• The way that they teach it is.

    We are taught in school that whites are always racist and that everyone else is the victim of white racism. Barbary pirates taking white slaves to Africa, the fact that whites bought there slaves from blacks and Arabs, the Armenian genocide, the Bataan death march, the Rwandan genocide, the rape of Nanking and all other examples of racism by non-whites don't make it into the curriculum. Being told that you are racist because you are white makes many whites think "If I'm going to be called racist anyway, I might as well tell racist jokes." I would like to mention that Asians are richer than whites, but we are never told about Asian privilege.

  • The way racism is taught is incorrect

    Teaching racism makes young white males that have never even had a racist thought feel as though they are bad people. The racist curriculum makes it seems as if all white people come from an evil heritage and that white people are an evil scourge on all history including today. The racist curriculum also ignores the positive steps we have taken in civil rights, and acts as if black on any other skin color racism doesn't exist.

  • It depends on the age of the child.

    My five year old did not notice any difference between him and his friend whom he had previously called his "brother" until Black History Month and the lessons at school about segregation and racism. I feel he was not old enough to understand the reasons behind what happened or the reasons young people should learn about such things. I think it is more appropriate for middle school kids than elementary.

  • Depends on the age of the child

    History taught to one who is capable of understanding the context is acceptable; however my 5-year-old was introduced to racism and segregation at school this black history month...I was horrified. Previously my child never stopped to think about the differences between his friends' colors and ethnicities--some kids are darker than others; so what? I feel that his innocence was stolen!

  • Beating around the bush with the wrong end of the stick.

    Constantly perpetuating this notion of difference keeps alive the idea that it seeths just below the surface. Look at societies like the UK where integration happened in a time where reverse discrimination was unheard of. Contrast that with an american culture that seems to almost furiously thrive on the idea that slavery was abolished only a generation ago. How many people actually know anything about that civil war, and why it was really fought? The idea of racism is getting tired, but so long as movies like this Django Unchained are being made, most of the ignorant masses will continue with this B.S. ideology of us vs. them: Racism. The real racism is impovreshment.

  • Self-Perpetuating

    Yes, teaching kids about racism is a cause of racism. As long as we continue to dwell on the topic of racism and make a huge deal out of it, it will not go away. If we take the focus off of it, and allow the term to fade away naturally, the concept will eventually go away on its own. By teaching kids about racism, we keep it alive in each new generation. We make it a living and continuing issue by the constant attention we give it. It’s time for us to let the term go so the practice of it can be allowed to stop on its own.

  • My son was too young

    My son is Italian, Czech, Filipino, Russian, Lithuanian and English. He has a natural gorgeous tan and highlights in the brown hair. I am half Filipino and haze Italian and Czech. I feel as though Black History Month made him more self conscious of his tan and the fact that certain members of his family are darker where previously it wasn't a big deal. He seems a bit more withdrawn at school and doesn't seem to play much with his peers. I am not sure, but I feel like just let racism die naturally. People are not born racist. They are taught. If you stop talking about it, it will naturally go away.

  • A prerequisite class on equality and science of melatonin before introducing Racism Topics

    Children understand colors so in elementary a simple week on equality and telling them " people are born with melatonin, a thing that makes skin color, some more than others, which creates different skin colors and variety of humans" is pretty easy to grasp and sets a foundation for the next curriculum subject about racism. Just going straight into racism WITHOUT no prep sets these children up to use that info how ever they please.

  • It teaches them about hate

    I am a 17-year-old white male, and up until I was about 5/6/7 years old, I knew NOTHING about the history of race and racism in America, and I just loved everyone regardless of race, as I still do. I was taught from the earliest of my days to love everyone regardless of things such as race and that everyone is the same, which is true. I think teaching about the history of racism can be divisive and that is NOT what we want!

  • Yes your not born a racist.

