• Not biblical, never was

    They promote all sorts of things that are absolutely just not Biblical. Confession. Calling Priests father. Praying to dead people. Worshipping statues. Worshipping Mary. Purgatory. It is all elaborate ritual, history, mumbo jumbo, going through the hollow, meaningless, emoty motions. There is no life, no Christ in it. No promise of heaven. It is downright creepy.

  • This church instils FEAR into its followers

    Non-practising catholics will tell you that they have a thing they term 'catholic guilt' which makes it hard for them to make decisions such as Where to send their children for schooling. This is created by fear instilled in them by their catholic parents, their priests and nuns by threatening them with a nasty afterlife where they will fear gods wrath.

  • Catholic is definitely a cult!

    Catholic removed the 2nd commandment which the Almighty God wrote with HIS own hand. This counterfeit gospel will only produce counterfeit salvation. Most everything the Catholic teaches contradict the Bible. Jesus can never be confined in the Catholic church nor in the mass they practice. They are preaching a different Jesus. They are the Harlot sitting on the beast in Revelation 17. The Catholic is NOT the true bride of Jesus; which is why Jesus called her a harlot. Rev 18; 4 says "...Come out of her...". Hitler was a Catholic and he said he was just carrying on the same policy which the Catholic church had adopted...Perhaps he was doing Christianity a great service by killing the Jews. Faith in Jesus is the only way to God the Father. Any other teaching is heresy.

  • The only thing sicker than a catholic is.... Nope cant think of anything

    Abusive, controlling, judgemental, cruel, deviant, pediphiles, rapists, sick sick brain washing moralistic papal preaching pigs. For those who have suffered the years and years of parental influences forcing you to believe and judge you despite their hypocritical nonsense I am sorry you have been abused. Search for freedom it's there. Don't be tricked into submission by the lie of hell

  • False doctrines and beliefs

    #1 -They believe that their church is the only true church - #1 characteristic of a cult.

    #2 - They have a sole leader that is "God's spokesman" to the church and world.

    #3 - They have extra-biblical writings that they hold as equal to the scripture.

    #4 - They hold unorthodox doctrines. - purgatory, ever virgin Mary, mass.

    #5 - They worship idols.

    Add it all up and they are not a true church.

  • The Mary Question

    The second commandment says that graven images should not be worshipped. Most catholic churches have a statue representing Mary; the virgin of Guadalupe picture is worshipped. Most catholic ceromonies place Mary first. The last depiction that I saw showed Jesus at the feet of Mary. Mary is described by the Catholic Church as Mediatrix. These are things that I don't read in the bible.

  • "Offer it up", Communion MUST contain 0.01% gluten to be "valid matter", Pope and his "helpers" (Cardinals) live in luxury

    How often has a Roman Catholic heard the EXCUSE "offer it up" when complaining about being treated poorly or even abusively by the hierarchy? The "religious" (nuns and priests) are treated and seen as better and choosing the narrow way compared to seculars. Only the priestly class can properly interpret the bible. Seculars have to seek forgiveness thru priests. One can not talk directly with God on their own.

  • Brainwashed

    Nothing like using guilt, suppression and fear to keep them in the fold. Nothing like hiding under the catholic hood...molesting children and then making excuses or turning a blind eye. The Catholic religion talks about birth control...tell you what, we will send all unwanted babies to your doorstep for you to raise for the next 18 years. How sad and pathetic.

  • The Pope and Vatican publicly state that they are the leaders of a cult - the Catholic Church

    Lumen Gentium - the Dogmatic Constitution of the Catholic Church, Solemnly Promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964, calls itself a cult, using that word cult, 7 times. The Catholic Church calls itself a cult. Its daily practices include altars, robes, eating of human flesh, drinking of human blood, rituals, virgins, virginal conception, and on and on. A Catholic priest is required to refuse communion to anyone that does not truly believe that the communion bread is the body of the human Christ and that the communion wine is the blood of human Christ. The Catholic Church is definitely a cult and it calls itself a cult many times in its own Constitution.

  • Yes, all organized religions are cults

    Catholics, along with all other major organized religions are cults. The fact that they are more accepted by mainstream culture does not change the fact that they require their members to believe outlandish fairy tales and hand over their own personal responsibility to an imaginary being. The leaders of the church are secretive and expect their followers to believe their preaching on faith alone. Sounds a lot like a cult to me. Every Sunday those good Catholics go and drink the kool-aid (wine and bread).

  • No it is not.

    Its corrupt now, I admit , but it is no where near a cult. The foundation of the church was founded by saints who followed Jesus Christ himself, no way is this a cult. Come on people. Yes, it is corrupt and yes many of the priests have done wrong but not all, people still make mistakes, we're only human, even the holy sin. I believe the Revelation will come soon and the church shows signs of evil controlling the church, but its "true" purpose is for good, not evil.

  • No, the Catholic Church is not a cult.

    The Catholic Church cannot be considered a cult. There are certain criteria that qualify a religious group as cult like in nature, and the Catholic Church simply does not qualify. The Church does not solicit people directly to join their ranks. There is no pressure in looking into becoming a Catholic.

