• The Worship of Mary as Goddess

    It isnt just political/organizational corruption that is prevalent. The worship of Mary as a Goddess is clearly unbiblical. Catholics believe Mary is the "Queen of Heaven" and that salvation can be had by devoting themselves exclusively to her. This is just one example of the corruption of the Word of God the catholic church has engaged in.

  • It Clearly is

    The Church is clearly corrupt, apparent to anyone capable of logical thinking. In any organisation that makes a lot of money corruption exists by default. The Leader of the Church, the Pope, can use the money and resources only way he wants, as he's on the top of hierarchy. You'd think the Pope would never abuse money, as he's a holy man, but he really isn't unlike any of us. He uses the money for his own purposes and we all know it.

  • Corruption: Catholic Church

    Unfortunately, the Church is inherently corrupt (and I speak as a former Catholic). Having attended Catholic schools until the age of 18 years, I'm only too aware that there are exceptionally good people in the church, particularly teachers (Marist Brothers, Jesuits, etc.). However, the whole concept on which the church is based is suspect (i.E. The belief that there is a godhead "in the sky" and that the Catholic church is the only true church) and this must inevitably lead to on-going corrupt practices by those in power, no matter what media exposure uncovers. I am particularly disturbed by the ostentatious display of wealth in the Vatican. Why do these god-figures, cardinals, bishops, etc., need to adorn themselves with all manner of regalia, and repeatedly carryout rituals, all of which are "man-made"?? Did the Catholic god-figure instruct the church to undertake rituals ?, did he/she specify dress code ? Did he/she instruct the church to discriminate against the gay community (and I speak as a "straight") ? Did he/she state that contraception was wrong ? And where does one find all this nonsense ?

  • Discrimination, Hypocrisy, Child abuse and Cover-ups

    1. Discrimination against LGBT community.
    2. Hypocrisy, they preach to treat one another how you would like to be treated, yet they discriminate against others and yet have priests who are homosexual.
    3. Child abuse and Cover-ups by the hierarchy. Enough reason to boycott.
    1. Discrimination against LGBT community.
    2. Hypocrisy, they preach to treat one another how you would like to be treated, yet they discriminate against others and yet have priests who are homosexual.
    3. Child abuse and Cover-ups by the hierarchy. Enough reason to boycott.

  • Sadly it's true

    The Catholic Church's long history of corruption started a long time ago they have broken countless rules, shed blood and killed in the name of god. They have made up rules, they have destroyed the second commandment and put a false one in its place. This religion in many ways is not how I think god intentioned his church to be

  • Yes, the Catholic Church is corrupt

    Sadly, the catholic church has been corrupt for some time. Even in its earlier days, there was bending and breaking of rules for the sake of power. The basic teachings of the church are sacred, but it is still run by people, and people can be corrupted with power and money. As has been said, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Yes.

    I think that in recent time, the Catholic Church has become corrupt. The reason is the structure of the church government. Too much power is distributed to too few people. Like any situation with this, there is bound to be a vie for power and subsequent corruptness. The church has lost its original purpose and is now more like a business.

  • Yes

    I don't see a reason for any church to hold onto so much money instead of doing God's work.

    The Catholic church is the worst of any of them in hoarding wealth. Why does the Pope need to have so much gold in the Vatican? He's not God and we shouldn't be worshiping him so let's see him and others in that church act more like the late Mother Teresa and live a life of meaning and not of wealth.

  • The Roman Catholic Church does not teach salvation based on faith alone.

    The Doctrine of the Catholic Church does not honor the Bible as the sole source of doctrine; they add tradition as being of equal value. The doctrine they officially hold to does not believe in salvation based on faith, from the grace of God, as the sole determinant of salvation; they teach salvation is lost when one sins and requires absolution from a priest to re-establish salvation.....And they add works as necessary for salvation. This is contrary to the Bible. In fact, in the Council of Trent they declared "sola fide" anathema. The doctrine of "sola fide" (faith alone) is the irreconcilable difference between Roman Catholic and Protestant doctrine. Also there is no Biblical support for purgatory, limbo, celibacy, indulgences, or the papacy. I urge the reader to search the Bible to confirm what I say if you don't believe what I say.

  • Unbiblical Teachings, suppression of Gods Word

    They cling onto false teachings not found in the bible, such as hellfire, the trinity. The Catholic Church has murdered thousands through time as heretics and for translating the bible into the common tongue of the people. They have also are heavily involved in politics and wars both now and in the past. It has a lot of blood on its hands.

  • Do your research!

    The original Church and established by St. Peter. People just don't understand the theological and logical ways they address issues and concepts. They can easily justify EVERYTHING they preach but people simply aren't bothered to research and learn so turn to easy alternatives. For example, Catholics believe Mary INTERCEEDS for us, like Angels which are clearly in the Bible. They do not worship her and her crowing as Queen of Heaven is actually explored in the last Book of the Bible and has been confirmed in hundreds of Miracles. They are the largest Christian denomination and the biggest Charity group in the world. The work they do in my local community is amazing and inspiring. The number one reason why I KNOW it is the true Church is they are persecuted more than anyone else just as Jesus says many times. I have never seen any other denomination get criticised a tenth of what Catholics cop. My advice - actually do your research!!

