Is the American public "grossed out" by homosexuality?

  • Of course the American public is grossed out by homosexuality.

    It is mainly the liberal left that accepts homosexuality.

    Homosexual sex is gross and unnatural. The backside hole that purpose is for the eliminate waste from you body is not meant to have the male part rammed up it for sexual pleasure. That is perverse.

    Homosexuals are responsible for the majority of HIV in America. And, they are the biggest group of IV drug users.

    So, yes normal Americans and normal people throughout the World are grossed out by homosexuality.

    Myth: Research shows that there is a "gay gene." Homosexuality is genetic.

    Reality: Homosexuality is not a genetically encoded condition. Contrary to media hype, there is no conclusive or compelling empirical evidence showing any absolute biological, genetic, or hormonal causation for homosexuality. Homosexual activist and molecular biologist Dean Hamer’s study claiming the existence of a homosexual gene has been scientifically discredited. Studies that claim to prove homosexuality is genetic have been purposefully designed from a homosexual advocacy perspective and seek to convince society that homosexuality is innate, psychologically normal, and thus socially desirable.

    Myth: Homosexual behavior is innate. Homosexuality is "what a person is."

    Reality: What a person does (behavior) should never be equated with what a person is. No human being can or should be reduced to his or her sexual impulses. Impulses cannot compel behavior or identities without a person’s consent. If people "are" their actions, then what does that say about the thief, the anorexic, the prostitute, or the marathon runner? Ninety-eight percent of the population does not define their very being and purpose in life by their sexual behavior. See Fast Facts #73-83

    Myth: Homosexuality is unchangeable.

    Myth: Homosexuals suffer from the same types of discrimination that minorities experienced prior to the civil rights movement.

    Reality: Homosexuality is a sexual behavior. It cannot be compared to race or ethnicity. People who engage in same-sex behavior are accorded the same rights as every other citizen. Special rights should not be given to individuals because of their sexual behavior. Homosexuality is not a genetically encoded condition - like height or skin color. Governments should not grant special rights to the homosexual community for what is a behaviorally-based identity rather than a true genetic one."
    Myth: The mental and emotional problems that homosexuals experience are due to the straight community’s persecution and intolerance of their lifestyle.

    Reality: If this were true, then one would expect to find lower rates of suicide and mental illness among homosexuals in areas where homosexuality has been mainstreamed and widely accepted for decades (i.e., San Francisco, European countries, particularly the Netherlands). However, research shows that there is no reduction in the rates of suicide, mental illness, substance abuse, alcoholism, and homosexual domestic violence in areas where homosexuality is more widely accepted. High rates of emotional trauma in homosexuals are not induced by society but rather are the result of deviant behavior that assaults the emotional and physical health, of those who engage in homosexual sex. See Fast Facts #1-23, 24-34, 35-40

  • It explains a lot, actually.

    At the end of the day, after the Bible-toting, Fox-watching, gun-toting conservatives are done whining about why marriage equality will never come to be, the real issue isn't that homosexuals aren't equal citizens. No, the thing in the back of everyone's mind is this: Ew. That's gross.

    This is a major reason why we have so many problems.

  • I hope so.

    I think they are, and so they should be. It's such an unnatural act. If things were meant to be that way then the human race would be extinct. I would hope it's a defense mechanism in our species that prevents most people from witnessing such an act, never mind practicing such an act.

  • Of course we are

    How can we not be disgusted by sex acts that make one much more likely to get STDs like AIDS, syphilis, and gonorrhea? The fact of the matter is homosexual sex is inherently disgusting and there is nothing wrong with not liking that (FTR I think heterosexual sex is disgusting as well, so there).

    Posted by: TN05
  • It's utterly disgusting

    Let's see... The "gay gene" is a myth, Homosexuals have higher rates of suicide, suffer from higher rates of mental illness, biggest cause of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Why would a man think that putting their misplaced thumb in another man's hamster hole is pleasurable?! FECES comes out from the hamster hole! It's just DISGUSTING.

  • Yes its horribly wrong

    It makes me mad when people tell me that just because I don't like it doesn't mean that I have to be mean about it. But those people don't understand that it's completely unnatural its a sin, it's not my opinion it's not the way were originally built. We were made to help one another, and bulid and grown as a society, live our lives and pass it on to the next generation. I'm just stating what's morally right to all of us

  • I am gay

    I like it and would not choose to be any other way. For people who are gay it feels so natural.
    People who are not gay don’t have to participate. They can enjoy their straight lives which I’m sure feel natural to them. I’m hoping we can all agree that we should be able to enjoy what we like and leave each other alone.

  • Some idiots are

    Just let people do what they want. Gosh I am so tired of people putting their noses into other people's business because they think it is "wrong" or "icky" or they are "grossed out". Just get over it. I know plenty of people who are okay with it. You are not going to change their minds and you just drive them crazy.

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