• I believe that internet makes people now a days unsociable , for many reasons

    First of all , people have been believing that the social network keep them in touch with others , but it gives you that virtual social world ,and people can share their opinions and communicate , but when they go out to the real world , they can not even express their feelings with the same words that they have been using in the internet

  • Yes it is!

    People who use technology tend to get too carried away to listen or pay attention to anything going on around them making them less sociable to anyone or anything. Also the technology can become I guess you could say addictive to anyone using it. That is why I say yes it is making us less sociable.

  • It's obvious that it is.

    Now, people might say it's just addiction on phones and stuff like that, but what about online shopping? When you go shopping with your family, you actually spend time with them and know exactly what they want. But online shopping doesn't allow that. And what about online games? People make friends, yeah, but can you be sure that the strangers that you make friends with will not deceive you? People nowadays even share secrets through social media. The secret cant be kept if it's stored in a device and not in the heart. It'll be spread no matter what. This results to losing trust. So technology is not a friend, and that's exactly what people treat it like

  • It is making us less sociable.

    Have you noticed that most people when you hang out with them are just on their phones the whole time. Most kids in elementary school have phones now and do not want to go outside and play they would rather stay on their phones or play on xbox live which is causing kids and our society to be less social and awkward.

  • It makes society less sociable!

    Not only do people communicate less in real life, but a man is less likely to approach an attractive woman if she is standing, arm outstretched, face contorted, as she snaps a series of selfies. Also, younger generations get 'tuned in' to technology and can't get 'tuned' back in to real life. Many people now, instead of talking while hanging out, just sit in the same room, on technological devices, tuned out to the rest of the world. This is getting out of hand.

  • It depends on the technology use

    I'm saying no because it really does depend. While technology can make people less social by distracting them from others, they may also be able to connect with others through social media, which, as you can infer, is social. So it can really go both ways, but it depends on what the technology is being used for.

  • It depends on the way it is used

    One just can't say that it is or its not. It depends on how one uses it , its like choosing a way in two different ways one leading to heaven and another to hell. It's we who use it . Just imagine life without technology.If one gets addicted to it . It's their problem.

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