Is the $36.3 million fine on Goldman Sachs high enough, given their violations of the law?

  • The fine is fair.

    I think that the $36.3 fine on Goldman Sachs is a fair punishment based on their violations. It's hard to put an exact number on bad choices, but this seems like a fair amount. It is large enough that it should make them think twice before doing something like this again.

  • It is very steep.

    Yes, I think the fine fits the crime perfectly. Feds should punish confidentiality issues harshly, and $36.3 million is very harsh along with the movement to try to ban Joseph Jiampietro. I think it’s enough to force Goldman to implement a much better training program that discusses these sensitive issues.

  • Goldman Sachs should be fined more

    Goldman Sachs is going to be fined a paltry $36.3 million for the illegal activities they engaged in during the financial crisis of 2008. I think this amount should be much higher. A heftier fine would be a much more fitting recognition not only of their violations of the law, but also the damage that these violations caused countless Americans.

  • No, it's a slap on the wrist.

    For Goldman Sachs, $36.3 million is almost nothing. To really send a message to them, the fine needs to be bigger, or they need to penalize the individuals responsible. If this is the penalty for cheating, they'll just keep doing it. The company loses money, but that probably won't prevent the people responsible from giving themselves big bonuses.

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