• Yes, it is wrong for a person to end his or her life.

    We are all given just one life here on earth. We all go through trials and tribulations, and we must use them to grow. There is not one thing in this world that is so bad that death is preferable. God is there to help us through these tribulations, so turning to God is the answer rather than suicide. If you believe otherwise, read the Bible and learn what this world is really about.

  • Suicide is the cowards way out

    People who commit suicide are just too scared of trying to make it through whatever their situation is, that they think that there is no one who will care if they are gone. People who commit suicide are often treated like they are very brave when really it is the people who struggle through the tough times in life and never give up, they are the people who are brave and deserve respect.

  • Suicide is absolutely wrong in my opinion.

    Is it wrong to have suicidal thoughts. No!! There is probably not a person in the world that has not thought about taking their own life at one time or another but to act on those thoughts is wrong. We need to stop telling our children that Suicide is not wrong but an illness. We need to tell them that while you may have those thoughts the act itself is cowardly and extremely selfish. Suicide is someone giving up on life and thinking that the pain that they feel will never pass. Thinking that there is no future. With everyday comes something new. Another challenge, another tragedy, another loss or even a little hope. I am not sure how one cannot consider this act wrong. We tell our children that you should never give up. Suicide is just that giving up. I lost my fiancé just about 12 years ago. After Robin Williams suicide and the media coverage I have been having a very tough time. Asphxiation. The word echoed across a crowded bar from the TV and I have been filled with anger and rage since. My fiance was not a coward and he was far from selfish but that night he was. I want to point out the fact that he was also drunk, out of a job and like myself dealing with bills he couldn't afford. We had a lot going on and most of it not good. That night we had an argument and I left the house. My daughter was asleep in her crib. He took his life in our bedroom with me not home and our daughter left in her crib to fend for herself. He chose to leave us behind. It was his choice to put the twist tie around his neck. If he had chose to walk out the door and not return you would be saying that is wrong leaving all of his responsibilities behind for me to deal with. If there is anyone in your life at all suicide is wrong. You choose to leave the people in your life forever asking WHY? Forever heart broken and all because you chose to give up.

  • This is what I think

    It is just depressing to here that someone would want to do that and why would someone want to do that because we all have some kind of purpose from working at McDonald's to becoming the President, it doesn't matter you are still here to help the world in some way.

  • This is what I think

    It is just depressing to here that someone would want to do that and why would someone want to do that because we all have some kind of purpose from working at McDonald's to becoming the President, it doesn't matter you are still here to help the world in some way.

  • What's up y'all

    No reason. I felt like it. But still suicide is wrong, it totally goes against my morals. I mean if God gave us what we call a blessing- life, why do we take it for granted and show our thanks by killing ourselves, Only God can decide when we die.
    Peace out, y'all!
    Adios amigos! Cho

  • That is like asking, is murder wrong?

    You have no "right" to murder someone's child, parent, friend, neighbor, or co-worker, even if the person you want to murder is YOU! Your life doesn't truly "belong" to you, it has been loaned to you. You're going to die eventually, why die in a way that hurts so many people? Your job is to leave the world a better place, to try hard to relieve suffering. Suicide makes the world an uglier place. It causes many people to suffer terribly. If you are suffering to the point that you want to die, the right thing to do is to tell someone. You can get help and feel better and take advantage of having life. The wrong thing to do, is to commit suicide.

  • This is like asking, is murder wrong?

    Suicide creates victims. The person who commits suicide isn't very concerned with the pain that s/he is causing others, but we must consider the survivors to answer this question. It is wrong to hurt others, no matter your excuse or justification. It is wrong to kill someone's child, parent, friend, co-worker, even if the person you kill is you! Also, suicide is contagious. You're depressed (and medications can cause severe depressions) so you kill yourself. Other people figure you knew what you were doing so they kill themselves. If you are contemplating suicide, you are maybe thinking of others who killed themselves. These are people who leave behind terrible suffering for others. Suicide is violent. It is ugly. It is wasteful. It is painful. It leaves behind an ugly legacy. If you are sick and suffering, you can get help. Assistance at the end of life is not the same thing as suicide. Your life belongs to your whole community and all the people who love you. The Buddha spoke of the rivers of thought, feeling, perceptions, form and consciousness that come together in you. You didn't invent your thoughts or your body, they all come to you from the whole world. Your job is to do the best you can to make the world a better place. Suicide makes the world an uglier place for everyone.

  • Here is my view on this subject

    Suicide can be a very touchy subject depending on who you talk to. For some people it's more personal because they've been either almost to that point or knew a friend or even family member that was involved or almost killed them selves. Suicide is a tragic thing that unfortunately seems to have increased in popularity. It's sad that people feel that there is no other way out. I feel that in this day and age people shouldn't have to feel this way anymore. This is also a hard subject to judge because it's hard to say whether it is right or wrong. Personally I am not for it or against it, but I feel like we need to help these people who feel like they have no other way out and depending on the situation they may be afraid to get help or may feel like it isn't available for them. If you know someone who is having issues you should talk to them. You never know, just one act of kindness could save a persons life. If you agree with me please leave a comment!

