Is taxation really necessary for today's governments?

  • Yes it's obligatory

    For taxation to exist in order to have a civilized society. Mandatory and Discretionary Programs along with Services, wouldn't exist without the government being able to afford providing for them from tax dollars. You really have to know the impact taxes make on our nation before assuming they're not necessary.

  • Taxation remains necessary for governments.

    Governments require taxation just as much today as they always have. It is true many governments fund themselves with the addition of loans, but these loans would never be possible without taxation, thus giving the lenders assurance they will be paid back. Therefore to continue to operate, government still require taxes.

  • Yes, Taxation is neccessary for todays government.

    To say that taxation is not necessary for todays government equals total ignorance of what all government provides. To remove taxation means the removal of roads, public services, security, police, and a wide variety of other things. There must be a sort of taxation in order for there to be any sort of order.

  • Americans have become dependent on government provided services.

    Americans have become entitled. They expect the government to provide a wide variety of services for them. These services can get pretty costly. Some of the services that the government provides are state funding for road repairs, emergency services, school systems, and welfare programs. They also provide federal services like national defense. Without taxation, the government could not afford to provide these services.

  • Yes, it is necessary to prosper

    I don't know how you would pay for things on a national scale if you privatized everything. Its just not going to work. It might work on a smaller level.but, on a larger scale its going to fail. We need some kind of intervention when it comes to a national scale, its just too complicated.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think taxation is definately something that our governments across the globe today need. They need all of the taxes they can get to keep important programs up and running that help out the people, and keep them safe and out of harms way, so you pay for your safety.

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