• Technology is driving us apart.

    People don’t even talk anymore. Every time I go out with my friends, we all
    just sit around the table and stare at our phones for hours. We sit right next to each other and barely
    speak. I’ve had people text me even
    though we’re in the exact same room.
    This is getting out of hand.

  • No Face Time Needed

    Technology has made our lives so much easier, we no longer have to leave our house to do anything, including to talk to our family and friends. That has helped us connect in many ways but at the same time now we no longer feel a need to see each other in person. People don't get together as often to hang out because they can text or chat online. Before technology took over people had to physically go see another person if they wanted to hang out and chat a while. Now all they have to do is click a button. Most probably don't even know what they're friends and family look like anymore, except on social media sites.

  • I think it drives us apart

    Because when ever i go to my school (wich is evry day) i see people on there phones and for the people who dont have phones, well they just do nothin *trying to fit in with there friends who are on there phones* plusmy school actually banned devices because to many people are lonley .So it does drive us apart

  • It is driving us apart.

    It takes away the opportunity to actually communicate properly like humans are meant to. I work as a waitress and I see teenagers sat at the table with earphones in with a blank face, looking unhappy, whereas the adults are happy and smiling. Technology makes us think we are happy in our minds but we don't show the happiness because we're staring at a screen, we have emoji's and silly "hahaha's" to make us feel that 'emotion' of laughter. It's stupid, there are benefits to technology such as if you're in an emergency, but people become addicted to it and forget that real life is more important. If I didn't have a phone, I know I'd be a lot closer to my family.

  • Yes it is!

    Some people say, " it gives us more opportunities" who takes them? Or that we have more friends, friends or just ties?
    You can't make real friends on the internet , you can share your secrets, but who's to say they won't go sharing them with every one else?
    Friends can be physically with the only friends the actually physically have, but they still are siting on there electronic, completely oblivious to their surroundings!!
    What is happening?
    To have a real friend, you need to share experiences, I'm writing an essay on this, so any people against me, share your point I'm willing to refute anything!!
    If you skype someone and they start to cry, it'll be awkward!! You can't hug them, you can't even give them a tissue! Imagine trying to a screen
    You cant be close with someone through a screen!!
    Claim: You can make friends/ties not not close friends!

  • Technology is not the root of our problem.

    Technology is merely a tool. It cannot have an emotional effect on the human psyche. For thousands of years we have sought diversion from the company of our fellow man, and yet the onus falls again and again on the tools of the time (ours being cell phones, tablets, etc). As a race we must take accountability for our actions, allowing the responsibility for the stagnation of our emotional development to fall upon our shoulders, rather than the tools we provide. It simply boils down to this, if we want to make a connection, we must make it. And we can make it, as the tools of our distraction can only be operated by a sentient being, and therefore can be isolated from that very same mode of operation.

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