  • Right to choose

    How much pain should one person be expected to endure. Some people are much stronger but mental illness is one that drives friends and family away. It is much more painful than many physical illnesses . If you are well mentally the world is yours. If you are not there may only be small pieces to grasp onto only to see slip away.

  • There is no wrong

    Wrong is subjective. This is of course an opinion question, but I do not feel varying opinions on the definition of "wrong" or what the label should be applied to is particularly relevant. Life is not better than non-life/death. The very concept of "wrong" is strictly a human invention and is subjective. It is also a poor word for classification. Therefore I would say to classify suicide as "wrong" is inaccurate because of the subjectivity of the concept as well as due to the assumption that follows--that things that are wrong "should" not be done. There is no "should" in the absolute sense. Though in my opinion, from a moralistic view, I could not agree more that " It is unethical to force someone to stay alive who never had a choice on whether to be born or not and who does not want to live." Suicide is not "the cowards way out" or a product of fear. Anyone who makes this argument is simply ignorant. This argument makes so many false assumptions. For example, these people presume to know why someone would prefer death over life (wrongly so). I would go as far as to say that these people are more likely to be cowards and simply fear acknowledging the fact that someone could have legitimate cause for suicide because that goes against their world view.

  • No, suicide is not wrong.

    Humans are naturally biased to think that being alive is better than being dead. The truth is that for each individual the answer may be different. Some people have genetics and life experiences which make living life a wonderful thing. For others though the reality of life is much sadder and many wish that they were never born. It is unethical to force someone to stay alive who never had a choice on whether to be born or not and who does not want to live.

  • No, it's unfortunate, but not wrong

    The personal decisions of people should not be held in contempt, as long as they are not hurting anyone else. If someone wishes to end his or her life, then it is that person's personal choice. I would much rather put the money we use to prosecute suicidal people towards their mental health. Of course, if making the act illegal the only way we can currently get people the help they need to perhaps prevent this tragedy, then we need to keep that up.

  • It is a personal decision and I believe any person should have full control over his/her life.

    It is easy to judge from outside and use shallow reasons such as life is god-given or precious, and should not be ended by suicide. It is also selfish to expect people to go through suffering and pain because we don't want them to leave our side. That being said I believe whoever that feels suicidal should try every possible option to improve their mental state and view on life, but sometimes life may leave you no other option.

    Posted by: flav
  • Suicide is a difficult issue to handle - it is their choice

    It often is the case that the person is so overwhelmed by the depression that they are facing that it clouds their judgement and they are unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Depression feels like you are stuck in deep hole with no ladder to aid escape. The reason why it is so common in people under thirty is partly because they have to rely on parents to get help and/or because their pre-frontal cortex slows down in development grows enormously. The pre-frontal cortex is the decision making part of the brain and is the last part to grow in the process of brain development. This is also why you see teens making decisions on a whim rather than thinking their actions through.
    So we see that suicide is supported by many different factors - many who survive suicide attempts are glad they did, and the devastation that one death can cause is unimaginable.

  • Empathy is needed

    Im so sorry, but empathy is needed here. Anyone who has never had seriously suicidal thoughts has no right to be saying anything on this page. I want to hear "suicide is wrong" only from people that have overcome serious thoughts or even attempted suicide. Thats it other wise you're argument is invalid.

  • No it's not wrong.

    The people here who say it is wrong have obviously never been in a position where things were bad enough to seriously consider ending their lives. When you are depressed then you feel the pain and loneliness at its very depth. You live in a world where you suffer alone. A world where you die each minute of everyday. You feel like that you are seeing world through the glass. You can see everyone but no one can see you. You feel like a ghost who is living between normal people who can't see you.

    While I agree that it should only be a last resort; I also believe it's a persons right. We never asked to be given life. Why should so done have to suffer all the time.

  • Its a choice.

    There are many things that go into suicide, but overall I think the main reason is being able to cope with pain. There are no ways to judge someone's pain tolerance, and if they snap after something you would easily be able to take, good for you. We all have our own problems, and the fact that someones is different than yours is fine.

  • Suicide is each persons right

    The reason is the body is your property, it belongs to you. Suicide may not be the best option, but it is an option. The person who commits suicide, is suffering. Most do not desire to commit suicide, unless they truly have thought about it, excluding the cases of rash decisions. At anytime if a person wishes to commit suicide, we should advise them not to, but they still have the right to. The only issue is if the suicide involves people who wish not to participate,such as jumping in front of a car or train.This is the reason we need to provide clinics to carry out the assisted suicide to help the suicide for people wishing to end their life to help make it more efficient.

  • Life and death are a big mystery

    Life and death are a mystery. When you ask yourself what the meaning is of life you end up with a personal conviction or belief.
    No one has solved the mystery. No one knows anything for that matter and that includes me obviously.
    I don't know where I came from. I don't where I was before I was born. I don't know here I'll be after death.
    My conclusion is if I don't know the answer to the ultimate mystery of life and death, then how can I even judge what if suicide is wrong or right?

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