goes through that amount of suffering, they can't be blamed for seeking relief. That is why I believe that No, suicide isn't immoral.

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