• The Mary Question

    The second commandment says that graven images should not be worshipped. Most catholic churches have a statue representing Mary; the virgin of Guadalupe picture is worshipped. Most catholic ceromonies place Mary first. The last depiction that I saw showed Jesus at the feet of Mary. Mary is described by the Catholic Church as Mediatrix. These are things that I don't read in the bible.

  • Brainwashed

    Nothing like using guilt, suppression and fear to keep them in the fold. Nothing like hiding under the catholic hood...molesting children and then making excuses or turning a blind eye. The Catholic religion talks about birth control...tell you what, we will send all unwanted babies to your doorstep for you to raise for the next 18 years. How sad and pathetic.

  • The Pope and Vatican publicly state that they are the leaders of a cult - the Catholic Church

    Lumen Gentium - the Dogmatic Constitution of the Catholic Church, Solemnly Promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964, calls itself a cult, using that word cult, 7 times. The Catholic Church calls itself a cult. Its daily practices include altars, robes, eating of human flesh, drinking of human blood, rituals, virgins, virginal conception, and on and on. A Catholic priest is required to refuse communion to anyone that does not truly believe that the communion bread is the body of the human Christ and that the communion wine is the blood of human Christ. The Catholic Church is definitely a cult and it calls itself a cult many times in its own Constitution.

  • Yes, all organized religions are cults

    Catholics, along with all other major organized religions are cults. The fact that they are more accepted by mainstream culture does not change the fact that they require their members to believe outlandish fairy tales and hand over their own personal responsibility to an imaginary being. The leaders of the church are secretive and expect their followers to believe their preaching on faith alone. Sounds a lot like a cult to me. Every Sunday those good Catholics go and drink the kool-aid (wine and bread).

  • yes, the Catholic Church is like a cult

    The Catholic Church is like a cult. It is steeped in rituals and beliefs that go back to days that our culture does not even understand. It insists that its members follow a set of rigid beliefs that are determined by a higher authority that is not at all in touch with the world of today. Much of what happens in the Vatican and throughout the authorities of the church is cloaked in secrecy. The followers of the Catholic religion mostly consists of people living in poverty while the church has outrageous displays of wealth. I don't think the average Catholic considers himself to be a member of a cult, but the authorities in the Catholic church do behave as if they are a cult.

  • Mariology has taken over

    The Catholic Church revere and worship Mary. They teach two doctrines that are directly oppose to Holy Scripture. The first is the Immaculate Conception. This states that Mary was without original sin and therefore in no need of a Savior (see Luke1:47). The second is the Assumption. This supposes that Mary was taken into heaven in bodily form, just as Jesus Christ was. (see John 3:13). Also, anyone can easily see that through the liturgy they have made the word of God useless. (Mark 7:13) My problem with Catholicism is that the Holy Bible plays second fiddle to their tradition.

  • Yes it is a cult

    Sadly endemic child abuse by the Church appears to be in every country the Church has exited for thousands of years & appears covered up from the bottom to the Pope. The hiding of Diocese income through a maze of slippery accounting , Bank & Trusts which own Catholic Church properties appears to be a well organised scam to protect the rich income & assets of the Church from legal challenges due to the child abuse cases globally. The denial over the eons of child abuse by the Catholic Church is a sad part of human history. It appears the fingers of the Catholic Church invade the legal Systems, Judiciary & Political systems of the world & the Church has influence on outcomes. Ask any orphan, who was living in a Catholic Church Orphanage, what went on whilst he/she was there. If they are not scared out their wits from speaking up , they may tell you. In My opinion appears the systematic brainwashing & abuse of minors is a proven modus operandi followed by the cult & should be stamped out & the expose of all those covering up this sick activity & the Cardinals & Pope be brought to account n courts of law & Jury's should not be connected to the Catholic Cult in any way shape or form.

  • Yes its a cult

    They go against the word of the bible in so many ways. Praying and kneeling to idols/ statue when it clearly says not to. The use there preist as a mediator a life line if you will. JESUS clearly says in the bible to come to Him and nobidy else. Hey believe sprinkling water on a baby gets rid of original sin, don't get me started on that. Anyway the list goes on and on.

  • Not biblical, never was

    They promote all sorts of things that are absolutely just not Biblical. Confession. Calling Priests father. Praying to dead people. Worshipping statues. Worshipping Mary. Purgatory. It is all elaborate ritual, history, mumbo jumbo, going through the hollow, meaningless, emoty motions. There is no life, no Christ in it. No promise of heaven. It is downright creepy.

