• This great country and this is the Best wr can get?

    I am a professor and have been on hiring committees for college deans and administrators & you would think we were searching for a king, with the vetting and reference checking etc. one little smudge and you're gone. So for the highest office in the land, this is what we get to pick from? A lying, cheating, perjury committing crook, which by the way , if it was me I'd already be in prison, who only wants to be president just to get her "officially " impeached husband back for all their marital issues or we get to pick from Trump, who already seems senile and illiterate...This is the best we the people can do!!! Wow I cant conciously vote for either, and its not worth my time to vote for the othet hundred nobodys who are written in ,cause we don't know who they are... Good luck U.S. On picking the right clown to be our president...& yes it's "Rigged" on both sides. I wash my hands, pretty sad. Cause we sure needed a rescue from Obama.

  • YES!!! It is!

    Because I moved from FL to NY and I registered to be a new york voter.
    I didn't pick a party because I was still trying to decide who best fits what I want. So I did not realize you had to pick are party for NY and this is 193 days before the actual election. I don't think that is fair especially when I want to be informed of all the candidates not just Trump and Hillary. Media does not like to cover the rest so usually you have to do more research. John Kasich is who I would of gone with but I did not know I wanted him until in Feb. Also the fact that I watch and read that the most likable and the better candidates Kasich and Bernie don't have a chance in winning and yet they are so many people for them somehow they can't get the vote. I think the voting system is rigged.

  • Controlled by the Party Big Wigs instead of by the votes of the People

    When a candidate wins a big majority and yet gets only a few delegates that cannot be viewed as fair by anyone! And the caucus system is outdated and too confusing and is also not fair. The whole process needs to be reviewed. The fact that a candidate can garner super delegate votes even before the people of the state vote in criminal.

  • Money is an issue

    One of the current big issues is Donald Trump. Instead of speaking about current issues, Trump has bought his way up and talks about the other candidates appearances instead of actually discussing the issues that should be dealt with. This is why money is a big problem with the process.

  • Unfortunately, it is unfair.

    Candidates can have unlimited amount of money to run the election. Moreover, it change the purpose of democracy. Three important sources of unfair competition are abuse of administrative, donations from private sector and the public financing of political parties. The more money a candidate have, the more things he or she can do to control people and win their trust. The election became the race of who have more money. It also change the purpose of election.

  • I think it is

    The way they are elected is by a college. That is so unfair for all the other big states who could have a big say if they were allowed to say. But sadly they aren't. So voting is so unfair and should be fixed. Thank you for listening. THE END!

  • Yes, period.

    The arguments about not all parties being represented are bogus, the information is out there and if enough people took them seriously they'd get their place on stage. They're irrelevant for a reason, they make claims they know they can't do because they won't get elected anyway so it doesn't matter and are trying to dupe people into 5% of the vote.

    With that said, the popular vote being borderline irrelevant is ridiculous and there is no way to validate the electoral college. It is a joke and not representative of the people.

  • Saddly Yes!

    In this new world that we live in most people who are smart enough, who have the speaking skills, who may hold all the attributes of a future candidate for presidency will probably never get a chance to make it there. Main reasons are Money, Power, and Knowing someone. Now yes we always here all these stories about this, and that, but it is a bunch of crap. The ones who get the opportunities to run may not always be the right candidate to be there.

  • Yes. It is unfair for two reasons.

    First, the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court means that corporations, whose only goal is profit, can be treated like people and donate as much money as they want to a campaign. The more money that gets spent on elections, the more likely we are to see lies and manipulation from both sides instead of an honest debate.

    Second, the Electoral College disproportionately benefits smaller states and violates the idea that every person's vote should count in an equal way.

  • Yes, it's unfair to the little guy.

    The American election process is one that heavily favors the candidate that can produce the most money for his campaign. In American elections the best way to get elected is by name recognition, and the best way to get one's name out there is by spending money on ad campaigns that can alert the public to one's presence. Because of this reason American politics greatly favors the rich. We do not have a system in which all potential receive the same funds and same air time in order to market themselves on a level playing field. This discourages anyone who is not a millionaire, or that does not know millionaires, from running because they cannot possibly hope to compete with the Big Money opponents that can outspend them by leaps and bounds. This prevents the name recognition that is necessary for anyone to be considered as a potential candidate.

  • It is as fair as can be expected.

    While it is widely seen as unfair, the electoral college serves to give minorities a voice in the country. What I mean by that, is that the smaller states get more of a say than the bigger states, which seems unfair, and to some extent is. This, however, is about as fair as we can make it because using popular vote immediately turns the whole thing into a corruption scandal waiting to happen, so while I agree that it should be revamped, the general structure is sound.

  • The American election process is fair

    While the American election process should be considered fair it is antiquated and should be revamped to allow for the president to be elected by popular vote only and eliminate the electoral college entirely. There are too many steps and the process should be simplified to allow the people to elect the person they want to be president. By allowing election by popular vote we also allow the possibility of corruption so voting laws would also have to change to avoid this problem.

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