• Educated people seek the answers to problems

    Educated people seek the answers to problems therefore eliminating all of our problems. This will eliminate conflict and wars over unimportant matters. It would also lead to a better common citizen because their intelligence level would be higher. It would also speed up the eradication of all diseases and hunger.

  • Education is indeed the answer to all of our questions

    Almost any problem that you can think of can be mitigated by more education, whether it is poverty, crime, obesity, drug addiction, and of course bad educational outcomes. A more knowledgeable and educated populace simply isn't beset by so many of the problems that will be inevitable in an undereducated population

  • It is law enforcement.

    No, the answer to all of our problems is not education, because an education alone cannot provide a person with a job. Education alone doesn't do anything. We can be educated, but that is not going to feed and clothe us. It will not invent new medicine. We need human ingenuity the most.

  • No it is not

    No, because if that were the case than people with educations would all be happy and care free, but they are not, at least not all them. Some people work hard at low level jobs and save their money, then they open up their own business and become just as successful if not more successful than the person who wasted time learning instead of earning.

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