Is the commercial media out of control in society?

Asked by: whatten
  • The Irresponsible Press

    The press has been and will continue to be an OPINION based machine until it no longer receives financial compensation. Entities (i.E global corporations, wealthy persons, advertisers) shape what "News" media outlets serve us. The agenda of these entities, be it Left, or Right, are what is dispensed to the public. It's how it has always been. Take away the money, and I'd wager one might get some real news.
    The 2016 election has shown that nothing has changed in this area, but it's perhaps more visible. Recently, I went to my office holiday party, and the boss gave a speech and commented on "what scary times we are living in" no doubt referring to the election. To me this sounded like the current rhetoric in the press. The Leftist press machine can't understand why their horse lost the race and seems to be spiraling out of control with many untrue news stories to try and defend their position, or somehow still try to win. Thus they tout their message to their viewing public. Since the election results, I have heard top news personalities say things "National Crisis" "This is pretty frightful stuff."
    Completely Irresponsible. The sheep that watch the news buy this garbage hook line and sinker. Then they repeat it verbatim to all those who they encounter.

  • The manufacturing of hate

    The media has knowingly and deliberately created a untrue unfair image of Donald Trump in the minds of thousands of people, people that are young and potentially violent and haven't figured out the media is a criminally owned organization bent on control. And when their dirty tricks fail they go to plan B, and what ever it takes to accomplish their mofia like goals. Pure evil! We be better off changing the first amendment to protect democracy!

  • Let me decide

    Don't watch Television at all.But hard to escape mass media coverage, even if you try to read an article online,pop up advertisements everywhere,and even if you cancel them they ask you for feedback.Prefer reading a book.Odd foray on to websites like this.Not swayed by media,prefer to make my own decisions.

  • Yes the media is out of control

    Ad flooding on the internet and tv. Most people have a lot of opinions but lack qualifications that you see day in and day out. Agenda? Of course and no checks or balances. Talking head? Absolutely. You don't have to watch or listen, understand. Showing Twitter postings is not writing a news story.

  • Reality TV, Internet, Fuels Next Generation of Consumers

    Television and the Internet are both fueled by advertising revenue. As more technology encroaches into our lives, so do the myriad of ways to be shown an ad. Commercialism is out of control when people die on Black Friday due to a frenzied need to go shopping on Thanksgiving. Thanks to reality television, commercials on television are worth even more today than 10 years ago. Until our consumer-based society slows down and takes a common sense pill, commercial interests will rule the airwaves. Add to the mix lobbyists in Congress and the situation goes from overzealous to horrendous.

  • Saturation advertising is a psychological no no where the vulnerable human mind is concerned...Especially a childs mind.

    Yes, through abuse if its unchecked advertising power to saturate society (and especially our children) with worthless values. As a unproductive result, society (and especially our children) have been overloaded with 24/7 Hollywood scripted ego delivered news & information…compliments of commercial television. Saturated with advertisements, endless promo’s, products galore, electronic gizmo’s, fruitcake reality shows, adolescent scripted entertainment, singing minstrels, twanging guitars and human gods & goddesses dancing the seven warped veils. Compounded with, glossy magazine impregnated human stars and winners galore, scantily clad human bunnies with genetic complications, how-to books, motivation guru’s, literary shock jocks, spin doctors, super salesmen (and women), financial experts & innumerable other commercial media accredited experts with their fingers in the advertising pie.

    So three cheers for progress and a commercial brainwashed superbly marketed civilization. Hooked on created products, endless promo’s, million dollar plus advertisements, shock jocks, sycophants galore, celebrities, actors, scriptwriters, directors and producers with a social screw loose. Supplemented with hysterical sports commentators, revived gladiatorial sport and big bucks, big boobs, big abs, big sex, big heads, big mouths, big ego’s, big bank balances, big houses, rock & roll knights, fashion fops, strutting models, pop stars, film stars, racing stars, running stars, wobbling stars, cricket stars, football stars, tennis stars, weirdo stars, obnoxious stars, delinquent stars, nude stars, babble stars, dancing stars, surfing stars and all the other commercial media delivered stars.
    Q: Is the commercia out of control in society?
    A: You bet you boot camp boots it is...In my opinion of course.
    Kind regards - Whatten. CEO of alfsbootcampblog.Com

  • Society is out of control in society

    The commercial media has certainly acted in unprofessional or immoral ways throughout the history of the US, but the truth of what is portrayed in the media that people hate to admit is that the media gives people what they want. People want to hear sensationalist stories and inane gossip, so that's what they get.

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