• International Women's Day Supports Separation

    Although in theory, a day celebrating a historically underprivileged group is great, it leads to unfortunate circumstances in the real world. From personal experience, the only women who talk about the day use the opportunity to spout radical feminist ideas that are no longer about equality, but rather completely taking over. Furthermore, giving women their own day only gives men and women one more thing to disagree and bicker over. The time and energy wasted supporting such a pointless day could instead be used to solve real problems like helping women in abusive relationships.

  • So we need to celebrate women so they will be more, so they will become more?

    I do not need to be treated like an less capable human . I am a women. I do not need to be treated like I am special and get a big pat on the back because I achieve. For god sake women, we are a new generation where , guess what? There is nothing holding any of us back but ourselves. We treat ourselves like were so delicate and frail.

    Posted by: zoo
  • International women's day

    Celebrating International Women's Day is not sexist. Since women still do not have equal rights in Western society and no rights in many other societies it is important to recognize this and show support when it is needed. This day brings awareness to that fact that we do need to do more to bring equal status to everyone.

  • Not at all

    Now being a woman I might be a little biased but anytime there is a chance to celebrate being a woman is a great day. Little girls need to celebrate themselves and the woman they will become. In the midst of millions of women struggling with self esteem, this can only help to elevate their status. So yes, happy Women's Day.

  • No, International Women's Day is not sexist.

    No, International Women's Day is not sexist because the day aims to glorify and uplift women and is not sexist in intent. The day is not meant to discriminate people of other genders but is positive in nature. International Women's Day serves to teach young women all around the world that they are capable of dreaming big and achieving great things,

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