• The Air Force has better education, and they are the masters of Strategy.

    The Marines are an old breed. They will not last as long as the United States Air Force. The United States Marine Corps are better warriors, however, they do not have the funding necessary to stay alive as a branch, especially if we go into peace-time. The standard Marine is a better fighter than a standard Airman. However, a Force Recon, or MARSOC Marine, is nowhere near the combat efficiency of an Air Force Combat Controller, or a Para-Rescueman. The Marines are very tough. The Air Force is not as tough, but they have the advantage due to the several different specialties that the branch provides. Never the less, they are both American Soldiers, and apart of the greatest Military force known to man.

  • The Air Force and Marines Should Never Be Compared

    I believe it to be wrong to try to determine if one military branch is better than the other. The Marines have been viewed as the toughest of military branches for a very long time. In y opinion all military branches deserve our respect and should not be judged in comparison to other branches.

  • Yes, And why?

    The USAF has air power unlike marine. Also marines are jackasses when i come down to it. The marines hold a point that the USAF or US Army has already took out. The USAF has more firepower than the marine much better aircraft. Now think about it who saved your ass when the Taliban was next to you?

  • Air Force Ground Troops

    The Air Force has a large amount of ground troops, the third largest in the military - more than the Navy. It also has its own special forces since its beginning, and the Marines haven't had any until 2006. They are also larger and better trained than Marines, Airmen are first there and also the first to fight.

  • My father is an Airman :)

    They treat their people better. Being treated like a grunt doesn't make you a better person. The whole marine for life thing is annoying too. Everything they have says marines they never get over their time in the marines. World war II was finished by the air force and almost every war after that.

  • Air Force is better but not for reasons you think.

    Other military branches like to give the AF flack because of the AF's better living conditions and less-physical training. The reality of it is, it costs the government the same amount of money to train one Airman as it does to train 5 Marines. Why you might ask? Because the Air Force has the most dangerous and powerful weapons in the history of the world. Nukes, thousands of jets, and more explosives than the Army could ever dream of seeing. The reason Airmen live better is because they are worth more than the average Marine. As bad as it sounds, your average Marine isn't worth nearly as much to the government as a trained Airman is. Marines like to hoot and holler about how their branch is tougher, which by all means it is, but they lack to see what really goes on in the military. The U.S. Military could easily survive without a Marine Corps. Many other countries don't even have one. The U.S. would fall in a day without the Air Force. The biggest lie in the military is "Marines are the first one in". That hasn't been true for over 50 years. There is no way a Marine steps near a battlefield without it being torn to shreds by Air Force jets first. Yes, Marines deserve all the respect in the world and they will tell you why they're tougher, but just know how the military really works.

  • Airforce is way better!

    Airforce is focused on the brains of the operations vs the muscle so to say. They Are Different It's That Simple But So Are The People Joining The Branches! In the airforce training is constant but in the marines it kinda ends with basic training which is why they boast about basic so much! Basic is BASIC NOT insane advanced training.

  • Yes they are

    They treat their people better. Being treated like a grunt doesn't make you a better person. The whole marine for life thing is annoying too. Everything they have says marines they never get over their time in the marines. World war II was finished by the air force and almost every war after that.

  • The air force has more special training and skills.For example the Gs test the have to see if you can handle six or more

    As you can see why the air force is better then the marines.Marines is just being on rescue teams or the first unit to check out the problem but the air force and the army are the ones who are the ones who take charge in a battle.Bye bye guys.

  • Stop comparing them

    They are incomparable because they are very different. If you compare the two you will find a lot of differences. That does not mean one is better then the other. If we didn't have the air force or marines this country's foundation will crumble and collapse. So stop comparing the two and start thanking them for their service. Bye

  • There is no way to compare the two.

    The Air Force may still be a kickass branch of the U.S., however, their tasks differ immensely. I consider Marines to be more useful as soldiers because of their versatility in technique that can be used on the field, while the Air Force gets less of a thorough combat training and are usually only proficient in air missions. Not that both aren't amazing, but I feel as if the Marines are more useful than the Air Force.

  • No they arent

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  • With the marines you are able the have a medic with you in case u get injured with the air force you are alone

    Also you are less likely to have a malfunction in the marines then in thw air force if u get shot in the leg and try to eject but the lever is broken your screwed that wont happen in the marines if u get shot u have a medic at your six.

  • No they aren't.

    First off the Airforce and Marines are completely different. 2nd Marines have the hardest basic training in the department of defense. 3rd The USMC has its own fixed and rotar wings. 4th We have the closest brotherhood and we have a fighting spirit that is known worldwide. And yes after we get out we remember our brothers we fought with and the adventures we went on. The Airforce will never have that. Whether you want it or not. I have buddies who are in the Airforce and they love it and I'm proud of them. But they told me they didn't join the Marines because they thought it was going to be to hard and that they wanted an easier life. So in closing this is a stupid conversation anyway we have two completely different jobs and we both serve our country.

  • No branch is better than the other

    This is a truly difficult question for anyone to really break down and answer. While I do feel the Marine core is known to be a bit more "physical" and "ground and pound", at the end of the day; any brach of the military serves the same purpose. I think they are all in a league of their own.

  • There is no one branch that is better than another...

    As a member of the military I definitely know that most people's perspective is based off of stereotypes and old prejudices that are far from the truth. Think racism, but towards a different branch. Are there "hardcore" guys/girls in the Air Force? I'm sure there are. Are there jobs in the Air Force that provide absolutely no civilian equivalent. Again yes. The same could be said about the stereotypes of Marines. When you sign up for a branch, you sign up for the culture that you feel you would fit in the best. Simply put, Marines are different people than Airmen are. Plain and simple.

  • No, they fulfill different purposes

    The Marines are a branch of the Navy that provides the first ground presence upon entry into a conflict. The Air Force is responsible for the bulk of operations requiring aircraft. There is very little overlap of these duties, although marines do have some air support. Both of these forces are necessary.

  • No, both serve the country.

    Neither side is better. The air force and marines both do a great job of serving the country. They are not really comparable because they do 2 completely different things, and they work in different ways. Both branches of the military are needed and I think the military would suffer without them.

  • No, they aren't

    They certainly aren't better warriors. They also don't have the training and fitness requirements. In many instances, Marines have more difficult cerebral tasks to perform, too. I simply don't know what reasoning would lead one to believe the Air Force is better than the Marines, unless it's the ability to drop bombs from 10,000 feet.

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