• Television is terrible

    I think television is terrible for children because it damages children's social skills and there are also are violent inappropriate TV shows that can give children nightmares. TV wastes time and is terrible for your health.
    Therefore, I think TV is a terrible thing for children to do and watch.

  • Television Destroys you mentally and physically

    Television is a device that stops you from blinking with constant movement. With excess amount of TV you could get tired, dizzy and even depression. As well as all the physical side effects of weight gain, because of the lack of calories that you burn, posture and pains is your neck and back which over time you will regret with the feel of a heavy head and torso as your legs do not have the strength they used to have. Furthermore, muscle gain and development will be slowed as it does not allow for the strength needed to lift your body consistently.

  • It kinda is

    You people who are saying no have some good reasons. But it's bad in many ways, an example is it teaches children to like school, only if its like the tv show that teaching them to like school in the first place. We should let our kids play outside instead of just watching tv when it's nice out

  • No tv it is not bad

    Tv is good because it provide us to a better life and make us know about what is happening around the world and there are lots of good educational shows on it like documentaires and wild life and nature and shows on history or differant shows for kids to teach them about alphabets,number ,colours and much more and for old person he is a source knowledge and amusement and confortable after a long tired day and it's cheap and it works at any time

  • Television should be watched by childrens

    We are able to understand any new product in existance and have garrenty on a product because of advertisement of television and the advertisement postered on newspaper wont be as popular as in television and we are able to understand about our day today news proper in television but not in newspaper and cartoon helps childrens to learn english langauge proper to speak , .Television wont affect eyes if we sit far from TV

  • Only at Certain Times

    Children who spend their days watching television, especially violent shows, will have nightmares, which keeps them up all night, and leads to them getting less sleep and doing worse in school.
    I need 50 words but I do not have anything else to say now so I am done now.

  • It is bad for kids

    Many television shows may seem funny to our age but is harmful to kids 6 and younger for example spongebob ,tom and jerry, little mermaid, looney tunes, and many more. Tv is meant to watch but not for kids like callou just show kids to be a brat to their parents.

  • TV is Terrible for children

    Kids have a lot of built up energy that they need to spend outside in the park or the playground. TV can sometimes teach children but there is violence in over 66% of the programs and channels in the TV. There is also some sexual activity in 70% of the channels. It is also a big distraction from schoolwork and it affects their social life negatively.

  • I don't think so...

    I usually watch TV a lot just to learn stuff from documentaries. I am a 11 year old girl who loves to watch documentaries. TV can be so educational! It was TV that got me into the subject of space. Then I continued watching space documentaries on my computer. I watch 1 per day, making sure I don't watch too much. I mean, kids can watch documentaries!

  • Tv is bad

    First it is not healthy. Second it ruins parents communication with their
    children. It destroys their relationship with their children. I myself almost never watch TV. It is important to spend time with your children.
    It may be enjoyable but it is not healthy. You should spend time with your children.

  • No it isn't

    I personally learned a lot from watching television. I think it matters what kids watch, and how much of it per day. I learned to read from watching PBS (Between the Lions and Reading Rainbow were two of PBS' best shows), not to mention other skills like basic math, grammar, etc. Added onto the channels like History Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, etc, there are several ways TV can help kids out, or at least help get them interested in different things. And watching cartoons for an hour or two a day won't kill anyone, I'd spend a lot more than that watching TV some days, and I turned out just fine (or so I am told :P) I'm not stupid, I'm not illiterate, I'm not obese. People need to stop ragging on the TV. Sure it isn't the greatest way to spend your time, but it surely isn't the worst.

  • It's not gonna kill children

    I even LEARN stuff on tv... Yeah... Take a minute to some that in... Thanks to the Big Bang Theory... My sisters 6 year old knows what HYDROLIC ACID is. Nowadays on the kids channel they include learning stuff (which is okay with me.. /:) it is just the annoying "Got milk?" But I guess that is because I'm halfway between vegetarian and vegan

  • It's not the television, it's the child.

    I grew up watching cartoons and anime that were just constant fighting, involved guns and blood, sexual, etc. and I don't get into fights or have any violent tendencies, I'm not that into guns or hunting, and I've been with my girlfriend for a year and we're both against having sex so young (17). I get good grades, take college classes in high school, have a good job, preparing to get a bachelor's degree and go into the Air Force for a bit, was never much into sports but I was in track for while. I honestly think it just depends on the child, because considering what I watched as a kid and how I turned out it just doesn't add up. Even now I still watch some pretty violent, blood-filled, swearing, sexual movies/shows and it doesn't seem to rub off on me at all.

  • Tv is not detrimental to children.

    Right now I am 14 and on my school's debate team and I received this topic and I am glad that I received the negative side of this argument. I have personally watched television growing up and I am not just sitting on the couch being a lazy sack of potatoes watching bad television. Most television is not bad these days anyways because of the shows that are really popular are basically educational some examples are: Elementary, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and The Walking Dead. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

  • Tv is a bad thing

    Why would people spend so much time watching television? Children can't even focus on school work. Television has become the most common way of entertainment and amusement today. It has replaced many fun activities, like sports and reading.Television displays images and stories of bad times, every time you turn on the TV you always see something bad and all the bad show like "Family guy" is putting bad ideas in little people's heads.TV can cause a lot of bad thins. The show family guy showed an episode of the father of the family blowing up a track race and next couple of days or weeks the same thing happened in Boston.It certainly isn't true that every child who watches a lot of violence will become a school shooter, it just the point.Only a very tiny amount of kids actually commit criminal violence. But even those children who don't, they may become more frightened. Would you want you little girl or little boy looking at this bad show. This world is already filled with horrible people.How much television do you, or your children, watch in an average day? People spend hours watching television, which is sucking the life out of our physical and mental health. It also increases obesity. Students spend more time watching television and neglect studies and learning. The only solution to escape the enormous dangers of television is completely to abandon it.When the television is turned off, you will find plenty of time for other activities.Yes the children might not like or love the fact of cancel television, but it will get the kids to go outside and see some day light what every kid needs. Maybe some kids will go to church. Adults should encourage outdoor activities like, swimming, horse riding, archery, etc. American children spend an average of 6 hours, 32 minutes each day watching TV or using the Internet, video games, and radio.

  • There are lots of good educational shows on television.

    Yes there are violent shows. I'll be the first to admit that. But there are a lot more educational shows than violent TV shows. Just because there are some violent TV shows does not mean that people should ban television. Parents should watch TV with them and block tose violent shows. The result of this that a) families can spend family time together and b) kids can get smarter and know more.

  • I don't think so......

    First of all kids need to have some fun life and relax and all but you should treat your child not to watch bad stuff and all for grown ups or something but I do know that they can watch it but not for 3 hours only for half an hour that is a good idea

  • Television is good

    Televisions are good because they provide us to a better life and make us know about what is happening around the world. Television can make a child learn different skills and tricks and also it's good for their after life. I'm strongly saying television is good for children, it's sure.

  • It's not going to hurt anyone

    I watch TV quite often but I still have enough time to watch TV. I went to my friends house the other day and her 3 year old was watching TV and she was talking to the TV because Dora the explorer was on. Anyone it has been invented. So you can't just take TV away from kids. Yes, I am only eleven, but I am not overweight and I enjoy exercise and now because of my exams I hardly will watch TV until the end of term.

  • Its not bad

    Its not bad for children for children per say there are many other channels they can watch its up to the parents to say what they can watch set some parental controls . Depending on the kids age set the controls higher or lower. So its not bad for children. There are lots of fun and educational channels to watch.

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