• Obvious fascist state.

    You really have to be blind to not see the media is an extension of the liberal left. Obama is a fascist pig, hellbent on taking our freedoms and pushing socialistic ideals. To not see this is to be blinded by the dictator in chief and his band of corrupt henchmen. A military coup will take place in this country before his term expires. I support and will dance in the streets when he is forcibly removed. I will also applaud when Holder is arrested for treason against the American people and the constitution he was sworn to protect.

  • Current Corrupt media, Stalinist to the core.

    Non-objective, complete lies, omission of fact, neglect to report on news that could be detrimental to the current regime. Needs to have their broadcasting rights revoked. ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, all are cohorts in the criminality of the current government. Nothing but opinionated propaganda meant to deceive and manipulate public opinion. Tar and feather every last one of them.

  • Propaganda and Psychological Warfare in the media!

    Not mentioning advertising, much of what we see on TV is propaganda and a form of psychological warfare (brain washing). Having been expose to enemy propaganda and psychological warfare outside the U.S., I have learned to spot some of it. Propaganda can be subtle or bold. Either way, it can influence against what we hold as true.

  • Everything in the USA is corrupt

    Unfortunately the American-Jewish Mafia is dominating in the USA. The media aren't the exception. I live in Greece. The corruption here is high. But it looks like kindergarten, if you compare this, with the corruption in the USA. I have involved with the Immigration Service in NY, because of my husband, who is Greek-American. Nowhere in the world, the mafia is so terrible. Americans, are in a pitiable state.

  • Supporting a 2 party system

    American media seems to turn everything into 'us vs them' and 'PATRIOTISM.' It hides away from real issues by dressing up pop-culture as important. In the 1940s look at the media portrayal of the Japanese, they were commonly believed to be 'sub-human.' People in 60 years will look at American "news" and see how unbelievably biased it is. I feel sorry for what once was such a great country full of great people to be totally brainwashed by television.

  • Biased media.

    Each news station is supportive more of one side; biased media. The news will only cover stories that are more interesting for ratings and will give their opinions more siding with either democrat or republican. There should be more stories covering the good of America and less unimportant, flashy news.

  • The truth is distorted to fit a stance of our nation being "capable of no wrong"

    The truth is, the United States tries to be the world's police. They wonder why every country despises them. They inflict their ways (maybe not publicly), and kill people (men, WOMEN, and Children). They play devil's advocate. Truth is, people need to be made aware in a loving way that can be understood easily with supporting details.

  • A resounding yes.

    Particularly on issues like the middle east conflict.

    There is so much corruption in the media on this very sensitive topic, that there are at least 3 that I know of, who's main purpose is to combat & expose media corruption. I've subscribed (it's all free) to all 3, as should anyone who wants to balance out media corruption.

    1) CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America was formed.

    2)MERMI - Middle East Media Research institute -

    3) Honest Reporting - - This 1 has a bit of a pro israel agenda/ bias, but it's still very good.

    Some recent year end highlights from Honest reporting:

  • Political Agenda

    US media members have a political agenda. They often suppress facts while exaggerating and misleading. They are an extension of their political party's campaign efforts while pretending to be objective journalists. They follow distributed talking points and their views are extreme compared to that of the average American. They act like they are the elite, and somehow more enlightened, looking down on the average American with contempt.

    Posted by: dirk
  • Yes, the extremists of the Democratic party control the media.

    The media is controlled by the mainstream media, as people don't know to look at both sides, evidently. The mainstream media has kept Benghazi coverage from us, has edited Zimmerman's call to 911 about Trayvon Martin, always brings up the racist/sexist card, and discriminates against anyone they do not like. This is the complete opposite of Journalistic Integrity.

  • No, the American media is not corrupt.

    No, I don't believe that the American media is corrupt, at least for the most part. There is a long-standing belief that media companies have long been secretly working together with corporations to advance both their agendas, in ways such as subliminal marketing. Research has shown evidence to the contrary, however. A few American media companies are corrupt in the sense that they are heavily biased, such as the Fox News political network, which has a strong right-leaning, conservative bias.

  • Please define corrupt for me

    Many say they are corrupt because the media is pushing something.....But that the point! They report the news and through in their analysis which is an opinion. Its up to you to regard or disregard it.. Also wishing them harm or saying they should have their stations shut down is extreme.....What about all the good they do Weather reporting, talking about current events.... Not everything they talk about is politics they can also talk about every day things

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