Is the "American Dream" Achievable in today's society.

Asked by: bvaden12
  • Sure it is.

    People achieve this dream every day. I am not saying it is easy or a guarantee but if you look around, there are millions of people who have good homes, and have enough to raise their family. Many, if not most of them came from much humbler beginnings and I am sure their path to success was not without hurtles or setbacks.
    Thing is, hard work may not be enough. You may also have to make temporary sacrifices in order to achieve that goal. For instance, instead of spending your hard earned cash on something you don't need, save it so you can afford to further your education. If you get a well paying job, you could get a reasonable sized house and afford to support a family. If you continue to advance in your career, you could afford to not only save for your kids education but maybe trade-up to a better home, car, and better vacation time with your family. Who knows, you might just be the next Bill Gates or your kids may be the next Walton family. After all, Sam Walton started by working in a grocery store and today, his family combined has twice as much money as Gates.
    Granted, you will likely hit many bumps in the road. You could loose your job for reasons that are not your own, you might have financial hardships that make saving money impossible at the time. Nobody said it would be easy but if you sacrifice having some things you want now, you have a much better chance at getting where you want to be in the future.

  • Possible but not likely

    The American Dream is far out of reach for most. Only through good luck and extreme hard work can it be achieved. You can go to med school and make loads of money. But that occupation consumes your entire life, and you'll be in college until your thirties. Welp welp...

  • The American Dream

    The "American Dream" was the idea of working hard and having a big home and a family and enough money to support them, but in today's society with low wages mixed with the struggling economy do you think it is still a possible thing to reach or a likely thing for most Americans to reach.

  • No corporate greed

    Almost all jobs have not kept up with inflation leading to companys paying less and making more whith increased prices on there products to keep up with inflation but our wages stay were there at companies are profiting more than ever while the working man is left with barely scraps and enough to make it by the middle class is almost gone this is largely to blame to the loss of many of the manufacturing jobs we once had and the ones we do have don't pay enough any more most only pay about13$ if your lucky 13$ an hour here in indiana in this economy that is a joke I am lucky to have a good paying factory job there are not many places like this left but we the people can stop this we can unite as 1 and tell these companies we will not stand for the low wage jobs any longer people are going to Be afraid to stand up because they will loose there job but the usa is the number 1 consomer for goods imagine what would happen to all these companies if they all left and we had no jobs or money most of them would probably collapses we need to let them know that just enough to scrape by is unacceptable because what's the point of living if you can't have a little extra money to go on vacation or go have fun with

  • Not really lol

    Yes, you see many people achieving great wealth and success in today's society, but also note that most of them had always had a decent income. Take a company, for example. In today's society, entrepreneurs are taxed and regulated so much that it is almost impossible to survive without already having a decent income. Without a capitalist society, much of the success people see is based on their existing wealth.

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