• It takes away freedeom

    Smart and intelligent people do no use profanity. When society craves the degraded, it shows that we have taken away our freedoms, because many people say that it is just the way I am or "it's just human nature." With this, we are becoming objects instead of agents, because we do have the power not to swear. This is why swearing is bad

  • Yes, swearing is very rarely, if ever, necessary.

    There is entirely too much swearing in today's society. It is not only bad because it's offensive, but it is bad because there are almost always more descriptive words to use. For example, the "f-word" has become so pervasive - especially in movies and online - that it's somewhat meaningless while being offensive at the same time.

    People should use swear words, even the milder ones, with great caution. If someone uses swear words frequently and inappropriately, it alerts me to the possibility that the person is poorly educated and cannot think of better words.

  • Yes, its very bad

    People say its bad to swear at children, but then does age make the difference of who can swear or not? How many businesses would they accept people who swear? Even if you don't show it in public is swearing the only way to say what we want to say? Swearing is swearing no matter how you put it. A lie is a lie. Same with swearing.

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  • Swearing is bad

    It is a sign of ignorance and bad attitude. Swearing is disrespectful. There are many other words in the english language. Swearing is abusive. Swearing sounds bad. Swearing is unhealthy and corrupts the English language.
    No one should swear!, whether they are young or old.
    It lacks imagination and doesn't accurately express people's feelings.

  • Evidence that swearing isn't so good:
    So, if you read any of those, you can tell that swearing isn't only bad because it is disrespectful, rude an generally not pleasant for the ears to listen to, it also affects your mental health and it can let out the kind of person you are.

  • Swearing is very bad? Never do it.

    Yes, of course swearing is bad. It is rude and offensive to people. People would think you as being bad, malicious and ungrateful. There is absolutely nothing good about swearing. Some people use it to let out their emotions but hey, JUST TALK IT OUT!!! Others use it to try to be funny, but if you need o swear to be funny, YOU'RE NOT AT ALL FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keep public spaces "Clean"

    Just as people would look askance at you for throwing trash around in public, so throwing dirty words around will raise eyebrows. There is a time and a place for such language, but general use should not be acceptable. Society has labeled such language as rude and offensive, and just like any other unwritten rule, perfection should not be demanded, but you should respect those around you. An expletive used for emphasis is fine, and particularly frustrating circumstances or people may warrant a string of them, but curse words should not be used as adjectives, they diminish opinion of the user, and undermine the weight of what they have to say.

  • Swearing Does Not Help Anyone

    I've always been extremely apposed to swearing in any form. I think it makes one sound uneducated, disrespectful, and classless. That aside, I asked one of my friends whom frequently swears to explain to me what benefit swearing has. She couldn't give me one benefit of it. She finally mustered out that it helps her express her anger, and that was alarming to me. If someone calls you an explicit name, it offends you. So why would you call the other person that, knowing it's an offensive term? There are a lot of drawbacks and absolutely no benefits, so it doesn't make any sense. Our society needs to completely remove it from our language in favor of more classy and a more vast vocabulary.

  • Swearing is not Appropriate

    Why does everyone support cursing? I don't get it. You know society has labeled it as rude and offensive, so why do people continue to use these words? The truth is, it is rude and offensive. It makes you seem very immature and like a genuinely angry person. Swearing does not make you cool and there are other words to substitute mean words. Of course, people make mistakes, and some words may slip out from time to time. Don't make it a habit of being impolite though.

  • Swearing is not okay

    Swearing is not okay no matter what because you should treat people the way you would like to be treated because how how would you like it if some one swore at you some people say curse words too look cool but in my opinion it just makes you look immature and out of control , swearing can lead to bullying and bullying can sometimes lead to suicide then what would you do , you would be the bad one you would loose alot of friendships and put on ur record and u will get punished so yeah thats why I think swearing is bad.

  • No, not at all!

    Swears and curses are often considered to be the mark of low breeding and intellectual dead ends. I firmly disagree. While I could just as easily say, "Your behavior is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it." then walk away.. That is not nearly as cathartic as calling someone an (expletive deleted) and telling them where to shove it. The only real question is whether any given situation is the right one for swearing. At a club where someone is refusing to leave you alone? Swear at them. At a library or a dinner? Mind your manners (unless the host is okay with it).

  • It's f*cking AMAZING!

    I think we can all agree that no words create a better placebo effect for stress relief than words considered taboo by society. Whether you have banged your knee on the coffee table, or you are having tod deal with someone who is quite possibly the biggest idiot you've ever met, there's a few less-than-kind words for that.

  • It's just another part of language.

