• Severe Sunburns Cause Cancer

    The sun, and its harmful rays are often forgotten about in the spring and summer. Sunlight contains harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause the breakdown of DNA within skin cells. This DNA breakdown, while oftentimes benign, could lead to the formation of cancerous cells like melanoma. People often forget that every sunburn increases this cancer risk. Additionally, they don't realize that one can be sunburned in just fifteen minutes of direct sun exposure.

  • Ultraviolet Radiation is Harmful

    The sun carries many electromagnetic waves, one of them being ultraviolet radiation, which is what causes sunburns. Although sunburns may only be seen as a little pain, and some people don't think of them as a big deal, they are a big deal. Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to skin, and sometimes if not treated, it can really hurt your skin. Anyways, just make sure to take care of your skin always, no matter how big of a deal you think it is.

  • Sunburns go unnoticed

    Yes, sunburn is a silent killer. People do not think about he consequences of long-term exposure to the sun. Often, sunburns go unnoticed until after it's too late. Until one finds out they have skin cancer, they don't think about the seriousness of the disease. More efforts are needed to make people aware.

  • No, sunburns are not that bad

    Perhaps the chemicals that we put on our skin to avoid sunburns are more harmful than the sunburns themselves. Sunburns can cause skin cancer, with each time burned increasing the odds of getting it. Yet, skin cancer is often relatively easy to treat. And it frequently does not even occur. So, worry about sunburns sounds like another way to hype up the masses into a frenzy.

  • Sunburn is a warning sign of danger.

    Sunburn is blamed on causing cancer and being a general health risk. If it is looked at the right way though one could think that it is the biggest warning sign of danger to come. People should know that if they are getting a sunburn then they are at risk. Instead of the burn being considered the silent killer, it should be looked at the last chance to save yourself from skin disorders.

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