  • No! It is absolutely NOT a cult!

    Don't just base your beliefs about Catholicism from anti-Catholic websites/people. Ask a Catholic, not a website. I'm a Catholic, and have been since birth. It is very traditional. We do not worship statues or Mary or the saints - instead, we pray to them for guidance. I have nothing against anyone, but please, get your facts straight. We don't believe you "fall" from grace and must be saved over and over again. Jesus died for EVERYONE. He defeated sin once and for all - for EVERYONE and for ever! Pope Fracis is a godly man. Yes, some popes weren't so godly. Catholicism has over 1 billion people worldwide. It does seem like we worship idols. WE DO NOT. Look up the Nicene Creed - it has everything that Catholics believe. God bless.

  • No it is not.

    The Catholic Church is a denomination of the Christian Church. It follows a set of doctrines that its members choose to follow, just like any other church. Christianity would have not survived the dark age without the Catholic church. I think that their traditions can be misunderstood as "cultish," but they are only traditions that people shouldn't get so excited over.

  • Not at all.

    Of course the Catholic Church is not a cult. Members of the Church are allowed to live their lives how they want to live them, minus some small guidelines that it is their choice to follow or not follow. Some churches are open to all different types of people. They do not ask you to change who you are to join. They also do not brainwash people, steal peoples money, or force people to commit suicide which are common traits of cults.

  • Not a Cult

    Firstly, Catholics DO NOT worship Mary. Catholics believe that she is sinless, but only through god is she made so. Secondly, Catholics indeed DO pray to our father in heaven. I ask a question, why are you calling Catholicism a cult, when Catholics wait until they are a teenager to be confirmed into the church? Many denominations are confirmed as a child, before they can make their own decision. Why call the original church a cult but not the other denominations of Christianity. And lastly, give me one idol the Catholic church worships before you make a point about Catholics worshiping an idol. None of the supporters of this statement give ANY evidence whatsoever, and to you , my reader, I just presented some.

  • Of course not.

    If the Catholic Church was what it's haters say it is, who would like it. It's nothing but pure Christianity, and the entire service (Mass) revolves around Jesus. Prayers, Three Bible readings, more prayers, Communion with Christ as he instructed, more prayers. Myths and misconceptions aren't reality -- except to those who are more interested in defending their current system of beliefs than they are in learning the Truth and experiencing the fullness of the Christian faith. BTW -- Catholic literally means Universal ...

  • The Holy Roman Catholic Church is not a cult

    I am a practising Catholic. I do not belong to a cult. I have never been asked to do anything I didn't want to do. I do not worship idols, that's ridiculous. Jesus, Mary and Joseph are to me the Holy Family and I look to them for an example. We do have statues but not for worship, they are like a photograph, a simple reminder of the saints and the Holy Family. We pray to God, we converse with our heavenly family for guidance and help. No one locks us up and forces us to do anything. We are free to make our own decisions. To be a Christian isn't easy but with the support of the church teachings we can try to be the best we can. The Holy Mass is very powerful and it brings us all together. We are collectively members of God's body, all are welcome. We try to help one and other as well as anyone who comes seeking support. I love my church and its peoples. We are definitely not a cult, it is so wrong to suggest that. God is at the helm and we are guided by him. I read the bible. I have never ever been instructed not to. I was taught never to judge other people to love the sinner but not the sin and I believe that is absolutely right. The Roman Catholic church is definitely not a cult. I have no idea why some people choose to vilify the church. At the end of time we will all be held responsible for our own actions. If you try to live you life according to the ten commandments then I am sure God will reward us. God is the only judge and none of us will escape our punishment or reward. God bless.

  • The Catholic Church is not a cult

    I was born a Roman Catholic. I have never been brain-washed, I have always been free to follow my own direction without interference from the church. I have been allowed to make my own mistakes but reassured by the fact that I would never be judged for my choices. Even when I wandered away I knew in my heart that the Roman Catholic Church was there waiting patiently for me to return to the fold. We are taught Christian values and life values. I went to a Roman Catholic convent school. I understood what God, Jesus, Mary, represented. God was my heavenly father, Jesus is his son and Mary is Jesus' mother and Joseph his earthly father. The holy family. I never prayed to statues but was reminded (as when one looks at a photograph) the significance of the personage represented. The holy Trinity is God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit, three in one a holy mystery. We are taught love and acceptance of everyone and are challenged to do what is right for our fellow man. I don't understand the nonsense that is spread about the Roman Catholic Church, I really don't. People who believe the church is a cult are sadly mistaken, they are ignorant of the facts. I love being a member of the church and if I didn't like what the church teaches I would simply leave. I have my own mind, make informed choices and have indeed put the church to the test. We are not a cult. No way.

  • Not a Cult

    Since Christianity was born from the Jewish religion.
    The Jews claim that our Bible is the adulterated version of their Torah.
    Where deleting a certain part from the Scripture is concerned, there's no authenticity to it being the 100% pure version of the Torah.
    If that's the case, i guess all of us are in to Cultism..

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