Is the Colombian peace deal currently on the table the beginning of a lasting peace in the country?

  • Only for very small values of "lasting"

    Although it's great that the Farcs and the Colombians were able to finally get this deal done, tensions there run deep. I'm sure that peace will break out for a while, but before long those tensions will start bubbling up again. What happens at that point is what will be the turning point. Do they devolve back into violence, or do they use this as a stepping stone to negotiate a non-violent resolution to the problem? We won't really know how successful this accord is for a few years.

  • Although the Colombian peace deal is promising, lasting peace unfortunately is something no country can attain.

    Colombia is one of many countries throughout the world that experiences a high volume of civil unrest and crime with a majority of it coming from the drug trade. Peace deals are something that work for a temporary amount of time, however due to human nature temporary peace is the only thing that can be guaranteed from these type of deals.

  • It is a start but not enough

    The Colombian peace deal is a step in the right direction, but you can't expect that change will happen that will result in a lasting peace. There are going to have to be a lot more changes such as in the structure and powers of the government and the military before any lasting peace will occur.

  • Colombia is under rebel control

    The farcs or rebels, are like a mafia network operating invisibly in the depth of a forest. They control economy and politics and make a great pressure on the government. I don't think this deal is based on real things. I think that this information is just communication and allow farcs to maintain existence.

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