    To be completely honest when I was younger living in the Netherlands I never heard of black slavery or the history of it at all. When I moved to Canada I started hearing about how bad white people have been treating black people. I felt insecure I'm not going to lie. For some reason reading black history made me feel low about myself. The human race is a competitive race, everyone wants to be better than someone. I believe the education system is reminding black Americans that they are not native to the country and that who're people owned you once and you should fear that they can own you again. Btw I'm a black women proud of it. I'm African, and I LOVE the colour God has blessed me with. People need to open their eyes

  • No no no

    Teaching racism will always make children think that it is wrong. Children listen to their elders when it comes to situations like this. If a child is being told by a teacher that racism is wrong they will not actively go out of their way to be racist. This is a fact.

  • School and society molded my mind to think and to seperate and to classify humans and things in certain ways.

    Im not saying im racist. But I can say that because of media I understand what stereotypes are. And that falls into the whole racial talk. To be honest noone in school ever explain who came up with slavery / racism back in the day and the reason for it. They just said it existed which i fond hard to believe. So i cannot point fingers at "whites" for starting it and nor would i hold it against american whites nowadays for that. But i think it all starts with POVERTY. Becomingg slave of the money just to feed your families. But at the end of the day who every in our education system thinks that its okay to teach about seperation and who ever runs the media thinks its okay to make jokes on different races causing subconcious stereotyping ( for any "race") then say its wrong to be racist or to classify people into certain groups is very contrivertial if you ask me. The same person who classifies that gender being one way, and so on.... Im happy i dropped out of high school i can now think for myself and detox my mind with whats been put into .... Think of the world as one and let people be what they want to be and dont judge. Who cares if someone wants to dress femine who cares if things dont go the way your normally expect it to be embrace it and accept it. I find happiness in just that people being themselves and different , who says that the trendy clothes is whats in atyle make your own style ! Svae the earth love each other , bring yourself closer to loving humans and animals and support only what you believe in and most importnantly detox your mind from the world thats been shaped for you!

  • Not in all cases, but it can be

    When I grew up as a child, I did not even think of anyone being different. I knew everyone looked different but we are all the same. Ever since I learned about racism in elementary school, it caused me to think about different skin colors in different ways than I previously had. When they taught, they kept bringing up how everyone thought everyone with different skin color was different and as a child that sort of builds on you even if they tell you its wrong. I didn't become racist, but I began to see things a little worse off than I thought I should. I didnt think of us all being the same anymore and i started seeing every race as a separate group (I didn't end up seeing any one group as "higher" than another but I can see where racism could start in a young child). With this seed planted in a young child's mind at an early age, they might start agreeing with what they are told is wrong (in this case, racism). It's like if you tell your child not to drink alcohol. They will start to wonder and think about it and eventually crack and try some whereas if you don't tell them it exists, well, they won't know it exists and you can tell them at an older age about it. If I didn't learn about racism until my middle school years, this all wouldn't be a problem with me.

  • Do kids even think of race being a thing?

    When you see children playing with other kids they don't even see a difference in each other, whether they be black or white etc. They see the world with a pure innocence and judge someone purely by their character. This is how it should be and how it should stay. I think the possibility of putting the idea of inequality in our childrens heads is definitely a possibly of a negative effect. But it is also important to know about the past so we may not repeat it in the future.

  • Do kids even think of race being a thing?

    When you see children playing with other kids they don't even see a difference in each other, whether they be black or white etc. They see the world with a pure innocence and judge someone purely by their character. This is how it should be and how it should stay. I think the possibility of putting the idea of inequality in our childrens heads is definitely a possibly of a negative effect. But it is also important to know about the past so we may not repeat it in the future.

  • Do kids even think of race being a thing?

    When you see children playing with other kids they don't even see a difference in each other, whether they be black or white etc. They see the world with a pure innocence and judge someone purely by their character. This is how it should be and how it should stay. I think the possibility of putting the idea of inequality in our childrens heads is definitely a possibly of a negative effect. But it is also important to know about the past so we may not repeat it in the future.

