• I think technology is both good and bad

    As stated in previous comments, technology helps you to stay in touch with your family, it is more than computers and other mobile devices and schooling has become easier and probably more effective too. But is also has it's cons. Technology is slowly ruining the world, cars let off terrible fumes and all that but they are needed for most people to survive essentially. So it goes both ways. Technology is both good and bad.

  • Technology is helping us stay connected with family

    According to The National Institute on Aging, approximately 7 million Americans are long-distance caregivers who commute at least an hour one way to provide care to an aging or disabled relative. Although considerable time is spent on travel, many caregivers feel as if they are not giving enough time to their loved one. This frustration has led many to search out other alternatives, such as hiring an in-home caregiver that can help manage care when family is not around. Helpful homecare systems and homecare software, such as ClearCare Online, has helped bridge the gap between family members and their senior loved ones. Social media sites such as FaceBook have taken the internet by storm. It has never been easier to keep in touch with friends and family around the globe by simply logging onto a computer or mobile device. Seniors can check out pictures and updates from all their loved ones – near. Free services such as Skype and FaceTime gives families the opportunity to see their long-distance relatives face-to-face. These programs can be used with a computer or mobile device, and have been designed to be user-friendly. Similarly, homecare systems and homecare software like ClearCare Online have been developed to keep families connected – even long-distance. A secure, web-based portal allows children and grandchildren to virtually “see” what is going on with their older loved one.

  • Long distance calls

    What happens when all your relatives live across the globe? You can’t just visit whenever you want! I, for one, have all of my relatives in a country which is across the world. 14 hour plane flights aren’t exactly comfortable, cheap, or last minute things. It takes time and effort to plan a trip, and since it’s so hard to fit into a schedule, it’s normally annual. It helps when you can video call your relatives whenever you miss them (all the time).

  • Yes yes yes.

    You are using technology right now to debate, this website is for you to debate, how can you say it makes your life worse and you are still using it? Shame! The life of no technology will let you really realize that it is worse! Stop! It makes life better!

  • Technology has improved our lives.

    The advancements of our technology has improved our world greatly. To begin, schooling has become much easier since our devices have advanced. Essays and reports can be written digitally, and research is easier than ever. We have spell checks and the opportunities to research new words without having to drag out a large thesaurus. Secondly, we now have more ways to connect with people online. Before, you would only have the option to meet people from your general area. Now, there are even more ways to make connections and find your perfect friend group.

  • I agree technology can help our life better.

    Because when I want to study English or any subject, I can find on my computer on the Internet so it can help me to improve my knowledge. Secondly, when I feel stressed so I can watch TV, play the video game or listen to music on my MP3 player. Thirdly, technology can make me comfortable because when I'm hot I can use the fan or the air conditional to make me warm so I feel very love and glad of the technology:))

  • I say yes

    I say yes because here's the thing if you get a worksheet most likely you will be in a rush and just throw it in your backpack so it will get crimped up and ruined with a chromebook it never get crimped up again
    blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Suck my dick

    I do believe that technology has made our lives better- to an extent. With the rapid advancing of technology, we have been able to find cures and medicines for many diseases and illnesses, which means that people don't have to worry as much about them. Also, scientist are closer than they have ever been to discovering the secrets of the universe, and this kind of information could help us a lot in the near future. However, I also think that technology has contributed to our lives becoming worse. This is evident in many different ways, one of the main ones being cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has been the cause of numerous suicide and has contributed greatly to things like depression and anxiety. Also, due to the very quick advancing in robotics and engineering, we could have a fully functioning robotic society in the near future, and although this can be seen as a good thing, it's not all fun and games. If they take over, we're screwed.
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  • I think it could be.

    I think that it could be, if we used less of it. It is helping because it is making things like researching easier! It is making things worse also though because more and more people use social media. I think that more of us need to put our phones or devices down though, and just have some fun talking to people about things, non social media related.

  • Excuse me? 💔

    Okay. First of all:
    Technology is more than computers, i pods, i phones, etc. Technology is also things like cars, trains, transportation. Machines that help make medicine, machines that help safely package shipments so they don't break.
    Two: Computers aren't just used for games. We use emails and messages to communicate with people. People that we can't afford to visit because of distance and budgets.
    We use it for science. To look at things under microscopes, and telescopes, so we can understand our world better. Satellites and rovers so we can understand our UNIVERSE better.
    People keep overlooking all these other things that technology is. They pay attention to phones, tablets, i pods, etc. They don't think about things that have helped our community survive epidemics, and plagues, and diseases!

  • I can't help it makes our world BLIND!

