Is technology advancing at such a pace that it is harming society?

  • Technology has Become too Advanced

    With more advancing technology, comes a new age of hackers to take advantage of the new tech. Due to the ridiculous amount of connection that our society has, people are capable of hacking into electric cars to make them crash over the side of a cliff or shut off the power to an entire city. Thus meaning that our advance must slow down.

  • Technology Outpacing Adaptation

    Humans are no longer adapting to technologies as quickly as they are becoming available. Such overload is causing harm to human beings in unseen ways. The average person now owns countless gadgets, and they can't even utilize all of them for their intended purpose. Therefore, we need to slow our advancement.

  • No techonolgy helps society

    No technology is not harming society. There are times when technology is dangerous and can cause harm but there is too much good that also comes from the technology. There will always be a risk of harm but that is never going to outweigh the benefits that come from the advances.

  • Technology and Society Advance Together

    Technological achievements in contemporary society follow the same route as society itself. Technological advancements cannot outpace the world unless one civilization far outpaces the others. We live in a global economy and everyone moves along at the same pace now in developed countries. Our technology isn't harming society yet. If anything, faulty decisions of our leaders harm society more than technology.

  • People just need to keep up.

    Technology is the way of the future, and being a Computer Technology major, I feel the need to not only keep up with it, but also have a very good understanding of it. I do not think the constant advancement of our modern technology is harming our society at all.

  • Technology is not advancing at such a pace that it is harming society.

    Technology is not advancing at such a pace that it is harming society. If anything, we need more technology in the future. I think technology is good for everyone and our society would not be as advanced as it is without it. I do not think we should be blaming technology at all.

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