• Yes, the city of Chicago has had the highest number of convictions for public corruption for many years.

    Yes, the city of Chicago is corrupt. The most recent pole conduct on city corruption by the University of Illinois at Chicago found that the city had the highest rate of corruption for any city except Houston. In 2013 convictions for public corruption in the court district that covers the Chicago area were more than twice that of both Los Angeles and Manhattan.

  • The city of Chicago is corrupt

    The city of Chicago is likely the most corrupt city in the United States. And it starts at the top with Rahm Emmanuel. It is bad enough that the people elected this man mayor for one term, but it defies all belief and login that they re-elected him. Especially in the face of the increased crime and corruption. People get the government they deserve.

  • Not more than others

    Every city is corrupt, to some degree, and Chicago is no exception. But I do not think Chicago is like Gotham City or something, where police and criminals are working together to exploit civilians for personal gain. Their mayor and police force are horrible and incompetent but when I think corruption, I think far worse than Chicago.

  • Chicago is hardly corrupt

    Corrupt is a strong word to call the city of Chicago. It does have its amount of problems, such as crime and health. But the way I define the word corrupt, Chicago is not. Corrupt means to me barely functional because of all the problems. Today, Chicago is still running great and attracts many tourists each year.

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