• Yes they are

    Their rhetoric has caused several violent hate crimes to happen. In 2014 a group of teens who attended a black lives matter rally yelled "kill white people" and hammered a white man to death. Than a BLM supporter killed two NYPD.
    This year BLM supporters asked a white man if he supported them and than beta him up. Just recently a BLM supporter killed 5 Dallas police officers in a terrorist attack against police.
    Than a man killed a police officer in Tennessee. CBS reported that he was targeting white people.

  • Yes, the widely publicized antics of the Black Lives Matter movement is encouraging further violence and aggression.

    When people see the aggressive actions of Black Lives matter in the news or on television, it validates that behavior and indirectly encourages others to do the same. People who have felt isolated before are now seeing others perform in ways they have only ever thought about, and it encourages them to take that leap and join in on their behavior.

  • Forceful Not Peaceful Protest Increases Violence

    Black Lives Matter paints targets across all populations that aren't black. By doing the targeting of other races they are single handedly causing an increase in racial violence across all lines. Pick a peaceful fight for unity, not one for division. Use the tools that promote unity, hug a different skin tone, share a meal, walk hand in hand to be the change you want to see.

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter movement is causing increased violence.

    There are elements of the Black Lives Matter movement that are resulting in more violence toward police officers. The violent rhetoric of some of the protestors could be promoting more violence. Furthermore, the Black Lives Matter movement paints a majority of police officers as being bad; overlooking the good they do for many communities. In short, it is likely that some of these protestors are causing increased violence.

  • Amazingly peaceful group

    No, the Black Lives Matter movement is not causing increased violence. The group has actually been remarkably peaceful in its actions. Unfortunately, they are bringing issues to the forefront that many people want to keep hidden. This fear of the issue and refusal to acknowledge the problems have caused increased violence.

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