• She's very popular.

    People love her because of the songs she writes and her ability to sing. She has a beautiful voice and, and almost all of her songs are usually in the top 10 songs of the year lists. Her songs tend to get stuck in our heads, because they're catchy and them just being sang by her makes them worth it.

  • She have tons of fans!!!!!

    Her songs are awesome thats why she have alot of fans...And her voice is soft but heavy a perfect blend....And her songs always have a great message.Her fans love her !!!!! Her songs are mix kind of music and sound lovely!!!!!!! If she's not that good then how come she's so famous and have so much fans???? And she won 7 Grammy awards!!!!!Like 7!!!!!!

  • She speaks to the audience literally!

    While most of Taylor's contemporaries pride themselves for their large vocal range and singing techniques, she proves that there is more than jusy the fireworks. She is definitely not the best but according to whatever songs she writes (she has a hand in writing all her songs with co-writers, if not alone), she nails every song. She understands her own singing style and that's what governs her song writing skills which I must mention are phenomenal. Since she is a country singer at heart, she's more of a narrative singer who can connect to the audience really well. Being able to converse with the audience with her soulful and melodious voice with relatable and brutally honest lyrics is what makes her one of the best performers we have.
    People keep saying that she's one of the worst and sinply brand her successful due to her fame. But let me tell you There's a reason why she became successful. While most of the current pop songs revolve around money, sex and party, Taylor can write songs that always stand out for their catchy motownbeats, offbeat lyrics and ofcourse her voice (not the best but really good & soulful). She has a good pitch control, breath control is all over the place and her best quality is making the aidience seay with her emotions that come out through her songs.

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  • Taylor Swift IS a good singer!

    Taylor Swift IS a good singer! She is an amazing singer, if you don't believe this, watch her singing Speak Now on the Letterman show, she is amazing at singing. Anyone who doubts this obviously is tone deaf. She has lots of natural singing talent. You can NOT disagree !

  • She is an awesome

    The people who do not like taylor swift ok but she is like the best country singer in the planet she is not the worst singer in the world why do you people hate taylor swift that is just saying you hate country if you dont like country so not sorry

  • Obviously she's a great singer

    If Taylor wasn't a incredible singer then she wouldn't be popular, she wouldn't have money and she definitely wouldn't have fans. Her songs inspire people to stop being homophobic and stop judging others for who they are which is what makes her special in my opinion. That's why I think she's a great singer

  • She's an incredible singer

    And I'll tell you why. She's able to tell stories and unite people to the point where more people in the world recognize her name then President Obama. As well, people like her songs, considering the huge fan base that she has (including me) and her voice sounds as good in concert as it does in the studio!

  • She is amazing

    While Taylor Swift doesn't do crazy high notes and that sort of thing, she is a good singer. Her voice is pure and real. Whether she is writing love songs or upbeat fun songs like shake it off, her voice comes from a genuine place. The tonal quality is not bad either. I have heard truly bad singing and Taylor Swift does not fit any of their flaws.

  • She still have tons of fans!!!!

    I think her songs are wonderful some or nice and relax some or pop songs.....As i said she still haves tons of fans if she's not a good singer than how come she still have fans????I think her songs are lovely its just mu opinion and the thing i like about it is theres always a secret message to it....After all she is very famous and have lots of fans....

  • For the genre she's in, she's alright, but I'm not a fan of the genre

    I'm sorry, but if you hate the genre, you can't like even the best of them.
    This is just a personal opinion, don't take offense. Also, she seems to just write love songs, which bore me. There's enough of those already. That's why the singers I consider good are Weird Al and Tobuscus and similar people who make funny music.

  • Bad compositions, senseless lyrics

    I can't believe that music has come down to this level that non-sense lyrics are what stands out as the most prominent quality of Taylor. Even the singles which are supposed to be good, totally lack intelligently crafted music compositions. Miss the 80's and 90's creativity and the true music

  • She should just song write

    When she sings she is often off key and cannot hit the neccesary high notes. In fact she rarely hits high notes and her vocals are boring. I'm not saying she is the worst and I do think she is a great song writer, but compared to artists like Adele, Demi Lovato, Beryonce, Celine Dione and Rihanna she is quite average

  • There catchy, that's it.

    The only reason Taylor Swift is famous is because her songs are catchy. She used to be a good country singer. Now she dropped that backround and went into pop. She has a terrible voice.

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