• Tech advances faster than society may handle it

    Many technologies advance at a linear pace after a rapid development phase. There are some technologies that don't follow that trend, such as nanotech and biotech. Nanotechnology, when nanites are eventually created, they will be made to create new, better nanites and so on. In biology, 1 seed grows 1 plant, which makes many seeds, which makes even more plants. (see for more on this) in class today, we came to the conclusion "technology is the future, but we cannot see or control the future."

  • Skill development requires a time investment that cannot be best met with rapidly developing tech.

    7 years ago at work I started a job which required me to more regularly use a computer than ever before (although not a computer based job). They system our workplace was using was 2003. Over the years I taught myself to use excel, not only as a basic spreadsheet but used it to do many many things- becoming increasingly creative with it. Due to the size of our organisation there was no training on how to use it so the development of the skill to make full use of it took probably a few years of dipping in. Then we were updated to 2006 (it was 2015! ) Now I am not against change and development but it was difficult to know the program "should" be able to do something (as the older version could) but due to change in the layout you need to find things in different places. It really seemed to me that maybe for someone learning it for the first time it would be easier to pick up but all the shortcuts I had got used to using had changed- I did pick it up reasonably quickly- but again it was a time commitment to get to a stage where I could make the most of it and having already done that it is frustrating to have to go back and learn a new way of doing the same thing. Now I have got my onw lap top at home for the first time- it came with 2008 and free upgrade to 2010 - I dont have excel. Which I would love to have but I cant justify a monthly fee to use it. I really would prefer a tech that i can buy as a one off investment and invest in learning to use and get the best out of it than continually having to have it update. Especially as now- with my brand new computer following the first enforced windows update-after only owning it a few weeks- the result was a repeat message saying I dont have enough memory and need to close some programs- particularly frustrating as I only have one open. My point is- I am not technophobic - I'm not able to fix them but I can use them- I had perfectly good computers for years and got a lot out of them- but suddenly due to progress i am forced into a situation where I have a computer with stuff I dont really want on it (all kinds of social media platforms) that wont work 1/2 as well as one I bought 10 years ago.

  • Yes it does.

    Technology is becoming a problem. Especially with video games. Video games 16 years ago were great. The graphics were ok, campaigns and stories were great and you could play for hours enjoying fun. And they were CHEAP! Now, video games have sickening great graphics, but the campaigns are rediculously crappy having no effort in producing them. Nowadays a video games cost $60 or more. You also have to spend more money on a new console. Which cost over $400 to $500. This is a problem, especially for people like me who have only one family income. It's also a problem because I don't see how the middle class is actually buying this stuff. Are they really rich? I've talked to my friends about present video games that have recently been released and they agree with me that the games campaigns are uninteresting which makes the game uninteresting. Even other tech like phones are becoming rediculously expensive. Especially with Apples recent phone, the iPhone 7 costing $500+ and with no headphone jack with the new EarPods costing $160. This is bad, because the economy might not be able to control rapid technological growth and many people might protest about the expensive prices of entertainment.

  • Slow Down, Please!

    Technology in today's world is moving WAY too fast. Sometimes I feel like I'm on an amusement park ride that hasn't allowed me time to fasten myself in before taking off, and that if I don't hold on for dear life, I'll be thrown aside. This rapid advancement in technology won't end well for humanity, like frantically trying to lay down tracks ahead of an oncoming bullet-train.
    Is this really necessary? Do we really need PS4's and XboxOne's and brand new cell phones that seem to come out EVERY SINGLE WEEK?
    Humanity is still suffering from the same diseases that plagued us back in the 20th, and here we are, in 2016, focused only on these short-term pleasure, fleeting technologies. If humanity doesn't slow down and take the time to allow itself to catch up with all this advanced tech its developing, it WILL be the end of us.

  • Think about it, from the 90s (and early 2000s) technology was rare and was barely used, now its a must have

    Its developing way too fast, and the 2000s, there was a couple of desktops and the internet was such a luxury at the time. Only the rich could afford flip phones. Now look at 2015. EVERYONE has an iPhone, even children as young as 5 get iPads, iPhones, laptops, and this generation has become a techy kinda place. Imagine a span of 15 years, who knows what would happen in 2030! Or 2050! I couldnt even imagine...

  • TV, Video Games, and sometimes Music

    TV and Video Games have shown futuristic abilities, such as, Exoskeleton/Exosuit, Time Travel, and Integrated AI in the simplest household items. Now, I've been hearing on the Student News, that a scientist at Duke is experimenting with telekinesis on monkeys. Having them move EXOSKELETONS just by thinking about it. This is only one reason, I think technology is advancing too quickly.

  • Yes it is

    Have you ever heard of the God particle its particle accelerator-an atomic peashooter the most powerful one ever build and they are going to do it again but stronger and the first one they didn't even know what was going to happen now they are making something even more powerful and dangerous, the scientists only know very little about this experiment.

  • Stop! Right now!!!

