Is technology responsible for the increasing obesity rates?

  • Parents are the reason

    Kids are just running to video games because that's the new hip thing but it should be the parents that say no you need to go out side and be active like they use to do then kids would be outside with there friends and inside getting fat!!!!! So parents take charge and make your kids go outside

  • Parents are the reason

    Kids are just running to video games because that's the new hip thing but it should be the parents that say no you need to go out side and be active like they use to do then kids would be outside with there friends and inside getting fat!!!!! So parents take charge and make your kids go outside

  • Technology has a lot to answer for

    I believe obesity rates have increased due to the introduction of technology. 60 years ago people were not worried about what they ate because it was less likely to be obese when you are walking around everywhere or playing sport with friends instead of playing on the plays station, xbox or other device.

  • Technology is addicting

    Technology is responsible for increasing obesity rates. Kids who are obese are laying around playing video games and eating. Kids aren't active because theyre spending too much time on the computer, phones, and games. Games are addicting, so they will never leave home and become fatter as they know it

  • Kids forget about the outside

    Growing up we didn't really have the latest technology. We only knew about going out and sweating all day. Now what kids have grown to understand is to stay in and continue their games. They aren't being forced to play outside because parents think, "less worries, less wounds to handle"

  • I am doing a report on this. It is completely responsible

    Yes I think that technology is a leading source of obesity because children get sucked into these games and they forget the time. That may seem like 20 minutes may be 4 hours. They also just store fat. The body stores up calories then they will never burn out. THe fat will just keep on piping on

  • Yes technology is responsible for the increasing of obesity rates

    Kids play video games instead of being active. Its a waste of time and kids don't even move while playing video games. Technology often makes them lazy. They spent their physical energy on their games and mental energy thinking about fantasy worlds. They also have lack of exercise and without exercise kids can keep the fat they have in their body instead of burning by exercise.

  • Technology is Trouble

    Instead of engaging in physical activity, the children rely on spending time with technical devices, which can suck away their physical energy, making them too tired and moody to play or do any kind of physical activity at all. It's vital for the adults to ban together and stop this!

  • Yes lack of exercise

    If parents make their kids go outside and play and take their phones, I-pad, and turn the power off to their room the have to go outside to do something.
    The parents can lead by example they can go out and play with they children and get in their day of exercisse as well, or they can go for a walk and just talk to each other .

  • Technology is making us; stupid, lazy and obese.

    Kids often spend more time playing video games and eating while doing so, instead of going outside and playing a sport like; football, soccor,cricket, etc. They also tend to play on phones during school or parent interveiws because they feel bored and with all the apps on phones they can just go play on phones.

  • Obesity is a personal choice.

    Honestly, you are asking whether technology is to blame for people being fat? Well that's basically saying guns kill people or beer gets people killed in drunk driving accidents. Its not the technology who killed or got the person fat, its the persons fault. I do not see anyone holding a gun to the persons head saying "do not exercise, be lazy and get fat or you will die."

  • Kids are just fat and lazy.

    Technology only is an excuse for kids or adults to run to for the reason why they are obese. It is in fact their fault. They can make the decision to go outside or to the gym and exercise, but they consciously decide to be fat and lazy. 52% of you can't accept responsibility for yourselves or others.

  • Technology can have limitations and can help us at the same time.

    People eat a lot of fatty foods and drink a lot of sugary drinks, so technology can also help people lose weight, like a treadmill or a bicycle machine or a computer, so some people can understand how to lose weight in an appropriate way and what type of diet is appropriate for our age and how active we are daily.

  • It can help too!

    Although technology had a small part in increasing obesity, it can decrease it! Scientists are inventing things such as pedometers and more! The main reasons are bad food patterns, laziness, physical inactivity, genetic patterns and more! But technology isn't the main reason! I hope I helped, but at the end, this is my opinion. :)

  • People are to blame.

    Google fitdesk, 'nuff said. Alas that is not enough. Fortunately, there is more! There are entire workstations built around treadmills. I am getting one for christmas to correct the damage technology has done to me- but still pursue it.

    The fitdesk I seek is $249 and is a stationary bike with a laptop desk. A stationary bike is a perfect solution for a programmer or gamer or anyone who needs their upper body steady while typing.

    Some technology is portable and wearable. I would vote yes if the question were specific to people who are not smart enough to integrate some sort of exercise into their technological workspace. A treadmill might be awkward at the office- but a fitdesk would be perfect. Aside from that, if you cannot manage to workout between sessions, your productivity on a computer and career choice may be the true problem.

  • Our genetic makeup also contributes to our weight

    Over eating and under execerising arent the only contributing factors, how our genetic code is wired up can heavily contribute to how hungry we get, how active we are and how much energy we burn up through everyday tasks. There are many out there who eat well and exercise a lot but still put on weight where as there are others who do no execrise & play computer games all day and dont add to their weight count.

  • Human beings, not technology, are responsible for their behavior.

    Technology is always meant to be a tool for human productivity, not the replacement for responsible decision making. When it comes to obesity, it's the same. Technology can both help and hinder, but much of the question relies on how "technology" is defined. If you are talking about becoming sedentary, playing computer games or watching TV, then, yes, a role is played. However, it's still the person in question making the decision to not be physically active.

    Posted by: MarriedRudy
  • No, because I believe we are just busier than we used to be, and not able to exercise.

    More people work longer hours and travel longer for their jobs. Where I work, most people do not live close to work. So, spending time in their car takes away from time they could be working out. Also, people with children have more things they are responsible for, and the time is just not there to exercise.

    Posted by: IncandescentEusebio62
  • Technology is not responsible for increasing obesity rates, because over-eating and under-exercising are the actual culprits.

    Technology is not responsible for increasing obesity rate. Over-eating and under-exercising are responsible for increasing obesity rates. While it may be more fun for some people to play "World of Warcraft" or watch "Indiana Jones" on their TV, these activities do not cause obesity. Active children and adults who eat a proper diet and lead an active life are not at risk of obesity.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • No, it's how you use it.

    It all depends on the person and how he/she uses the technology. If we didn't have technology then how would we have the right medical equipment to save a patient or television if a person watches for one hour and he doesn't eat anything during that time and there is a person that watches for one hour (same as the other) but eats while watching. It's easy to see that person a doesn't become obese but person be may gain a few. It's how the person uses the technology not when he uses it.

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