• It's pretty amazing

    Given how many people perish in shipwrecks, I'd say surviving is noteworthy. We see headlines about car, plane and train crash survivors. So large scale shipwrecks, like ferry crashes and smaller scale ones are not too far off of those events when it comes to newsworthiness. The ocean is huge and it's pretty easy to get lost at sea, so a survivor is note worthy.

  • Surviving a shipwreck makes for notoriety and an interesting story

    There are very few people who have survived a shipwreck. Doing so provides them with a unique story and perspective on life that most people have not experienced. Any tragedy or extreme challenge alters how a person views life. People who do survive a shipwreck deserve the notoriety they may get as a result.

  • Yes, it is.

    It is definately worth notoritey becasue of the amount of effort it takes to survive a ship wreck, particularly if it took a long time to be rescued. It takes a great deal of effort and determination to survive a shipwreck and this is definately worth people paying attention and rewarding the person.

  • Fame is fleeting

    Garnering attention and headlines beyond the day of the event for a passive activity (a ship I was on happened to sink. I floated!) is not the best way to allow the voices of those with the most to say to be heard. It simply feeds the 24 hours news cycles need for constant filler.

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