    We should've decided when to stop. By always getting more and more in the way of technology, we are violating Psalm 23, verse 1. ("The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.") The technological expansion is a violation of that verse because it promotes wanting. Besides, if the technological expansion was slower, we'd be better able to objectively see what works, what might work and what doesn't work.

  • Yea, and that's why we are doomed

    I believe that for almost every positive there's a negative so when we chose to imortolize sick humans, we only let the sick genes into the pool and let next gen fix it. We removed all of Darwins theory which i blame as the doomer. Same with oil, sure it gives is fuel and heat, but every other spicies van survive without it. And by pc and commercils sure it works, but does it really needs to be there? I always ens up depressed egen i stat inside for to long at least.

  • Due to this, you waste money and become a blind follower of technology...

    Remember 12years ago when we use to have mobile phones with green display? We were happy with that, even when color lcd came, but now one after another hi-tech phones comes out yet now we are not happy, we just want the latest. Look, Samsung s4 came out last year, its barely been a year now s5 is coming out. Its too soon. Its all about the money and trend.

    Same with laptops i3, i5 and i7 now you have touch screen etc. and most people don't know a damn thing except its the latest model. Some are marketing gimmicks.

  • Not at all!

    Everyday technology is around is improving. This is absolutely necessary for our society so that we can do the impossible like making cures for incurable diseases and gathering information in seconds compared to reading books for days. Lots of new technology have been helping those who are in need of assistance like the new robot made by Honda known as A.S.I.M.O which can perform many functions. This robot is necessary to further our knowledge and understanding of artificial intelligence to reduce human error in various procedures and processes.

  • Tech is a Red Herring

    After reading through many of the "For" arguments, I can say that many people's discontent with the rapid development of technology has nothing to do with the technology itself. We have a clear problem with blind consumerism, and feel that perhaps the new release of some gadget every few months or so exascerbates this condition. But I don't think this is true; we are a consumer culture and we are demanding the rapid development by spending as much as we do on unneseccary tech upgrades.

    HOWEVER, I have yet to see a convincing argument here about how the rapid development itself is bad. If we educated ourselves as consumers, and only spent our money on the technology that we found to be beneficial for our lives (and thus, stopped paying attention to marketing) the rapid development of technology would surely have far more pros than cons. It unlocks human potential!

  • Not so fast

    Technology grows rapidly however it is an element of our creation- if anything we have the mental capacity to handle the progression of technology. Because technology is such a broad term, one cannot say all technology moves too quickly, because advances in the technology of say medical industry and in education now have environments better catered to their purposes.

  • No no no no no no no no no

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  • Absolutely not, technology is not moving too fast.

    If you really think about it like this, if technology was not improving every day and you had a disease and you needed surgery how would you cure it, you would die because the technology would not be there. Or what if you wanted to go to work or go out somewhere how would get there if there was no cars ? Would ride bike or ride a horse like the old days? Technology is improving to help people not to destroy the way of humanity.

  • Its not progressing to fast

    Technology is beneficial to the way we live. EVERYTHING we do each day includes some form of technology. Making toast in the toaster, the faucet sink to brush our teeth, the cars we ride to work and school. Each day engineers and technology enthusiests look for ways to improve that. Technology is moving us into the future and will help us solve many of our problems and even save lives!

  • No, technology is not progressing too quickly.

    Technology is progressing at the exact rate that it was meant to. It does not make sense to state or determine that it is progressing too quickly, especially since our culture is demanding the progress. We are putting large emphasis on the future development of better and newer technology in society today.

  • Technology is almost on par with what I expected.

    Until I can live to be 200 years old with 80% of my body replaced with technology, I wont be satisfied!

    On a more serious note, technology is used to better the world. The only people who should be saying "yes" to this are greedy business people who want to profit on every single advancement of society. The more humane and intelligent route is to make all technology open source to accelerate the already rapid development of technology.

    I'm not talking about things like games and apps or even smartphones. That stuff is a luxury and meaningless, I don't care if that has competition. It's expensive, not a necessary part of life and full of piracy when good things do come from it.

    Medical technology, like the Da Vinci robot, are miracles of technology and human effort. All resources should be pooled until essential services are perfected with technology. This includes health services, transportation and power/environmental concerns. After those basic needs are met, then minor improvements and styles can be competitive. Until that point, greed is an unnecessary evil slowing progress.

  • This is an issue?

    Wow... So maybe we should just tell these people who are bettering the world every few seconds "Hey pal, slow down, I want my iPhone to be cool longer!" No! I love the article that's below mine! We should have had electric cars in the 80's! Technology is a miracle! Treat it as such! Every day people are working on curing cancer and making computers to change the world forever! Every day we come up with new ways to educate our children! I mean come on people! We need to go faster!

  • Not Progressing Fast Enough

    Americans should have had electric cars in the 1980s after the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s. Technology isn't progressing fast enough. There is no reason why every American should not have their own solar panels, wind turbines and automated house. Technology isn't progressing fast enough for medical advances in nanotechnology and cures for Alzheimers and Parkinson's.

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