  • Yes, it is a cult.

    Only God is called the HOLY FATHER is the Bible, yet the pope allows himself to be called this. He sits on a throne and accepts worship. Peter didn't. Peter was married according to the Bible, yet the RC Cult does not allow marriage. Mary worship is idolatry. Now they are worshipping [kissing!] the blood of John Paul II. Biggest cult on planet.

  • No it is not.

    Its corrupt now, I admit , but it is no where near a cult. The foundation of the church was founded by saints who followed Jesus Christ himself, no way is this a cult. Come on people. Yes, it is corrupt and yes many of the priests have done wrong but not all, people still make mistakes, we're only human, even the holy sin. I believe the Revelation will come soon and the church shows signs of evil controlling the church, but its "true" purpose is for good, not evil.

  • No, the Catholic Church is not a cult.

    The Catholic Church cannot be considered a cult. There are certain criteria that qualify a religious group as cult like in nature, and the Catholic Church simply does not qualify. The Church does not solicit people directly to join their ranks. There is no pressure in looking into becoming a Catholic.

  • No it is not.

    The Catholic Church is a denomination of the Christian Church. It follows a set of doctrines that its members choose to follow, just like any other church. Christianity would have not survived the dark age without the Catholic church. I think that their traditions can be misunderstood as "cultish," but they are only traditions that people shouldn't get so excited over.

  • Not at all.

    Of course the Catholic Church is not a cult. Members of the Church are allowed to live their lives how they want to live them, minus some small guidelines that it is their choice to follow or not follow. Some churches are open to all different types of people. They do not ask you to change who you are to join. They also do not brainwash people, steal peoples money, or force people to commit suicide which are common traits of cults.

  • I am a Catholic myself and it isn't a cult

    We do not believe in cult practices, in fact to Catholics it is a sin. During a sacrament called confirmation all Catholics get to accept or reject the faith. I have seen many people who are not Catholic attending mass. We believe in good and being kind, we are kind to others most of the time. We aren't controlled, we CHOOSE to be Catholic, And my best friend does not go to mass every Sunday because her family doesn't have enough time, so no they don't EXPECT you to come to church every Sunday they WANT you to. And if the story is true about the baby then shame on those people who decided that because I assure you we are not a cult.

  • No its not.

    If they love and worship Jesus Christ and believe and are baptized calling on the name of the lord they are saved. Yes it is a bigger church but its no cult. They don't worship marry they ask for her to pray for them . I am church of Christ.

  • No, By Definition

    By definition, the Catholic Church is not a cult. A cult is defined as a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader. The Catholic Church is a collective of approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide from variant cultures, while led by the Pope of Rome, remain with a conscience clause that allows from individual decision. Degrees of participation vary. A cult also involves a nonscientific method or regimen claimed by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease or personal problem, yet no such exclusive claim is made, and the Catholic Church, historically, has provided financial support to scientists, and formed what is now the modern university or academic institution. A cult includes an obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing, yet the Catholic Church requires not such obsession. In a cult, the group of persons is exclusive, as opposed to inclusive, as with the Catholic Church, and while the cult shares an single specific esoteric interest, the Catholic Church embodies a variety of global interests.

  • It is not

    Simply because a few people mistakes make a human error doesn't mean the other billion Catholics are part of a cult. The Institution's message has always been good, and evil always tries to attack what is good every way it can(whether by corruption or causing people to make mistakes and then making people generalize on that institution). So no by no means is it a cult

  • No, the church promotes good, just cause some people do wrong doesn't mean the other billion are wrong too.

    Every argument stating it is hangs on to little details and faults that are based on Human Error. Whether You are Catholic or not The Catholic Church is fundamentally a place for doing Good. Evil will always attack what is good and so comes the scandals and corruption, but the fundamental message of the church is still to promote good and peace. Any corruption is not based on the institution but the doing of a human error.

  • The Catholic Church is not a cult

    The Church actually denounces cult practices as a mortal sin. Catholics are not brainwashed, they have the opportunity to accept or reject the Catholic faith at thte time of confirmation which is at the rational age of at least 12. It is not a secret society, anyone is welcome to enter a Catholic Church and attend Mass

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