• Summer is the coolest season

    Summer can be more than just the outside,it gives us a chance to join activities or go places like,camping,friends house, vacation,bowling,and more,and it also give you a chance to have time with your friends and family.People think that summer is the best season and maybe they are right about that.

  • Summer is the best season

    Not only is summer a chance to get outdoors and have some fun, its also the time of year when we can accomplish the most as far as outside work, aka construction. In addition its also a very healthy season cause peoples moods are better and they are getting higher doses of the suns vitamin D.

  • Summer offers more to do than any other season

    Summer in a great climate can be the best time of year for everybody. Summer is beautiful and warm and allows for many fun outdoor activities. If you like to do cold oriented things you can still travel to places like mountains to enjoy them. Summer is beautiful and my favorite season of the year. I think it is the best.

  • So much to hate

    Mosquitoes, heat exhaustion, high air-conditioning bills, worse sunburns, all kinds of bugs, spoiled food, and so much trouble. I long for winter, when the snow covers the ground in white, sparkly powder. I long for winter, when the sun hides behind a white sky. I need cool air and dead mosquitoes.

  • Winter offers more to do than any other season

    Winter is a great climate can be the best time of year for everybody Winter is majestic and cold and allows for many fun outdoor and indoor activities if you do like hot GET REKT cold feels good to me winter is like a wonderland
    Oh So Buetiful
    Much more buetiful than a jungle rose in terraria

  • Winter Is the COOLEST season

    Winter is more than you think you can camp in snow pretending to survive or snowball fights you can make ice bowling my idea I never heard of ice bowling before you can go to your friends house still and that time if you like cold which I do it feels great you can have seperate vacation days in every season mostly winter summer snowdays are possibly possible I never seen one before but I seen spring snow and I'm in subtropics so much fun you can do the winter version of things snow life which i seen and build ice slide which I never seen in person have fun winter 2016

  • Summer heat is PURE EVEIL

    It's so hot that you burn to pieces winter has wonderful things to enjoy snowball fights and if you adapt then no need to layers right who need shelter? I bet i stayed in snow more than 3 hours lol winter is like a blessing to me so buetiful so majestic

  • Summer IS TOO HOT!

    Winter is majestic and a wonderland summer is a wasteland if you get infinite degrees kidding but it feels like it if you get that hot you can't take off your skin winter has snowball fights and cold feels good the cold is heart cooling Heart cooling is my version of heart warming a heated heart would burn things right but a cooled would just freeze like cooling your feelings not making you super mad

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