• Yes, it is.

    There is evidence that Tommy Mair (if it was truly he who committed the murder) holds interest in white supremacy and apartheid. If the murder is politically motivated, how else would it not be terrorism? And indeed, he did shout "put Britain first" before tragically shooting and stabbing her. I hope that whoever really did murder the much favored politician will be punished for their wrong and cruel act.

  • Yes, terrorism is at play in the death of Jo Cox.

    The murder of MP Jo Cox is a form of domestic terrorism. This violent act was meant to terrorize the British people and government. Domestic terrorism is still as deadly of a threat as international groups like ISIS. Jo Cox's murder will indeed cause terror for many. Therefore, her death was indeed an act of terrorism.

  • It's a distinct possibility.

    It would appear that terrorism is a factor in almost every violent shooting in this world. ISIS wants to take over the world just as the Nazis tried to do and they need to be stopped. The shooting Jo Cox is just another senseless act to try and strike fear into the hearts of ordinary people.

  • No, Jo Cox's death was an old-fashioned political assassination.

    There can be no doubt that Jo Cox's untimely death is a tragedy and an outrage, but to call the murderer a terrorist would be a big mistake. Yes, the killing was politically motivated, but it was a murder, not terrorism. It is important to call these crimes what they are, and nothing else.

  • No Terrorism Present

    I personally do not believe that there is terrorism at the play in the death of Jo Cox. Tommy Mair was clearly psychologically unstable. However, I do not believe terrorism played a part. He was simply a sick man that committed a horrendous crime. After all is said and done, I hope whomever killed Jo Cox will receive the punishment that he or she deserves.

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