• Excuse me? 💔

    Okay. First of all:
    Technology is more than computers, i pods, i phones, etc. Technology is also things like cars, trains, transportation. Machines that help make medicine, machines that help safely package shipments so they don't break.
    Two: Computers aren't just used for games. We use emails and messages to communicate with people. People that we can't afford to visit because of distance and budgets.
    We use it for science. To look at things under microscopes, and telescopes, so we can understand our world better. Satellites and rovers so we can understand our UNIVERSE better.
    People keep overlooking all these other things that technology is. They pay attention to phones, tablets, i pods, etc. They don't think about things that have helped our community survive epidemics, and plagues, and diseases!

  • Making our lives so much better

    Technology is making better medicine did any of you ever think about that, no. If it wasn't for technology where would we be today. I could understand how some people say that it is making us lazy. But the truth is there is just an easier way of doing things and truth be told that is technology.

  • It makes our world better

    You have no right to say what it dose and dosent many people agree with me about this subject my generation has more knowledge than ten years ago im 13 and when i have children im letting them have full assess to the technical world maybe they can teach me something

  • This isn't even an argument.

    the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.
    "advances in computer technology"
    machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.

    It isn't just iPhones and Facebook and the internet. We all need to understand that plumbing, transportation, architecture, and many other crucial inventions are examples of technology. Without technology we would literally be thrust back into the hunter-gatherer age. This is not an argument.

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  • Yes I do.

    I do believe that technology has made our lives better- to an extent. With the rapid advancing of technology, we have been able to find cures and medicines for many diseases and illnesses, which means that people don't have to worry as much about them. Also, scientist are closer than they have ever been to discovering the secrets of the universe, and this kind of information could help us a lot in the near future. However, I also think that technology has contributed to our lives becoming worse. This is evident in many different ways, one of the main ones being cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has been the cause of numerous suicide and has contributed greatly to things like depression and anxiety. Also, due to the very quick advancing in robotics and engineering, we could have a fully functioning robotic society in the near future, and although this can be seen as a good thing, it's not all fun and games. If they take over, we're screwed.

  • No opinion .

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  • Technology makes our life better just think of what if our life without mac book how can we type to submit project for works .

    What if the world dont have x ray machine how can we know we have cancer the answer is no. If we doont have technology we wont have i pad to use to do our job . Cmon if the technogy doesnt exsit we are going to be tired to walk on stairs . We are going to walk to school and to our offices every day.

  • What is humanity without Technology

    Simple. Humans without technology are gatherers. Not even hunters.

    So, lets not argue about whether technology makes our lives better or not. Technology, even in its simplest form, enables us to make our lives better. Now, how we adjust, and what we use the technology for (can humanity handle the technology without destroying itself or its nature), that's a conversation worth having on a case by case basis. For good or bad, we evolve much more slowly than our technology, so we may not be ready for it, or may not understand how to use it without abusing it.

  • I can't help it makes our world BLIND!

    I used technology everyday but because of that I got blind and I had to wear glasses I don't like this feeling. We could die because of technology it could do a lot of things we could get fit and we would have more fun my mom and dad tell me that I play more with my brother without any technology than with technology.

  • No no no

    Technology is ruining the world. Its sad look up in the world not down into a screen that does nothing. Average person WAISTS 4 YEARS OF THIER LIFE ON IT AND UR TELLING ME ITS GOOD CMON THINK GET OFF UR STUPID MACHINE EXPLORE THE WORLD. ITS MAKES US LAZY ETC .

  • Technology makes people dumb..

    With technology people are helped with everything and don't have to think for themselves. Research is no longer required anymore, people can just simply ask google without even moving from their chair and that is for every task they want to complete they just ask but they don't think about anything but questions but no solutions. If the internet was to crash today people would be lost with questions and no suolutions

  • No, I do not believe that technology is making our lives better.

    No, I do not believe that technology is making our lives better. Technology has advanced very quickly and has become a large part of the average person's life. There are both negative and positive aspects of technology and how it is utilized that can be argued exponentially. I believe that there are more negatives than positives. I think that the way an individual uses technology has far greater potential than technology does in itself. Therefore, technology is not making our lives better, but any person can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that have arisen from technology and better themselves through this ingenious advancement.

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