Is the Black Lives Matter movement Anarchy, as Sherrif David Clarke said?

  • Yes it fits the definition.

    "Anarchy"- a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

    This is exactly what BLM does. They hold protests, often breaking laws, obstructing the free flow of traffic, inciting fearful and divisive rhetoric, inflating the severity of minor issues that serve as a platform for radical nutjobs to justify things like sniping cops in the name of fighting back against the unjustified killing of black men by police officers, which happens... Almost never. Investigation after investigation tends to debunk the BLM claims that law enforcement somehow has it out for the black population. Going all the way back to the flagship "victim" of the movement (the thug Michael Brown, remember the "hands up don't shoot" false nonsense?) to the most recent tragic accident of Philando Castille, who news outlets said was pulled over for a "tailight" (which was false) when in actuality he resembled a suspect in a dangerous armed robbery (which he had nothing to do with) that the officer was investigating. It was unfortunate, and that officer should be removed from the force for the way he handled the situation, but it doesn't in any way fit the narrative that cops are hunting down black men and killing them in the streets.

    The movement encourages the disregard and disrespect for our authoritarian system. Yes, it is anarchy.

  • Yes, he is a great example of how people of any Race can rise up, work hard to achieve their goal.

    Black Lives Matter has no more to do with black issues than Students for a Democratic Society had to do with Democracy. They are means to an end, and they use the black population as sacrifices for their goals. When black celebrities like Beyoncé jump on board I can only wonder what their goals are – more ticket sales? An easy pass from the liberals who control their contracts? It certainly is not to help their community.

  • No, Black Lives Matter is not Anarchy, it is a much needed movement for reminding us of our past struggles

    Black Lives Matter can easily be traduced to "All Lives Matter" despite what some newspapers and figures may have said publicly lately. The fact that people are trying to protect black lives does not mean they think people of color are more entitled or should be protected over white people, all this means is that we have forgotten today all that was fought over not even a century past, and this is unacceptable in a society that reinforces freedom.

  • Sherrif Clarke may have been speaking while emotions were still high

    It is easy to point fingers and spout opinions when an act of violence has recently been commited. Sherrif Clarke was understandably upset and frustrated but as a figure of authority, his comments were given too much credence. I am sure after some time passed, he came to regret his statement, or I would hope he did.

  • No, it's a response to injustice.

    The Black Lives Matter movement is not anarchy. It is a response to systemic injustice towards black people in the United States. It is simply asking for police officers to be held accountable for killing black people at disproportionate rates. When there is systemic injustice, the only response is to protest, which is what Black Lives Matter is doing.

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