    They are only bad words because they are considered bad words by society and portrayed as such. They are just words, and part of our language, in every language.

    Sure, they can be shocking, but a lot of other words can be used to shock people. But language is necessary, and swearing is not a bad thing. All words can be used in a negative way, not just swear words. Okay, maybe swearing at a little kid isn't ideal, but nor is using other rude words at them.

    Some people say that swearing isn't necessary. In the words of Stephen Fry in response to that particular idea, 'it's not necessary to have coloured socks. It's not necessary for this cushion to be here. But no one ever writes in saying 'I was SHOCKED to see that cushion there! It really wasn't necessary.''

    Swearing isn't bad. They're just words, like all other words. It's just in the context people choose to use them in, like with all other words.

  • No, not at all!

    Swears and curses are often considered to be the mark of low breeding and intellectual dead ends. I firmly disagree. While I could just as easily say, "Your behavior is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it." then walk away.. That is not nearly as cathartic as calling someone an (expletive deleted) and telling them where to shove it. The only real question is whether any given situation is the right one for swearing. At a club where someone is refusing to leave you alone? Swear at them. At a library or a dinner? Mind your manners (unless the host is okay with it).

  • No, swearing is covered under free speech!

    I completely disagree with this one! Swearing is covered under free speech. Now if the question was, “Is swearing at a child bad?” My answer would then be yes, alas, that is not the question. Another point I would like to make it just because one person considers it swearing, doesn’t mean all people consider it swearing.

  • Swearing Isn't Bad

    "Oh, well some people feel offended when you curse!". Really? You feel offended cause I said "God dammit!"? It's completely okay in my opinion. So what if that one person got pissed off? It's fine! Nothing happens, nobody gets cursed, and when you think about it, I'm saying swearing is okay and I'm christian. I'm just the kind of guy to think, or to some people, KNOW that swearing has got nothing wrong attached with saying it.

  • I've yet to find a downside (when used appropriately)

    I don't cuss people out regardless of whether or not I'm using expletives, because I don't have a complete scope of their personal lives and I need to always remember that. I recommend David Foster Wallace's commencement speech at Kenyon for a more in-depth dispelling of auto-centric perspectives.

    A lot of arguments I'm reading point out that swearing is rude and hurtful. No. It can be, but that has nothing to do with the words that are being used, rather the intent of the word-user.

    Swearing is also an invaluable equalizer. There's no better way for an educated person like myself, to relate with and communicate with someone less fortunate in their upbringings, than by opening up with an expletive or two.

    Example: "Fuck this weather, huh?"

    It may even get a smile out of someone who is having a bad day, especially if you aren't someone who swears very often. That's irrefutably good, right? If you hate cursing, you hate smiles. That may be an imperfect logic chain, but you get the idea.

    And, of course, in many professional settings, swearing is frowned upon and it is wise to abide by that stigma to avoid losing your job or something equally unfortunate. If everybody swore more responsibly, these stigmas might not be so strict, but, alas, we live in an imperfect world.

    So a better question would be, "Is intending to hurt someone with your words bad?", and it's safe to say "yes" to that one. Nobody is perfect, and swearing can be a bad habit if you use it for the wrong reasons (pent up anger, for instance), but for the most part, swearing is great fucking tool that shouldn't accompany guilt.

  • Swearing is just another level of language

    It adds more emphasis, for example "i fucking love you" is more effective than "i love you". I don't understand why it's frowned upon, as it is like we have a wonderful world of language to explore, but the most effective are out of bounds. It doesn't make sense. Fuck yeah.

  • The idea that swearing is bad for children, adults, or anyone is merely superstitious.

    Unfortunately in this response I won't even be able to include any swears, as debate.Org, a website intended to be a harbor for free speech, won't even allow it. How pathetic. I hate being censored.

    Anyway, I don't agree that swearing is "bad." Morality is a very subjective idea. And in my opinion, swearing serves as a way to express your ideas in a powerful manner. I don't think this is wrong at all but absolutely necessary in a free society. In fact, our Constitution permits us to express our ideasy freely. It is time we abandon the idea that swearing is wrong. There is absolutely nothing to back up this statement. It is a farce that is furthered by our culture, due to the inner taboos of society, which don't make sense either. It is time we get over our silly superstitions, and this starts with how we raise the next generation.

    Children swear and will always swear. They have freedom of speech rights too, and therefore have just as much a right as us. Who are we to tell them that they are not allowed to express their feelings? Yes, there is a time and place for swearing. But kids at a very early age learn that. They also learn that it's bad, so they continue to do it more. See the paradox there?

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