    I used technology everyday but because of that I got blind and I had to wear glasses I don't like this feeling. We could die because of technology it could do a lot of things we could get fit and we would have more fun my mom and dad tell me that I play more with my brother without any technology than with technology.

  • No no no

    Technology is ruining the world. Its sad look up in the world not down into a screen that does nothing. Average person WAISTS 4 YEARS OF THIER LIFE ON IT AND UR TELLING ME ITS GOOD CMON THINK GET OFF UR STUPID MACHINE EXPLORE THE WORLD. ITS MAKES US LAZY ETC .

  • Technology makes people dumb..

    With technology people are helped with everything and don't have to think for themselves. Research is no longer required anymore, people can just simply ask google without even moving from their chair and that is for every task they want to complete they just ask but they don't think about anything but questions but no solutions. If the internet was to crash today people would be lost with questions and no suolutions

  • No, I do not believe that technology is making our lives better.

    No, I do not believe that technology is making our lives better. Technology has advanced very quickly and has become a large part of the average person's life. There are both negative and positive aspects of technology and how it is utilized that can be argued exponentially. I believe that there are more negatives than positives. I think that the way an individual uses technology has far greater potential than technology does in itself. Therefore, technology is not making our lives better, but any person can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that have arisen from technology and better themselves through this ingenious advancement.

  • The Zombie Apocalypse

    Its a zombie apocalypse all you see is human being walking down the street on their smart phones it is a good idea for parents with kids that they get them into the habit of maximum screen time of maybe half hour this can get them in a habit of maybe getting outside and this is the reason on this day I will vote NO on debate.Org

  • I Think We've Reached a Point of Diminishing Returns

    Technology has considerably improved our lives for many years, and quite a few technologies (educational, medical etc.) are still making major improvements today. That said, I no longer believe that the general statement "technology is making our lives better" is true. The reason I say this is that technological advancements in many areas have delivered their maximum functional benefit and further advancements for their own sake seem to raise more problems than they solve. Take communications as an example. No one can possibly deny the usefulness of being able to communicate instantly with people worldwide. That ability, however, has existed for many years and has seen few functional improvements lately. Meanwhile, the platforms we commonly use these days to achieve such communications, including social media networks, have eroded privacy and fundamentally altered the ways in which we interact with one another.

    A similar argument could be made with regards to the exorbitant prices that are now charged for devices. To be sure, smartphones constituted a great leap forward when they were first introduced, giving those who chose to use them unfettered access to the internet anytime, anywhere. Today, however, new smartphone models are released every year with only nominal improvements that rarely impact their day-to-day usefulness, while prices continue to rise to meet the cost of these supposed improvements. I actually think we can see the consumer market recognizing and pushing back against this trend quite clearly in the generally low sales of the iPhone X, which simply had too high a price point and too little functional comparative advantage over other models to make it worth the cost.

    Yet again, there clearly are technologies that continue to render objective benefits. Most of these technologies, though, are ones with which we interact on a relatively infrequent basis. The consumer technologies with which many of us interact daily have, in my opinion, reached the point of diminishing returns in terms of their ability to improve our lives. I certainly don't begrudge anyone the right to choose to keep using these technologies however they see fit, this just happens to be my two cents on this issue. At the end of the day, it's really a matter of what the individual person perceives to improve his or her life, since only the individual can really say what is better in that life.

    *disclaimer: Lest anyone think I'm a crotchety old person who doesn't "get" the technologically-integrated world of 2018, I'm actually just a Millennial who doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with my peers.

  • Its called lazyness

    In sted of talking to someone on social media u can talk to them in front of their face its called extrem lazyness. And plus someone mightsay that there ten or something but there actually lets say thirty.There are lots or bad people that could hurt you without knowing it. Be careful!!!

  • It kills you

    Studies show that technology lowers life span by 75%. Without it you can live for up to 400 years. In the future, scientists have predicted, Technology will advance beyond humans and kill us all, and then use our bodies as fuel. If we stop using technology now, humans will survive indefinitely.

  • Does technology make life better

    Technology makes people dumb.. With technology people are helped with everything and don't have to think for themselves. Research is no longer required anymore, people can just simply ask google without even moving from their chair and that is for every task they want to complete they just ask but they don't think about anything but questions but no solutions. If the internet was to crash today people would be lost with questions and no solutions

  • Technology is making our lives worse

    It is making our lives worse because all we do now is just sit around on our social devices. We are not getting enough exercise and therefore getting LAZY. It is also not helping students because if you search something up, they get the answer. They are not getting proper help and wont achieve anything in life if all they do is copy off the Internet and not do any of their own work.

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