Is surfing the Internet better than reading books?

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  • Internet finds things fast and easy

    The internet can find things as fast as 0.36 seconds and you could have 10 reliable sources in front of your face, but with a book, you could have one reliable source. The book. That is 9 less than the internet. The internet also does things a lot faster than finding, checking out, and reading a whole book. I could have found three sources and cited them by time i'm done doing all of that!

  • Ever tried Google???

    Yes, of course you have!! How can you support books when you are yourself sitting in front of this screen right now?!
    Well, we all try the net whewn we want to search about something, right?? Books are so hard to find, especially if you are searching for just one topic!!

  • Ever tried Google???

    Yes, of course you have!! How can you support books when you are yourself sitting in front of this screen right now?!
    Well, we all try the net whewn we want to search about something, right?? Books are so hard to find, especially if you are searching for just one topic!!

  • Internet is Better Catch my Writing for it

    Internet is better than reading a book because all the information we get is from the net we are even posting this messages on the internet .There are new invention happening on these based topics by the scientists . Its the future and technology of the world.I agree books are inspirational but we need internet in our daily life

  • How can we keep on depending on books for everyday life?

    Books are definitely less easier to access than the internet. For example, all libraries have a closing time. So you can't just go there whenever you like. But as long as you have an internet connection and a device that can use the internet, you have unlimited access to the internet.

  • Internet can provide you with a vast array of knowledge and history.

    Ofcoarse books give us the exact information we are looking for, and they are timeless. Meaning centuries from now they will most likely still be reading books we have read now. (albeit the new ed, etc) But the internet provides us with knowledge at our fingertips. Need to know sometime now to satisfy your intellectual curiosity? Ask google. If you don't like google their are other search engines that are more protected and trusted. Wikipedia is a treasure trove of knowledge. I know must of the stuff is peer edited but, it's also peer revised so for the most part the information is accurate. I once spent hours just looking up articles about quantum physics, Book's are great but you only learn from the writer and his experience/findings. With the internet you can learn from others more easily, which I believe is the best way to learn

  • Books are better

    Books are better because they provide us with efficient knowledge and information. They are easy to Cary around.In books you can find the exact knowledge whereas in the internet you can never find the exact knowledge because of extra information. And you can come across many things which are not good for us

  • Books are better

    Books are better because they have barely any negative aspects while the internet has so many! I like books so much and they are so easy to carry around! You won't have to worry about the power going out and you having nothing else to go to! Books all the way!

  • Books are better than Internet.

    My speech is small - but I hope it will be informative.
    Doing research is not bad for our brain. And we might come across several other books which might have some interesting facts, which will improve our IQ.
    On the other hand, Internet is too straight forward. Everything is spoon fed. Vocabulary is one thing that matters too.

  • It’s simple: Books are better.

    1-ver try to read your Kindle or Nook in the tub? Well don’t. It’s terrifying. If you drop that thing it’ll be gone forever. Not to mention it fogs up from the steam. Accidentally drop your book in your bubbles? Blow dry it after! Good as new. Nothing to fear here, literature lovers.
    2-We all fear that moment when the pilot asks us to kindly turn off all of our devices, don’t we? Of course you would only need to turn off your e-reader for a few minutes, but what if that’s the most tantalizing part of the book? Books don’t need to be put away ever. Read on, book buddy!
    3-Unless you plan on collecting signatures on your Kindle, you’re not going to any book signings with your e-reader anytime soon. Autographed books make thoughtful and personal gifts. Authors are flattered to sign hard copies of their publications, but they can’t physically sign an e-book…
    4-Of course finishing any book is rewarding, but closing the back cover of a thousand-page book (like Game of Thrones) feels SO much better than flicking your finger across a screen and discovering you’ve reached the end.
    5-Pages may fall out and covers may get ripped, but books won’t just die on you. There is nothing more frustrating than getting to a juicy part of a story and having your e-reader’s battery die. Printed books won’t fail you.

    So there, it’s decided. Books are better than e-readers all day every day. They’re prettier, easier to manage, and provide us with stories without having to be powered up. Long live the printed word!

  • Surfing the Internet is not Better than Reading Books

    No, surfing the internet is not better than reading books. While the internet is certainly amazing and can provide tons of information and education, engaging one on one with a book is an experience like no other. It is an experience that cannot be replicated. Thus, surfing the internet is not better than reading a book.

  • Internet stimulates the brain more than books

    Studies have shown that surfing the internet is as beneficial for the brain as doing crossword puzzles and stimulates the brain more than reading a books does. The study has only concluded for middle age and older people so far.
    "The researchers said that, compared to simple reading, the internet's wealth of choices required people to make decisions about what to click on in order to get the relevant information."

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