• It can be bad.

    Distracting, and dirty. Disentrancing. Emissions are everywhere your beloved cellphone is smacking you, me.. With electromagnetic radiation. If you don't have one, your labeled with some Type of negative stereotype. Everything is done by the internet now, Making us dependent upon electricity and technology rather than ourselves and our own brains. Impersonal communications, keeping you in touch with people or things that Do Not Matter. It may make things "easier" but we're they that Hard. Don't complain when robots take all your jobs and Everyone is on checks from the government, living places you were "Assigned" to live.
    Satire, alarmists..
    How about Realists, Freethinkers. Not blinded by the lcd.
    That's is literally messing up our eyes.

  • No it helps us advance

    Technology is in no way bad. It is a sign that our culture is evolving and finding better and bigger things. The problem is the corruption of people with technology. Technology alone is not going to hurt anyone. It is people with technology that hurts people. If there were no technology people would find a different way to hurt people.

  • No it is not.

    Technology got us to where we are today and without it we would not have everything we do. It has improved our learning, our jobs, and a lot of other things in the world. It is only getting better and within a few years I think it'll highly improve. It is not bad.

  • Technology: no net benefit

    Technology comes under the guise of "progress" and other positive things, but is it really beneficial? In reality, technology solves one "problem", only to replace it with another problem.

    In medicine, technology claims to save lives, but does it? It's true that people are living longer on average (although some people in the olden days certainly lived long as well), but they also have more chronic disease and medical spending has gone significantly up, which indicates quality of life is compromised. Similarly, technology harms our health, be it from sedentary lives in front of the computer, television or sitting in the car.

    Technology also is the source of pollution, outsources or offshores or renders obsolete our jobs, and, as we will find, will prove to be an increasingly more significant factor in the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

    The "marvels of technology", in my opinion, are nothing more than a capitalist guise to make a dollar. At the end of the day, we are back to square one, are problems are the same with technology, they just take a different form.

  • Yes it is bad

    I think technology is in someway damaging our society and the way we live. People are so attached to their devices and they practically have their noses on the "home" button twenty four/seven. We are too busy on our devices to notice the world around us and to notice the nature, environment and the beautiful world we all live in.

  • It is bad because its not even a need.

    Its bad because its we dont need it. Even it can help us... There is always a way to get our needs. We can still live without it. Its just like a Dessert in a dish. You are also waisting ur time uing gadgets. That is why our parents are not letting us use this things because sometimes.. We already spent our time with gadgets instead of having fun with your family. There is always a way without techonoly.

  • Why it's bad for us

    We as people use technology way to much. In a case of an emergency we wouldn't be able to call anyone in a natural disaster. Most of people in America spend hours on end staring at their phones for hours. Some people get so involved with their phone they don't care about anything anymore but their phones

  • Yes it is bad

    All of you guys are on the wrong side of this debate.The people on the yes side should be on the no side and just FYI all of you guys don't even make sense and the reason you done is because technology is messing up your guys brains and technology is the reason that some people have problems with school and writing reports because they use texting language and they get bored in school without their phones so technology is bad

  • You people are stupid

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  • Technology is bad

    Why are you saying it is not bad. It hurts the brain the eyes and it also makes you learn grammar wrong
    Technology could one day rule the world and technology could kill you
    You people are stupid
    Yes technology is cool but it also hurts you really really bad

  • I learn from it

    Technology helps me on homework and to relieve stress or when am sad or simply bored and with out tech life would be much harder honestly and got nothing else to say o am going to put random letters
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  • Tech is kewl

    Its very nice & kewl a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a phone is a kewl thing

  • Tech is great

    Without technology people couldn't communicate across the world in a matter of seconds. Although technology has its faults, such as if the power went out we would be locked out of workplaces, stores and other things. But this has never happened so until then, tech will help us with our everyday lives keeping reminders, and bills helping to communicate at great speed and bring communities together

  • Tech is great

    The world needs tech mainly the great medical and the great long distance communication. With out it no one would no if some one robbed a bank or killed a guy because the police don't follow you around the place so that are just some reasons why tech is good.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe technology is bad. Technology can be both good and bad, but it is not inherently either of those things. Technology has done a lot to help society and it becomes more helpful with each advancement. You can obtain a complete education on-line now, all thanks to technology. Not to mention access to news from around the world and many other important resources.

  • It makes things easier.

    No, technology is not bad, because technology in the medical field can do amazing things. How many lives are saved each day because of the technology that is available to a doctor? Technology helps us connect with each other. Technology entertains us. Technology helps us educate ourselves and learn about history.

  • Completely the opposite

    Over the years, Technology has continued to grow and advance, and will most likely continue to do so in the future. I do think technology is bad at all, in fact, I think the complete opposite. Technology tends to make life much easier for the average working man and citizens.

  • Technology has many useful advantages.

    Although the misuse and overuse of technology can lead to bad habits, technology itself has many useful advantages. Communication with people across far distances is much easier, for example. Simple tasks and transactions can also be completed with much more efficiency, and news can travel much more quickly than it did before the rise of technology. Technology has also been a major contributor to advancements in medicine and science.

  • Technology is great.

    Technology is such a great thing in this day and age. You have so much power at your fingertips, we could have never imagined 100 years ago the type of stuff what we have today. Technology helps advance our society and gives us the chance to do things quicker than what it would of normally taken if we did not have it in the first place.

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