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  • No customers aren't always right

    I'm a waitress at a hotel and some customers are plain mean. I will politely ask what they want to order and they tell me something like oh I'll get the soup of the day, no salads and thats it. Next thing you know "oh I change my mind can you give me salad" okay I walk to the kitchen. I'll walk back to the table and oh can I have another soup my mom changed her mind too and I have 5 other tables angrily waiting for me too but certain customers believe it's my job to only serve them 1 order at a time and only for them.

  • The customer is not always right.

    Although a lot of retail stores like to say that the customer is always right, of course this is an exaggeration. This is just an expression that stores say to keep customers happy. If fact, the customers is often wrong, and the people serving them often get resentful for being treated badly.

  • I Work In Retail

    I work in retail for a clothing store. My coworkers and I all try our hardest to satisfy our customers but a lot of them come in with an arrogant, mean attitude and just can't be made happy.

    If the shirt is sewn wrong for her body type then we are at fault. If we don't carry her size in a certain shoe because they've all been bought up then it is our fault. If you put something on hold for her and she changes her mind about the item then comes back it is your fault for having put the item on hold in the first place (and "bugging" her by asking if she wants you to go get it for her).

    If she asks how a dress fits and you say that it doesn't flatter her it's your fault that her self-esteem and self-confidence were damaged. If she asks where a shirt is and you step out and point and give her detailed instructions to it's location it's your fault for not reading her mind and going and grabbing it for her. If she has to wait because the fitting rooms are all full it's your fault.

    If she wears the item for three months and then decides to return it it's your fault. If you don't hand out coupons in the store and she wants one it's your fault.

    And the company will come down on you for each of these things because the customer "is always right"......
    Um, no. The majority of customers I come in contact are actually wrong and I pity their family members and coworkers because putting up with someone like them must be hell on earth.

  • No, they are not.

    The customer is not always right. Business companies just teach the employees this to avoid law suits or difficult situations. They want to keep the business so they act like the customer is always right. Sometimes the customer is wrong, or is just trying to scam that company into give up a few bucks.

  • No, they really aren't.

    No, I don't believe that the customer is always right. Most times, the customer is a rude and overbearing person who just wants someone to tell them that they are right and stroke their ego. It's an unfortunate situation for the person behind the counter who has to deal with morons who take advantage of the system in that way.

  • No, they aren't

    The idea that the customer is always right is the only reason the customer seems to think they are always right. It seems to give customers the belief that they can be as rude as they want and say anything they please and it doesn't matter because they are the customer. They can complain about anything and expect to be given refunds or new items, no matter if the issue is caused by them in the first place. It is a ridiculous idea to believe they are always right.

  • No, the customer is NOT always right.

    They just like to think they are. I have seen salespeople being abused by customers and just standing there and taking it. The customer abuses the quote, "the customer is always right." It is a shame that salespeople have lost money because of an unnecessary angry customer whom was not satisfied. I could see if it was a good reason, but not always.

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