• Yes it is

    Well duh of course it is! It dumbs down spelling and grammar, reduces the need for in depth conversations and it distracts us from being fully present... So in my opinion it does. You can think what you want. Personally sometimes I will short words, like 'gonna' or 'convo'. But I neva rite lyk dis cuz it is dizguztin.

  • Why Yes It Is

    I do believe that texting is killing parts of the English language. As people use the short cuts to make words shorter and/or easier to spell they are forgeting the proper grammar and spelling they were taught in schools. I believe this could lead to major changes in the language over a period of time.

  • Texting is killing language

    There are many teens who use things like: brb lol jk. There are many teens who try to use them in papers in school. Frankly I believe if you are applying for a college and some have you right an essay if a teen uses text lingo they are mostly likely not going to get accepted.

  • Yes, I believe texting is killing language.

    I believe texting is killing language because texting shortens words and is greatly modifying the language. As an English instructor, I have found that the texting language is making its way into academic papers because it has become so second nature for many students. Grammar rules are forgotten with compulsive texters. I believe excessive testing will lead to poor communications skills.

  • Indeed It Is

    We are at a halt in improving language because reading scores are not improving! As an acting teacher I am amazed by how many people cannot read or spell. All of this is simply because no one cares anymore! Texting I think is a main issue for this happening

  • Texting is a major problem

    I believe that texting has influenced are writing because it becomes a habit and usually habits are hard to brake and when you finally break it don't get back into the habit.My suggestion is to write your texts in complete sentences and to stop using incorrect grammar and i think it will improve your grade.

  • This is so obvious. Yes! It is killing our language!

    "Wuts ⬆️ Bruh im so ded rn ths iz dum bro😂" "Omg i look so ratchet rn it's not evn funy u hve no idea Like oml"
    Holy CRAP! Its like everyone I know says this stuff and it make no sense! People don't know the difference between "Its" and "It's or even "They're" and "there"

  • Hi hi hi

    Squirrel hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • Texting is killing grammar

    Being okay with writing shortcuts instead of talking and it's contagious. Spell check is dumbing down our ability to spell correctly when the program or computer does it for you. Plus, spell check doesn't always work correctly, so you can't really rely on it. Another problem is that it leads to speaking in shortcuts. This carries over in ELA classes for essays, etc.

  • Texting killing language

    It is killing language because it affects how we speak and write formal documents. It has everything to do with how people present thereself to someone and texting is ruining all of that so we don't need to bring texting in our actual life and texting is killing the language.

  • Texting is not killing language.

    You still have to know how to structure a sentence or words so language is important. No, texting isn't killing language, but it IS making people lazy. Rather than talking to another person, we will text them. We carry on full conversations over a text and not talking on the phone. Pure lazy!

  • Open your mind.

    Quite honestly, the only people who believe that texting is killing language don't know much about language, are unnecessarily judgmental, or both. Nonstandard dialects are becoming recognized as valid forms of communication. Why shouldn't they be? What harm do they cause? In addition, a person using texting language is not necessarily a sign that they can't write in proper English when the situation calls for it. I cn write liek dis wen i snd a txt, but I also know how to follow the conventions of spelling and grammar. Why berate those who don't follow all of the rules in informal communication?

  • Texting is developing its own kind of grammar and conventions.

    As any linguist knows, language is not a static thing. Change and development is the one constant in life, and the changing sounds and phrases of a language are merely reflections of the changes in a particular society. You cannot expect the English language to remain the same while the world around us – and particularly the way we communicate – is subject to so much variation. Text messaging can be a fun and playful way to communicate – the important thing to remember for education is teaching children how to employ different ways of communication. Writing an essay and writing a text are different things; children can learn both. What is more, texting is being used to actually help literacy in developing countries: a UN SMS-based literacy programin Pakistan aims to help women in Islamabad to read. Now what’s so bad about that?

  • Not at all

    I feel that texting is only a new way of speaking. Writing is often thought out and corrected, where as speaking is not. Just like texting. I am in college, and write my papers with respect to my language. I do not while I'm speaking with my friends, or texting. It is just a new way to communicate and could easily be seen as a new form of writing.

  • I think it is just a new form of language

    I think the reason adults don't like it is because they don't understand it. Kids just like it because it is shorter and easier than pen and paper. Though pen and paper is very reliable nothing can beat the portable reliable and easy to use iPhone or iPad. I thank you for your time.

  • Because most of the words people are using are just short cuts just to save time and it's more modern.

    The reason why we're not using proper grammar is because we're more comfortable to people to say whatever and somebody that you don't know you tend to speak more civilized then what you actually would in That situation and there is many possibilities and this is my reason why i

  • No no no

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no non on n on non non non on. On. On. On non. Oh. On no no. Non non hon hon ho. Hi ho hinyin yin yin hi. Gob gob go. Go. Go. Bob bob. No more talking

  • No it is not

    Even dough peopl text a lot some still now how to right +I don't like to writtrre .Texting is fun I luv it .People who don't like texting is because there' fingers are too big or they can't see the letters b y e :) :) ;) :) ;) p
    Keep on texting

  • I am dog

    No dogs aren't killing us because like we have to hold on brb k I is back bam like tbh tho I don't really know you but we should talk more and sterf like come on class school is for learning you know like no distractions cuz yes dint distract

  • Texting is killing our language?!?!?!?

    Noooooooooo! Texting is just another way of typing tings quicker than how wezz would do in thes class. Plus I can spill prfectily, but I does play Pokemon goooooooo so I be cowlofied👍Pancakessssssss bacon eggs and mo fooooooooood g g f t. Sgt. T gems ems s s s s s

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