  • Well it can be a cause under the circumstances

    Teaching kids about racism is a normal thing because, eventually they are going to learn about it no matter what. It is a huge topic in our world today and they should be informed. However, I believe that if a kid is just living normal life not knowing about discrimination against another race and they are told about it, it may bring new thoughts to them. These thoughts could be, oh, since white people were not slaves and they worked for us, we can treat them badly. However, I don't believe this will happen a lot. But I do believe that it is a possibility.

  • Well if there was no racism to begin with we would have nothing to say about it, because it wouldn't had existed.

    Unfortunately because it did happen, and still does happen, we do have the opportunity to help our kids and children in general about how to stop racism. Nobody likes to be discriminated and if it continues to happen then one day the roles might be switched on slavery and as we all know how that ends.

  • I was colorblind once...

    When i was little I had many friends of many races, I liked them and they liked me. I didn't really even notice or care that a few of my friends were darker than i was. It was great until they started teaching us about how the whites enslaved blacks and how horrifying it was. Soon after my friendship with many blacks started slowly decaying and by the time i hit middle school i didn't really want to be around blacks because most would insult whites for no reason and they have all of this hate towards us for no reason. Or is there a reason? Is it because they were taught to hate because we hated them in the past? At least i think so. I'm sick of being called racist because i don't want to be around people who don't like me. I wish they didn't teach us this stuff back in school or even have a black history month because all black history month does is draw attention to race. But i guess the truth is the truth, even if it causes hate towards innocent people who didn't directly harm the haters in the first place. I have come to a very sad conclusion, as long as there are different races that's just one more reason to divide one another.

  • Racism is taught

    Children are born color blind...I believe racism is taught. My daughter is 6 and she has never referred to an individual by color. My husband and have a broad span of friends consisting of all races, so our daughter has never questioned why our skin tones differ. I wish I could protect her innocence, but unfortunately the cruel world will teach her racism eventually.

  • Yes of course

    It is not natural to dislike people because of their skin and to a child that concept is confusing. Teaching that causes a feeling of difference. But racism is still used to manipulate others politically, which is why it isn't taught in history, but persistently perpetuated in a manipulative way. It starts because people from africa do look different from europeans as well as speaking different languages, just like people from india look a little different, people from china-- but these differences aren't what racism is, the political, manipulative racism that is taught, is dangerous and divisive.

  • My 9 year old didn't ever mention race until he was taught about racism at school

    My kids have always mixed with children from a diverse community and for the first 9 years of my sons life he didn't even notice any differences. Recently he has started saying various thing are racist. Racist is his new word. He notices different colours and nationalities where before it wasn't important. It pisses me off that his school have decided to highlight the differences between people to try to teach them that everyone is the same. Leave them alone.

  • Yes, kids can pick up on the behavior of the parents

    If you are taught a horrible ideology when you are young, that ideology is imprinted in you, whether you want it or not, racism is a learned behavior. Children pick up the behavior of the parent. If you call a black man the "N" word all the time, your child will inevitably pick up that behavior, but if you teach them about tolerance, they will be tolerant

  • Teaching Slavery is the Beginning

    As a second grade teacher we teach children about slavery in school. We are given materials that portray white people as all slave owners and that blacks were all slaves. History actually tells us that around 75% of Southerners at the time of the civil war never owned a single slave. There are also instances in the United States of free blacks owning slaves. The curriculum paints a picture of whites as vicious slave owners when in fact this was only true of a small majority. We study the brave African Americans who fought slavery but we never study the other Americans who also felt slavery was wrong. We are teaching a one sided view of history that leaves students in my class thinking all whites are bad and that all white use to own all blacks which is simply not true.

  • ABSOLUTELY! Schools TEACH racism!

    I have never considered myself racists - my best friend is African American and I was engaged to marry and African American. I have just taken social problems in college. Well, I can honestly say this class has made me resent African Americans for continuously blaming the white people for every single mishap in their lives - including being criminals and how they are not present for fatherhood.

    This is what we are TEACHING in our schools. NO wonder the country is still dealing with this issue. Instead of rehashing the past of a billion years ago - my ancestors came here with nothing too and had to build cabins from cutting trees!), we should be teaching how to get along with one another! Teamwork. How we are more the same. But we are not. We are teaching HATRED. We are teaching blacks to hate whites for the past and we are teaching white to hate blacks for the consistent blame they put on us for everything.

