• Have a long time debate and too many Pros

    Technology makes things easier for example I'm writing an essay for school on this exact debate and I can get resources from a click of the button yes there are some bad things with technology but there are bad things with everything besides there are so many good things with technology that it counteracts the bad.

  • Technology is important

    Why are you even here if you say technology is bad for you you are on the computer and reading this why not you read a book instead of being on the computer and you say it is bad if you want it to be bad and argue the good the throw away or sell your phone,TV,oven,any electrical stuff and live in that.You will regret what you have said.

  • Technology is good.

    Because we can do our Works easily by technology. For example if I need to say something to my friend I do not write letter. I send e-mail or phone and I can say something to my friend in a few minutes. But if I write a letter I have to wait one week. So but we have to use technology good. Because if we use wrong technology it can use us.

  • Technology is good.

    Technology is good. Without the use of technology we would not be where we are today. Imagine your life without the Internet and everything that we can do on the Internet. I think all the advances in technology are good. I hope that they continue to produce more in the technology field.

  • Technology is awesome.

    I think that technology is good. There is no reason to find technology a bad thing at all. Technology is being used to progress the way that civilization works and it is doing a ton of great things in helping people in their day to day life. So I believe that tech is good.

  • Yes it is

    Technology has a lot of good benefits for our society. It has advanced medicine by leaps and bounds. it has enhanced our education system with access to information. It has helped to connect people with communications with things like fact time and conference calling all over the world. It is good.

  • We Need A Maybe

    Technology is good and bad, that is why we need a maybe. Technology is expensive to maintain. It does make many things easier and efficient. At the same time, it makes many jobs more complicated. It makes it much harder for entry level jobs. Which means no one can just come off the street and get a job anymore. The other big thing is when a massive solar flare knocks the grid off line. The world will go into chaos when that happens. It is not a matter of if, but when.

  • Technology is Good

    Technology is obviously good far more often than it is bad. Great technological advancements have allowed humans to live longer and better lives. Of course, bad technological developments have been made over the years, too. Either way, we need to continue to invest in technology and development of new technologies.

  • Technology is fixing the world

    Back in the time of Rome, Athens attempted democracy. Did they succeed? Nope, they couldn't count every vote accurately. Now could democracy work? Certainly, if we used a poll on the Internet (assuming no one hacks in and changes that.) Before, we had horse and buggies. Now, we have cars. Looks like there's no need to enslave tons of horses anymore. Nor is there any need to worry about the horse getting tired. Why? We have cars. One day, using graphene, we may end up with electric cars that never run out of battery. Technology only makes things convenient. It saves lives, (i.E. Emergency services). It puts every instrument into a magical little device in your pocket. It allows drastically quick communication.

    Why wouldn't we want that?

  • What is technology? Think about it.

    Technology is basically the evolution of inventions. Making things into weapons was a form of tech and so is the cell phone. I agree with FlashmobDebate that technology isn't beneficial if we waste our time on stupid things like the slap chop, but i think that a lot of what we make is still innovative. I do realize that the creation of important things has slowed down but i think that technology is always good as long as it is as simple as it looks but can be used in many ways.

    If you say no, then we would almost be extinct as we wouldn't wield and tools to help us hunt or to help us build fires.

  • Is not good

    1.Making us lazier day by day.
    2.People are not able to spend time with there families.
    3.Many people are getting distracted for example take me I used to be a lot better in my studies before I knew what is internet I used to love studying but now I am totally getting distracted.

  • Could not be good

    The only reason I put this here is because there is not a neutral option. Technology has much potential, it depends on how we waste our time on it, further making the world greener, stop focusing on entertainment .Technology is getting more and more comples, it matters to me depending on how we use it.

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TheInterlang says2013-10-03T01:54:52.250
Technology is a broad term.