  • No it is not!!!!

    If the Church were corrupt, they'd we ruling the world by now, and the Pope would have millions of girlfriends, isn't that right? That was what it was like at one point in time, and people turned away from the Church. Corruption is what you call 'Power', 'Ruthless', 'Filthy Rich'. Think of an actor or an actress, most of them are pretty rich, and what do they do, do you give to the poor, or do they buy fancy Chanel shoes and buy a Rolex watch, huh? The Church at less it BASED on charity work and helping other parishes around the world. The Catholic IS the only true Church.

    Heads up Anglicans, here's something for you: When King Henry VIII was alive, he had an advisor, he was Saint Thomas More. Now King Henry wanted to DIVORCE his wife because he couldn't have a male child with her, and Thomas said that he COULD NOT divorce his wife as it was not Catholic teaching so King Henry killed him. King Henry was the start of the Anglican faith. This is what you call a diversion from the real and true teaching which Catholicism, so how can Anglicans say that their faith is the true one, when they should know King Henry went AGAINST Catholic teaching.

    And the reason why the Pope wears a ring is to signify he is 'married' with the Church, just as Christ is 'married' to the Church. But if you think their corrupt, have a look at some Orders of the Catholic faith like the Franciscans they are the ones who gave their life to a life of poverty! Call that corrupt? How about the Benedictines?

    Some faiths don't believe Mary is important. Well she is definitely important. Why? She is the Mother of God, the Mother of Christ! Don't understand? Okay, if you met a really smart student, wouldn't you want to know who their parents are? What their parents are like? It's the same with Mother Mary, God specially chose her, she was visited by an angel that said to her, "Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee" The angel was saying that she was in the Lord's favour. She was special. She was chosen by God!

    Want to know more, then just reply to this, I'll gladly hear your argument!

  • No, the Catholic Church is not corrupt.

    The Catholic Church is an organization, and like any other organized group, has its share of corrupt individuals within its ranks. You can’t judge an entire family on what one member is doing. The same holds true in most other areas of life. The true answer is the Catholic Church is not corrupt, but some people in it are.

  • And Why Focus on the Catholics?

    Basically, the WHOLE WORLD is corrupt, and you Cristian Evangelists try to force a spotlight on the Catholic to make you look superior. We do not worship idols, we have images. We don't believe the image itself is a deity, but it is to only in pray in remembrance. How can you protestants carry around a one dollar bill with Washington's face on it then if all images are bad?
    Ah, what about saint intercession? "Oh, you believe Mary is a goddess whom you pray and worship to". No, she intercedes, much like in the Wedding of Cana. And you people let your protestant priest pray for the sick, so why can't the mother of God have the right to intercede opon us sinners?
    There is no doubt Catholicism is the one true church Christ has founded.

  • No it is not

    The fact that nobodies perfect in this world, nit picking the small percentage of "corruption" is irrelevant in the whole of the church. We look to God for guidance to push ourselves toward perfection, but we can't look toward a faction of humans and expect perfection. I don't agree with everything that goes on in the church but that doesn't mean they're fully corrupt. If you really think about how big the church is (spanning the entire world) there's no way for there to be no wrong done.

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  • A light of truth in the world

    Reason properly applied on the doctrine of the Church affirms its reasonableness. That teaching cannot compel people to be perfect. Those who struggle to follow it will be better people. They will love even their enemies and try to do good. The failings of individuals are theirs alone not those of the Church. The Church exists to draw people to God. Sadly human frailty obscures this and people try to use their positions of influence or authority for selfish reasons just as they can for any other area of human activity. Faithfulness demands a constant personal struggle to resist the temptations which can lead us to act contrary to the truths given to us by Christ which the Church holds and passes on for all generations.

  • One in 12 was corrupt

    Jesus had 12 apostles. One in twelve betrayed Jesus for money. The others, except John, abandoned him out of fear in the time of need. That's a high percentage. The Church is proportionally less corrupt. Hands up anyone who is NOT corrupt. There is evil and corruption in each one of us. Each Christian is both a saint and a sinner. The Church reflects this. It is both a community of saints and a community of sinners. That is human nature. All are in need of the mercy of God. The difference lies in the fact that a Christian and, by extension the church, recognises the corruption within and asks forgiveness. This is humility. The non-Christian is not aware of sin in his life because he has no sense of sin. He thinks himself better than he is. This is pride. This is the real corruption that has no cure. Jesus and the body of Christ (the Church) is the cure and justification of the Christian. Every Christian's life (and therefore the church) is hidden with Christ in God. (Colossians 3:3.) In itself the church is sinful (corrupt) in Christ it is spotless. Each Christian and therefore the Church is on a journey of purification.

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