• An outsider's perspective

    Most of my life I have been homeschooled, but in 2014 I took 1 year of public school and in 2015 one year of private school. Public school did nothing for me and I ended the year with at least a 98 in every class. Being an outsider, I was shut out from the group and made a target, and the teachers would say that they didn't give busywork, and then make you copy words 15 times and not even look at the paper! I finished the year top of my class and having gathered no information and won a spelling bee.

  • Fluff degrees + High cost of tuition = No careers + Student Debt

    I believe that like banks, the educational system has become another financial institution. As of 2016 a rough estimate in Domestic student debt is around 1.3 trillion dollars. Not enough funding is going towards schools so they either cut corners with education or raise the cost of tuition. Many students who do go to college take out loans that they'll need to repay eventually.
    However many that graduate find themselves with degrees that either don't have high employ-ability, job growth, upward mobility and most importantly the skills necessary to work in that field.
    I'm a great example: So I got an AA in Graphic Design, who does that right? Well I was hoping to do something with the degree but Graphic Design really doesn't exist anymore, Instead its Graphic Design/Web Developer with an emphasis on the later. Most of the courses I took were based on the Print aspect of the degree with a little HTML/CSS coding. However most employers where I'm from want you to also have JavaScript under your belt as well as PHP scripting and MY/SQL. Another problem is experience many employers are looking for people with 5+ years of experience which makes it hard to get into unless you freelance or intern. PS my internship was a joke. Most of these low level companies want free labor and often don't train you in the field your getting a degree in. You'll learn how to get them coffee and use their copy machine. WOOPIE!! So now your out trying to find work, competing with people that have experience , while lacking skills, with student debt, and degree with slow job growth. Another thing to consider is while your not working in the field your degree is in, especially computers, new technology and software is coming out. Your skills may become antiquated if you don't keep up with the changes in software programs and technology.
    This is only one aspect of the problem. Think about all the young adults that are have to work 2 jobs just to survive and go to college. Maybe they are so busy just trying to make it, they can't get out of the debt hole their in, let alone the opportunities to explore a higher education.

    I think there needs to be more funding for schools, and lets take it from the Multimillionaire/Billionaire 1% rather than your average hardworking taxpayers that have no more to give. If you we can cut student tuition and debt down that would be a huge victory.

    Also colleges need to do a much better job collaborating with big industries do find out what their looking from a college grad, especially in the technical degrees. That might require streamlining certain programs to get all the technical courses necessary for the job, rather than having to take unnecessary fluff courses.
    Finally if Employers are going to hire interns, then they need to be job specific internships, that help further your education and experience in the field of work.

  • It teaches little about the rest of the world.

    When you guys are in school your public system you guys only learn about the bad things and the country's past and you guys do not learn what countries are like now. You guys don't learn anything about the rest of the world and it makes you guys ignorant and you guys are proud of being ignorant.

  • Its like we dont even try.

    With this age of "everyone deserves a medal" we now have teachers and professors who grew up getting awarded for mediocrity. Grade, Middle, and High school were a joke. College was even worse. You show up for class and lab to get enough credit to pass with the minimum grade. I could have failed ever test in college and still gotten a degree. Its a shame that we are awarding "students" degrees based upon just showing up to class.

  • The American School system is a bloody embarrassment.

    They never taught me anything useful, like what bills are, what taxes are, and how to pay them. Instead, I had to prove a triangle was a triangle. (I wish I was kidding....WHY AM I NOT KIDDING?!) I also had to learn how to add and subtract imaginary numbers (also not joking.

    Not only are they teaching you useless bullshit, they tell you that you'll only be successful if you go to college. What they don't tell you is that college degrees get you nowhere, and you have the same odds of getting a decent job without a degree as you do with one. So their messages are flawed.

    Their ethics and treatment of the students also leave much to be desired. If you're sick, they won't take you seriously. I had a teacher tell me to throw up in the classroom when I asked to go to the nurse after feeling nauseous for most of the day. Really?! And if you're being bullied by students on campus, no matter what grade you're in, SPOILERS: they don't care about you. The most action you'll get out of your deans are them telling you to write a "witness statement". Other than that, they usually never take any action. You're actually better off going straight to the principal if they're a reliable person. If they're not, you're basically screwed. And dresscodes these days need no explanation. "HOLY SHIT, YOUR NECK IS SO DISTRACTING! 😱 COVER IT IMMEDIATELY!" When I hear about things like that, I can't help but imagine the principal or somebody jerkin' their gherkin in the office while writing out these absurd dresscodes at the last minute. 🙄

  • Even the "life skills" classes didn't teach me anything other than how to tie dye a shirt.

    The curriculum is garbage. Why should it take a minimum of 12 years to scratch the surface of the English language? Why do I need to know Stoichiometry if I don't want a career in Chemistry? Just teach people what they need to know to get a job and they can get training from their employer. Many employers do this anyway, so it's not a huge deal.

  • Ugh, yes indeed.

