Is Taylor Swift one of the best singers and a great role model?

  • Yes she is the best role model.

    Cause I had seen her too a many times. She is not like others . First her songs have that Taylor Swift touch .Secondly her lyrics are not about drugs or sex or any other filthiest matters. She is obsessive and beautiful. And the final thing is that I love her and I had always seen her as my great role model and her singing is something I am dying for. There is no like my Tay.

  • She genuinely cares about her fans

    Firstly her song lyrics are never about drugs or sex like the rest of the music industry. Which clearly is a sign that she is one of a kind. Okay I accept her songs are about break ups and relationships. Much of her earlier music was her putting her feelings into words. She Helps her fans when they need her when for example paying off their student loans, and meeting cancer kids and if they want they duet with her. Surely that makes her a good role model. Don't go on about the number of lovers she's had because she addressed it in the song blank space. She took the Michael out of the image Portrayed In the media.

    She is undoubtablely a good singer. She has a strong fandom called swifties. Furthermore she has won numerous awards and awful singers dont win awards. The exception may be Justin bieber. Surely that shows that Taylor Swift is a good singer and her voice doesn't sound like her cats?

  • She's average. Good singers are original.

    In comparison to other singers, she's a good role model. But a role model shouldn't be a role model just because they're rich and famous.

    Also, she's not a great singer. For what she does, she's great. But I don't really care for pop music. More original bands, like the Beatles, Tobuscus, Weird Al, Owl City, etc. are far superior singers, in originality and sometimes vocally as well.

  • Not the best might be an ok role model

    Taylor is still young herself. Her career isn't bad but how long will it last. Taylor is a good singer Just not the best singer ever. She just need some time to experiment with her music. I still like "bad blood" and "style". I hope her career gets to 20 years

  • A great role model for what? She can sing great, but so can alot of people.

    Just because a person's image is splashed on a magazine doesn't make them a role model. Kanye west was captured at his worst with his bottle of Hennessey on the red carpet. Every famous person out there, no matter the talent, is just a person who was at the right place and the right time. There are millions of people who live their lives undiscovered with the same amout of talent. So saying Taylor Swift is one of the greatest singers is overly gracious. She seems to also stay out of trouble and the limelight. So do most people. Taylor Swift seems to be nice, but without knowing her personally, l cannot advocate that she is a great role model for anything.

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Forthelulz says2015-06-25T08:09:46.310
This could be broken into two questions. One could think "yes" to one and "no" to the other. I, for one, am "no", on both, but my point still stands.