• Technology is taking over.

    Technology is the main issue here. If people could easily not use technology as some of you may think, then I wouldn't be seeing people TEXTING each other when they are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. A very good book to look at to prove this is Feed. Feed is about a society where people have a technological thing in their head that shows them tv, texts people at their own thought, or even showing you ads without you even doing a thing. Go to this link if you want to check it out:

  • Technology is taking over

    As much as we may be the problem, technology is more of the main issue. Even though we may need them to talk to others who are far away, we over use this. I have seen people TEXTING the person who is right next to them. If people could easily choose when to use technology like myself because I didn't grow up with a lot of technology, They would just as easily talk to the person next to them. Technology Is also taking over our jobs and our minds. We can barely fight back. We just do whatever technology wants us to. If you want even more proof, read FEED. Its a good book about a society where everyone (or mostly everyone has a feed [technological development]) that can easily text a person from your thoughts or even show you ads without you even doing a thing and everyone is much more stupid, because they can also easily have it tell them what things are without actually knowing what it is, just like how if most people don't know things they will Google it

  • We are too dependent on tech

    We use technology for everything. I wouldn't be saying this without the internet, much less the computer. The greatest astronomers in history used what they learned about constellations, math, and physics to study the universe. You know what we use? Computers, calculators, any device that does the math for us. Yes, technology has it's benefits but look at the long term effects: the human race is growing stupid with each generation.

  • Humans are obsolete

    Not only is technology taking over the personal life of people all over the world it is taking over many jobs of hard working people. Factories have been beta testing new machines that has human like movements and they have been proven to be more functional than human workers and also cheaper in the long run. Given this information in 10-15 years humans will barely be needed in the workplace.

  • It is taking over

    You see technology everywhere and technology is going to increase in the future more and more. Technology maybe helping but the new bionic body that replaces body id so not cool is say that technology is increasing so much that you don't even relies what you are trusting on! Technology is surly taking over

  • Of course it takes over!

    Pardon me for my headline, but come on. I my self can't live with out my phone and I pick it up to check the social medias whenever I get bored. I see this everyday. It IS a problem because we can't control it anymore. I believe it's a bad habit.

  • Technology takes over our lives

    Tech is everywhere we use it everyday traffic lights, cars, phones, the coffee machines, bikes, tv's, even just a simple door. Anything that moves in a certain way that is convenient is a part of technology. And all most all ways it helps us do something quicker and do it easier

  • Technology takes over lives

    The more advanced we get in technology the lazier people become. More and more children would rather stay inside and play video games than go outside to play. Our communication is getting to the point where people barley have face to face conversations without being distracted by an electronic device.

  • Robots Eventually Do Menial Tasks

    Technology is taking over our lives--everyone has a cell phone that can look up information on the Internet. Cars are becoming more and more automated. Tablet computers are everywhere. Eventually, robots will do menial tasks such as taking out the garbage, cleaning toilets and taking tickets at toll booths. The more automated we become, the more technology takes over our lives both now and in the future.

  • Technology Addiction in our lives

    Most children lose concentration, self esteem and empathy by lack of face-to-face communication. A study made in New York tested how teenagers reacted when their phones were misplaced. The results showed that over 70% panicked and only 6% could manage the situation casually.

    Most teenagers, those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, can’t spend over ten minutes without checking a message or posting something online{1}. Another research study shows that just by being near a phone may disrupt relations. A test asked two pairs, one in each room, to describe their best moments together. One of the pairs was in a room with a phone turned on receiving messages every ten seconds. The other was with a notebook and a pencil. Results showed that the couple with the phone would have problems relating and accusing each other of having lack of empathy{2}. This study shows that technology, just by being around, can affect us in multiple ways.

    Even around friends, people that are addicted won’t talk to each other.

    Technology addiction can also affect us physically. By spending too much time on electronics in the wrong position, people can have many health problems and difficulties during the years. People are starting to have listening problems from spending too much time listening to music on their earphones and headphones. The sound vibrations are being reduced for the size of your ear, though still with the same power. This powers comes into your ear and may cause significant damage to your eardrums{3}. Too much eye contact with our screens is exhausting people’s sight, causing their vision to become blurry and drying out their eyes. Nearly 70% of American adults say they've experienced symptoms of this problem, called “digital eye strain”, at some point in their lives.

    Recent studies, in New York, found that our constant Instagram scrolling and incessant text-messaging may be hurting our backs. The study found out that when you tilt your head 60% to stare at your phone, you're putting almost twenty-seven kilograms of pressure on your neck. Holding your cell phone with your head down puts your neck in an unhealthy position. Previous researches also show that sitting in front of our computers, all day, can also negatively affect our stature. The screen has to be exactly on front of your eyes, your back has to be touching the chair’s backrest and your feet need to touch the floor. Resting your shoulders can also help keeping your posture, reducing the chance of having back problems in the future.

    Most children use more technology than needed and recommended.

    Sitting down for too long can also affect you. If your muscles stay still for a long time, they can weaken and slowly stop working. If people decide to change exercise and healthy food to sitting on front of their screens the whole day, many things can happen to the human body. These symptoms include obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure{4}.

  • No ya numpties

    Of course it isn't, people often fixate on the idea that technology is taking over our lives however without technology our lives would be taken over by other things. Technology is a prevailing thing in the modern world however it isn't taking over our lives. Technology is key to life

  • People are the problem

    It is NOT technology that is the problem, WE are the problem. We can decide whether or not technology should be in our lives. YOU can decide how much time you want to spend on technology. WE also created technology in the first place. We have just grown overly dependent on it. We can decide whether we want to check our smartphones, check emails, messages, watch tv, play videogames, etc. WE have the control over technology and how much it should or shouldn't be a part of our lives.

  • Some Are Tech Obsessed

    In some cases I do believe we are seeing technology taking over our lives. I think many people ca not imagine being without their cell phone or tablet, which is a problem because these items never truly allow a person to relax and enjoy life. I think this problem is worse for some people.

  • Who doesn't like a good meme?

    As an avid meme collector I believe we need more technology in our lives. Recently I showed my mother my meme collection that I had acquired over many years of searching, bribing and bargaining. She told me to get a job and kicked me out of the house. This is a good example of how technology promotes well being and social behavior.

    If anyone wants some fidget spinner memes hmu

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  • Technology helps autism

    I believe that as an autistic person, and a vegan who enjoys a good meme, it is imperative that we have technology to stimulate my condition. Technology has proved that memes can impact the way autistic people interact with others of our kind. The memes simply promote our way of life and help vegans like me to tell people we're vegans.

  • It is taking over the world

    Since technology the world has been lazy such as not using maps any more or / and / but using their own technology and / or device such as an i phone or i pad and also every one is always on their device or playing pokemon go so it is taking over the world

  • We have a choice

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  • What is the best form of suicide?

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