    I learned next to nothing about the real world. All I learned was that college was too expensive for me, and that the school system doesn't give a shit about any of the students who attend. They'll leave you hanging in the nurse's office when you're sick, you have to ask permission to even take a piss, and if you're being bullied by other students, they can't be bothered to help you. They basically tell you to "fill out a witness statement", which is only a glorified "go fuck yourself."The school board values test scores over actual learning, so none of the students actually learn anything, most even hating to go to school because of the negative experience. And teachers expect you to do homework over break. Fuck that. I never did it during winter break. It's time away from school. Nobody intends to do any of that during vacation!!!!

  • It's all about the test

    Students study and prepare and are taught the entire school year to take a single end of year test. It does not matter if they forget the material afterward-- (which WILL happen because they are just cramming information in rather than actually teaching) -- as long as you passed the test, you're smart, and you DESERVE to go on to the next grade.

  • Its just Awful

    I remember the entire freshman class failed the math and english exam, so they decided to curve every ones grade 30 points. When it gets this bad i would start considering a complete reconstruction of the american education system. They continued this curve all the way up until I graduated.

  • The Definition of books is REFERENCE TOOL not LEARNING TOOL

    Here you go: By definition a book is a reference tool, and just because you can say ball, spell ball, explain ball, doesn't mean you can throw one, catch one, or even have the slightest idea about the reality of an object because you have never experienced it. This is not called learning this is pure indoctrination. The game these new age priests play is to cram kids short term memory testing them before the mind dumps the perspective lacking meaningless information back out into the unconscious. America is full of pure hypocrites, if a kid reads a history book and repeats it he is smart and knows what he is talking about, yet if the same kid started to recite penthouse letters everyone would attack them saying you have no experience to talk about that. Hypocrites teaching your children in the exact same way the Roman Empire spread ignorant religion, through books that discourage personal experience by pretending to already have all the answers. I want to see the worlds top martial art fighter get in the ring with the worlds top martial art reader from harvard so you all can see the reality of books as a person of experience tears your religion of learning through referencing right down to the ground no contest. Just like how people defend the church even when they harm children look in the mirror America you have put teachers in the same exact position of authority and are letting them damage your children and defend them to the death just like the church defends priest pedophiles. America is a joke we have people who claim to oppose religion and be atheist and be in support of evolution who all got their opinions not from experience but from collections of books? Really what is the bible duh a collection of books. The way reference tools are supposed to work is just like how you use a dictionary. Nobody would ever grab a dictionary and look up something they have never experienced, that is improbable. The reason you reference something like a word in the dictionary is because you had experienced hearing it, or seeing it, in real life, then you look it up in a book to get a generalized and very basic information about the thing which isn't the same as being knowledgeable. The religious followers and faith believers in academics brain washed to think the text books are some how immune to corruption and deception, think there books are some how better, follow the same belief all religious fanatics have had and killed for? Kids the next time some ignorant teacher/preacher corrects you say well aint may not be a word in reality based on definition but neither by definition is a book a tool for learning.

  • It's not what it used to be!

    Six years of study and one master's degree later and I feel no better equipped than before starting college. The journey was expensive and disappointing. The public school system doesn't prepare you for the realities of college and the work force. In fact, as a sophomore and senior in high school, my teachers spoon fed me the notion that higher education would lead to a good job and a secure future. Hogwash. Unless your goal is professional in nature - that is - medical school, dentistry, chiropractic, CPA, architect, etc., don't expect much of a return on your investment. My colleagues, who also hold master's degrees in various disciplines, are riding in the same boat as me. Employers don't care about your degree (even though they ask for it as a prerequisite to employment). Jobs are difficult to obtain even with advanced degrees. The market is flooded with college graduates who can't make ends meet and settle for jobs that don't require post secondary education. In addition, the landscape of employment versus education has drastically changed and employers are choosing candidates that have years of experience and credentials from 1st tier schools. So basically, 10 - 15 percent of all graduates are fortunate enough to have the skills and aptitude that employers are looking for (not to mention political connections) in order to secure a well paying job. The rest of us simply settle for jobs as couriers for UPS, McDonald's Staples, etc. My advise to high school students who have no interest in studying medicine, architecture, etc., a community college diploma or a skilled trade will get you much farther than a liberal arts degree.

  • School is important.

    Honestly I am a Senior in high school and there are students in my class that can honest to god not read a damn thing out of the textbooks. I paid attention in school and have learned just about all there is to know about education. No it is not things that would be great to know, like how to write a check our whether I should buy a car with a bigger down payment and less interest or a larger rate of interest but a smaller down payment but, the things that I have learned keep me up to date. The schools aren't teaching you what to think. They are teaching you how to think. The simple fact is, if you pay attention in school you won't be one of the retards that have to do a googles search for everything they don't know. School is not a joke. The students that misuse it just make it seem that way.

  • The American education system is not always a joke.

    While Americans are not as educated as many other people in the world, it is wrong and stereotypical to say that the entire education system is a joke. I think it all depends on the teachers and the students willingness to learn. I for one have received a decent education.

  • I disagree with this

    It's not a joke, it's a serious importance of government society and why should you put kids in school? Don't you know if your kid is suspended from school? It's not fair to suspend a child from school. Several more years of human rights now! What if you have a kid in any school, these schools shall be free for kids to enter. Do not pay for the private and public schools.

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