    It is shameful.

  • Nothing will die that people won't let die

    Teaching racism sets the brain for that "mindset" by default. I think it should not be taught to children. There should be other means of telling children about differences. I just tell my daughter, some people may not like you because your tall, slim,. Pretty, too smart, too large, and that's okay because you can't please everyone. But, when they start to harm or mistreat you that is when it is a problem. Address life accordingly, I think making racism a concern because of history is ridiculous. Let the kids come to you with questions. Racism would not be an everyday concern for it to be a discussion, like bullying or being assertive would be.

  • White learner, but who cares.

    I was taught about racism. I almost guarantee it. Yes I am white, but while growing up it wan't even something that I realized was a thing, like the same as people with different hair colors. However, I have have nearly completed degrees in journalism and mass communication, political science and sociology, and have experienced a well rounded social science agenda. At the same time, i was born in the 90's. We all know that racism exists in society, especially in older generations. My parents are not racist in the slightest, If no one in school had mentioned it to me I would never had even thought about it. I remember the day that it was talked about in school. I was so confused. I hate racism. I also hate the way it is taught. I wish we would teach it to kids in a different way. The way it is taught now makes the white kids feel systematically privileged, and any other ethic group feel at a systematic disadvantage. This idea then becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy that comes into being .

  • It teaches children

    Children should be exposed to the consequences of racism in the right way so that they know that it is not right. It is better for children to learn about racism while they are small and educate them the right way so that they would have the mindset of all humans are equal.

  • Education leads to less Racism

    With education children become less racist since they can learn about historical events of different cultural. It is critical for them to start learning now so they can grow up not being racist. Kids are not born being racist the fault is the parents by the way the parents their children. With education kids can learn how to defend themselves of stereo types. This will create less violence and stop crating more stereo types. Can make children interact with children from other cultures and they can have new experience and make friends bringing the community closer.

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  • No no no

    Teaching racism will always make children think that it is wrong. Children listen to their elders when it comes to situations like this. If a child is being told by a teacher that racism is wrong they will not actively go out of their way to be racist. This is a fact.

  • They're going to pick it up elsewhere

    Kids will notice that some people look different or come from different cultures. They will pick up ideas about race from their friends and from stereotypes they see in the media, as well as any subconscious racism their parents are showing them. If you leave it to chance what they learn, they will accept these things as true. If you talk to them directly you can teach them to be accepting.

  • Racism and education

    I don't think teaching kids about racism is a cause of racism. The goal is to teach the kids about racism and the how it is a bad effect. We don't teach kids to become against other races. It is the kids thinking that makes them racist. It is their own opinion.

  • Kids becoming racism

    Teaching kids about racism is not a cause of racism. People influencing kids about being racist or acting that way is the cause not the teaching. If the teacher is favoring one side then that kid is taking that side because that is the way were taught so they don't know the other side.

  • How would it?

    Teaching children about Racism helps show them Americas harsh past sand how horrible it was and to make sure we stray away from anything like that ever happening again. A famous saying is learn from your mistakes and Slavery was a HUGE mistake that happened but how can people learn from that mistake if they're never taught to not go towards it?

  • Racism can only be prevented by education

    It is human nature for people to want more for themselves and for their families. This is was spurs competitiveness. However, when competition turns into elitism, than racism is the result. All people need to do to understand this is to read Dr Seuss, "Sneeches" to understand this. By educating our young, we can avoid racism in the future.

  • No, teaching them racist things is what does it. Some times in life you have to teach kids that it's wrong.

    I Had never had a talk about Racism with my kid till tonight.
    I moved to the south. My husband is military. The school my son attends is primarily black he is 1 of 2 whites children in class we could have moved to an area that had more white people in his school but that isn't something that bothers me.

