• Yes, it is.

    Parisians are becoming increasingly worried that their country is under a widespread terrorist attack. The overreaction to a fireworks truck exploding near the Eiffel Tower is proof of that. As real terrorists attacks increase so does the fear and panic surrounding fake terrorist attacks, especially when there is some proof.

  • Yes, terrorism in Paris is causing paranoia and fear among Parisians.

    Yes, terrorism in Paris is causing paranoia and fear among Parisians. Parisians aren't used to terrorism being a massive threat like the United States is. They've only recently experienced an abundance of terrorist attacks and have seen others in other countries on the international news. Terrorism makes all people paranoid and fearful.

  • Yes, Parisians are experiencing fear and paranoia.

    Yes, the terrorism in Paris is causing fear and paranoia among Parisians. Paris is one of the cultural capitals of the world. It was previously thought of as a safe place for all varieties of individuals. The terrorist attack showed Parisians that evil is possible anywhere and questioned the safety of their beloved city.

  • It probably is.

    It's only natural for Parisians to feel fear because of recent terrorist attacks in the capital and elsewhere in France. Such fear isn't really paranoia, because terrorism has become a significant risk in everyday life. There's seemingly nothing that a person can do to stop themselves from being a victim,

  • Too many attacks.

    The attack in France yesterday was terrifying. But along with this attack, we all still remember what happened last year: Paris was attacked, and many people were killed and injured. This time, we have about the same story. Many people killed, and many more people are injured. The death toll is expected to rise because of death from injuries. So of course people living in Paris and France as well should be scared.

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