• Yes, it is.

    This game had a classic example of a bad refereeing decision changing the game. Had Clattenburg given the free kick to France instead, the rest of the game would have been different, Portugal may still have scored the only goal (but it would of have been a different goal) or France may have scored or it might have gone to penalties, we will never know. In the time it took from the whistle being blown for the free kick to the free kick being taken, we as the tv audience got to see a replay of the foul and could clearly see it was a Portuguese player that handballed the ball. Why could this not of been conveyed to the ref so he could change the decision and give France the free kick instead, it`s not as if it would slow down the game as we saw it before the free kick was taken. Video playback needs to be introduced into the game, since its instantaneous with today`s technology.

  • On all levels

    Yes, the Champions League is plague by controversy, because there is no difference between the people who run it and the people who run FIFA. In soccer there is a lot of money. Wherever there is money there will be corruption. People want power, and they will do anything to get it. That includes in the Champions League.

  • No the Champions League is not controversy plagued!

    While it may seen that there is a controversial refereeing call every week in Champions League play that is a part of the game of football (soccer). No one's fans are going to be happy with the results when their team is on the losing side of the score. But overall the league is well run and without problems.

  • Focus on Something Else

    I don't follow soccer, so have no idea what types of controversy have surrounded the league. In general, I think too many people are caught up by the intrigue of professional athletes, when there are real problems and issues in the world that we should be focusing on. Again, who cares what controversy there is, unless someone is being hurt?

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