    My son is in the first grade. He came home to me and asked me. " mommy why can't white people and black people be friends? Is it just because we have different skin? Maurice told me "We can't be friends just enemies. Black people and white people can't be friends. Black people are supposed to bully white people. White people killed Jesus"

    It is bad parents that taught that to their kid and now I have to explain why that kid is wrong to my son who has never cared about skin color. Sure he has asked why some people have darker skin then him and I told him actually why some people are born with different shades of skin tone etc.
    I don't really think it is necessary to teach about racism till it is. We wouldn't really need to if people weren't teaching others to be racist still.

  • Kids learn by trying things.

    Children learn things by experimenting. They may start with "yes" and "no" to see what power these two words have. They move on to statements like "blacks are bad" or "whites are bad" but I believe they are feeling out the statement to see if it comes out true or false as judged by the response it gets. Simply saying "no" may not be enough. They need reasonable supporting argument from more experienced fellow beings. Give your views in terms they can understand. Children change their minds by the minute. It's only later in life that opinion is calcified. There is only one "race"....Human!

  • Age and Context

    I don't think teaching kids about racism will make them racist. I do not think children under 6 years old need to learn about racism however. But racism and discrimination is part of my country's history(USA). It is not something that can be, or should be, swept under a rug. I believe in the phrase, "those who do not learn history, are doomed to repeat it". Jim Crow laws kept certain people from doing many things, and those laws similar to it did not fully end until a little over 5 decades ago.

    As far as kids under 6 years old goes, I think teaching simple things like being fair to all people is good enough. People come in different shapes, sizes, and colors; and none of those attributes automatically makes someone bad, an individual's actions is what defines them.

  • No, teaching it doesn't cause it

    Making kids aware that racism exists doesn't automatically translate to them being motivated to be racist. The only teaching that causes racism is a racist environment being the one a child is raised in, there's nothing that indicates simply educating on prejudice is going to end up making a child prejudiced.

  • Kids aren't blind.

    Grade school kids absorb everything. They are aware of racism even if they don't know the word. They aren't blind either. Children know what color they are and what color their friends are. Talking about racism to children--letting them know what you believe as a parent--is good for them. It lets them know where you stand. They will be less likely to internalize any racist behavior they might have noticed.

  • No it, not or it might be

    By eaching kids about racism is not racism . One reason is because they would never call a black person names but maybe it could . But in racism the white and black people were separated but now they are not and plus white people could go to school with black .I know people that go to Fordham and alot of blacks go there but they are friends with white people.

  • No

    Keeping kids ignorant will cause some problems in the future. As a parent it might be easier for you to just save that talk about diversity for another day but really, it's important to inform your children about diversity because people are different. That's obvious. You have to teach them how to not be prejudiced. Acknowledging racism does not make a person racist. It means that person realizes the injustices and differences in our society. “When we ignore discussions of race we also ignore discussions of discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping.” -David Pilgrim

  • No

    racism is pure ignorance and hatred. One someone is racist, it is easy manipulate one who can't think for themselves. I can turn racist now and feel hatred for different kinds of races. But i have to remind myself that it is ignorance and just pointless.
    I do think children were aren't intelligent would fall in the trap. I know especially one child i see on youtube, and i doubt she would fall into racism. But seeing her un normal intelligence doesn't really guareentee that she won't turn into a racist.I don't think by teaching kids about the existence of racism is a cause of racism, I believe it's HOW you teach the kids about racism. If you instill your personal ideas about being racist this can influence a child's outlook on racism because a lot of children take on their parents views.

  • Racism is...

    Teaching kids about racism does not cause kids to be racist. I can understand that some people believe that describing physical and cultural differences in people may help a child become aware of those differences, but it doesn't mean they will be racist. Racism IS taught, but only when derogatory and stereotypical terms are used in differentiation. Differences can be discussed without prejudices.

  • Teach Kids About Racism

    I believe we should teach our children about racism and what it is. We should also teach them how being racist can cause pain and harm. If we teach the harm racism causes then it teaches our kids not to do it. Teaching our kids right from wrong has always been a good thing.

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